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  1. Talking about bringing back the dead ūüėÄ
    Since 2016 when I started this topic I have been using Keywording Made Easy (KME) developed by me and programmed by Milan in Hungary 
    The simple browser based tool can be found here: https://gum.co/Jbwmq 
    And just for bringing this up again I have cut 30% the price until the end of the month
    If you do download the tool, please let me know your thoughts 


  2. Hi All
    My question is, what can we as contributors do in order to get paid for the usage of our images. It seems that more and more of our images are used without them being reported to us - Self billing scheme 
    Point at hand. I just sent this off to Alamy

    Good morning Alamy

    I am very disappointed with the way you do business and I am loosing trust in you and your useless self billing scheme 

    As usual I have just come across at least 4 on my images that have been used by the Sun in October 2018 and do not appear in my sales report

    This is not a way to earn the trust of your contributes 
    the images are 
    M15MAY  M53H62  M15MAH  M15MAH 
    1. I really want a finders fee as finding unreported usage is not part of my job description 
    2. Please let me know how we avoid this lack of transparency in the future 
    ---------------------------End of Quote ------------------------------------

    Should we contact the offenders directly and sue?
    Should we sue Alamy for breach of contract?
    Any other thoughts 
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  3. Hi All

    Over the last several uploads My uploading has been very slow. And it appears that most of my bandwidth is consumed by this upload to Alamy
    On the one hand this does not seem to be the case on other sites I upload to so it does not seem to be a local problem.
    on the other hand I see nobody else is complaining here so it is probably not on Alamy's side either

    I am using both Firefox and chrome 
    In short, has anybody got any ideas what has gone wrong for me


  4. Now that with the new image manager, we are limited to 50 keywords / tags, I just wanted to remind everybody about this lovely little application that counts words and characters, removes duplicate words and shows and corrects spelling mistakes.
    You can also drag and drop the words around

    Take a look at https://sellfy.com/p/P2Di/


    And now on a special summer sale (50% off) for a few more days 


  5. Hi All


    I have just upgraded to windows 10 which has finally killed my legacy keywording workflow

    I am looking for a tool that can help me:

    1. easily sort individual keywords

    2. remove duplicates 


    3. if it can also suggest additional keywords that would be great

    4. if it could correct or warn about my atrocious spelling - even better  


    Some of you oldtimers will be able to recognize this as the now, completely dead (not mostly dead), ImageKeyworder 


    Thanks for any and all pointers and suggestions 


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