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  1. I uploaded two batches on Saturday but they're both not showing up. Should I re-upload or wait? Anyone have an idea?
  2. Hello there, nice to see someone else from Vienna and also using Pentax Cheers, Sil
  3. Okay my three: Tiny hermit crab hidden among the dead corals. A common Blue resting on a linseed flower (both are pretty small). A teeny tiny sand crab in my hand (it's hard to spot even when I know it's there!)
  4. Going by my own interpretation and coming from a country that has no ocean, a (sub-)tropical beach definitely fits the bill. I'm a city person, but this was one of the best moments of my life. Resting on a bench with that view in front of me and not a single person around... tranquility at it's best. Of course animals know how to relax as well. I'm forgoing the usual cat pic for this deer in Miyajma. Deers are sacred there, which means they are fed and petted by visitors. This one was resting in the sun below the cherry blossoms. I was taking pictures of it for about 15min from dif
  5. I kinda really like how colourful that graffiti is even though it's actually quite ugly. The composition is really boring, but I like how the wings line up with the flower petals. I was trying to take a picture of the flower when the bee arrived just as I pressed the shutter. The bee isn't even in focus, the composition is all wrong with the bee, but I really like this for some reason. Seems I not the only one as that one actually sold for a textbook.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. As I only upload to Alamy I think I'll go with uploading what I have and then just keywording whenever I have time. That way I'll always have something to keyword instead of waiting around for another batch to clear. I do keyword in batches, i.e. same location/topics with reusing part of the keywords. Makes it go a lot quicker. Spacecadet: I did not mean that I enjoy seeing my pics in use if they haven't been licenced. I have had infringments, although thankfully minor ones (not related to Alamy), but they make you wary of ever putting anything online. I do
  7. Mickfly, no, it was licensed through Alamy. What I meant is that seeing your pictures put to use is nearly as nice as getting that paycheck. Both is best of course.
  8. Arletta, I have a lot more than 400 but I'm quite vicious when deciding which pics to put on Alamy. I.e. on one side pics that should go through QC (although I do miss the occasional spot that puts me in the sin bin) and on the other side pics that at least show something interesting. I've been basically all over Japan by now so deciding what location to do next and how many pics of each location I should put online is also quite difficult to decide. Usually when I visit I new location I take around 200-300 usuable pics and edit them down to around 20-30. I have around 50 locations or even mor
  9. Dear forum members, I've been uploading to Alamy for some time now, but as you can see by my pic count very slowly. I usually end up keywording forever which is quite the killjoy for me. I do mostly travel pics and mostly in Japan as that's my prefered country for travelling. I've sold 2 pics a year for the past three years, which considering the small size of my portfolio is expected? I would appreciate feedback on my keywording (too much?) and my pic choice. I have a mix of common travel regions, but also try to add regions that are not covered on Alamy yet. My question here is, does
  10. This month is pretty strange, probably because of the holidays? I have only a small collection but I'm getting more views than ever. Usually around the 120s, with 1-2 zooms and now in the 300s with no zooms but one sale. So not complaining, but my CTR is terrible right now.
  11. I was quite happy to read that the payout threshhold will be lowered as I don't really have that many pics up here to sell much. But having to pay for that payout and not even fixing the costs of that... how much money are we speaking about here? Is it $5 or $10? Or does it change depending on Alamy's whim? If the amount that's deducted is not fixed in the contract it's just another post that can be raised and raised and raised. I'd suggest that Alamy offers a higher payout threshhold without and costs or payout. Members could then op in or out.
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