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  1. Exactly - 250 delivered in an archaic fashion says to me they do not want videos. 250 video clips uploaded, is, of course, next to impossible. fortunately ive found video specific sites that allow direct upload, etc. But when possible i like to work with one user name LOL
  2. Yes! Ive been reading about the slew of 50% video sites that have -0- traction. I was hoping to be able to do video work here as well as stills. Im just getting started and wending my way through it all...
  3. I have picked myself up off the floor long enough to ask this group, when i see they want me to contribute 250 clips minimum to be considered for the video category, have I read that right?
  4. ChrisSD


    Yea tried that already. now waiting on a reply from the company. i want to self promote but need it right before i do
  5. ChrisSD


    Yes - thats why i asked. it seemed strange. especially when all the other photos i pull up show USD. where can i go to get this corrected?
  6. ChrisSD


    Mine are showing in British Pounds even though Im in America. Was wondering if there is something i need to do to change it
  7. ChrisSD


    Hello All, i see some of my photos made it through the next stage and are now in MyAlamy - Next question - how do i change my photos for sale currency to US dollars from L pounds
  8. ChrisSD


    Hello All, I joined and submitted my first set of photos which were accepted! Ive keyword them all. I am wondering how long does it take before the My Almay Page populates for we can use for self promotion? I found the upload and keyword process to be about as simple as anywhere and am looking forward to a long term RM relationship here. Chris in San Diego
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