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  1. Maybe the X-T1 might have AF performance on par with DSLR's , so having the EVF in line with the lens would make it easier for sport/wildlife shooter to initially point a long lens at subject....so perhaps fuji has some longer lenses on the horizon. (canon & nikon just gulped! :huh: )



    Indeed they do, unspecified Super Telephoto Zoom Lens scheduled for end 2014 / early 2015 http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/xf_lens/roadmap/

  2. I have only ever offered one HDR image for sale, anywhere and it has sold through Alamy, but then this image represent 30% of my total sales with Alamy so perhaps I should do more.

    I agree with Dustydingo, that if you can tell its HDR then its overdone. Where needed I usually manually blend multiple exposures using luminosity masks and adjustment layers, a lot of work but then I enjoy it and usually prefer the end result.

  3. Hi Jools


    Some nice work, did you have an official pass and were you shooting from a motorcycle or have you just got lucky with your viewpoints?

    I used to ride internationally as an amateur so love this sport, though not tried it as a photographer yet.


    I agree with Malcolm, you need to name the riders, particularly when it is a portrait. As said there will be a start list with names and numbers , but if you need photo's then all teams should have a website like this http://www.teambelkin.com/team and this http://www.bmcracingteam.com/index.php?id=288 where you will be able to identify the riders.


    Though admittedly sunglasses and helmets don't make it easy ;)

  4. I don't remember Alamy asking anyone if thy would take a $100 threshold at a cost?


    If one earns a salary and gets paid monthly and the boss asks if we would like to be paid weekly we may all agree. But after instigating it he said 'Oh by the way I will now be charging you for this service and there is no going back" then there would be an outcry.


    I am an infrequent UK seller and am happier with a $100 dollar threshold, but not at the expense of others. This move is out of order and there should have been information provided beforehand that there would be a charge and there should have been an option or a vote.

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  5. I only have a few images up made have made 2 sales to date. It is not much of an encouragement for new contributors to contribute more though when at current rates it will be several years before any of my earnings will be paid to me :-/


    Also does not encourage me when since my initial submission acceptance I have made 16 successful multiple submissions in a row without a fail and now my 17th submission appears that it will be a fail as it was submitted on the 23rd September and still awaiting QC. But why if you can pass a submission in under 24 hours do you make me wait for such a long time for a fail? Is this for punishment? If I had regular fails i could understand maybe.

  6. Whilst I can accept that a 'most helpful post' or thankyou button may have a place, come on Alamy this up/down rep is infantile, and what point does it serve apart from discouraging posts, I only have a couple and I already live in fear of a negative rep.

    Perhaps if it was linked to rank or placing in best of, or commission level, every point down you lose 1%, every point up Alamy gains 1%, that kind of thing :)

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