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  1. When using the lens correction filter in CS6 for a D800 of which it doesnt recognise) and the 24-70 f2.8 it seems to remove the CA but for some reason leaves a 1 pixel wide blank strip round three sides of the image which is annoying to have to hand crop out every time. Anyone know a simple solution?
  2. Dunno I have just had a batch using this lens pass IQ but hadn't heard of the issue previously
  3. I can see the sense in that for Stock especially if putting out big numbers of images
  4. OK but (forgive my ignorance) if you shoot AWB can't you just switch to daylight in PP anyway if shoting RAW? Yes it doesn't matter what WB you use for raws. I just use AWB and then As Shot in LR as a starting point when processing raws. It can be and frequently is way off so I modify this to taste in the raw conversion. This is why the question of how cameras measure it (original post) is of interest to me and still unresolved it seems, but it's only academic if shooting raw . Thanks for clarifying MDM, or can I call you M?
  5. OK but (forgive my ignorance) if you shoot AWB can't you just switch to daylight in PP anyway if shoting RAW?
  6. Most of my shots on Alamy (not many) are taken with the D800 and a 24-70, I had one of the early one's and was having a few issues with QC which I was putting down to poor technique but then one day I dropped the camera and smashed the back off and chipped some of the filter thread off the 24-70. I sent it in to Nikon UK and it was turned around really quickly with a new back. I didn't do anything with the lens. Now it might be coincidence but I swear my IQ imprved after that repair although Nikon dodn't mention anything about the Left Hand focus issue that was prevalent on early D800's. I d
  7. I use one of these http://www.hypershop.com/HyperDrive/HDU2-000.html I have the 750MB version but they are available up to 1TB, not particularly cheap but they have done me fine when overseas and shooting wildlife and needed to store 1000's of images. They take CF and SD cards, are rechargeable and have a small viewing screen. The body is pretty small, about the size of a compact camera.
  8. I can only give you my personal experience. I use a D800 for landscape and bought a Fuji X-E1 not long after they came out. It ,makes a great landscape camera and is used by some landscape pro's too. I did have the 18mm and the 35mm lens but recently bought the 55-200 which I am very pleased with. I was waiting for the 16-55 to come out as this will make a great partner with the 55-200 and then I will only need 2 lenses. Alternatively the 18-50 (55?) kit lens would also be OK as it is not a bad lens or so I have read. I use the X-E1 when I have to carry far such as up mountains or when por
  9. Well the image has been passed by QC, I did clone out the grass head on the face and reduced to 5128 longest side. Also only 20 results when I put a very obvious search term in for anyone who knows a bit about sheep Off to keyword I am then. Thanks for all the advice with this, I eventually decide to follow the wisdom and experience of Mr Greenberg Thanks to David also for Piccure post, interesting stuff I must look closer at.
  10. Well, thank you for all the advice and comments, I have just submitted it on its own, so I guess I will soon know if it has failed. I will post the outcome. Steve
  11. well I have a FAA account so I may as well give it a try, thanks for the suggestion
  12. Thanks both, I'm sure you are right, pity I also thought it might be a good seller, not sure about FAA though, I don't think I would hang a sheep on my wall, I thoight it might do well editorially. Oh well
  13. Good points all, I will mull it over a while longer and maybe put it on its own when Im going away for a while
  14. I have an animal image I was going to submit but having second thoughts. It is a very shallow dof and the focus is on the nose and mouth leaving it a little soft around the eyes. Do you think that would likely be a fail?
  15. Yes, there was a thread about sharpening a while back where Alamy stated that the lightroom defaults were acceptable. I always use LR default sharpening on Alamy submissions and that includes the sky. I don't do any additional sharpening though.
  16. Yep, Windows 7 I find a great OS having moved up from XP some years ago, Windows 8 seems like it was made for ToysRUs, It is probably fine on touchscreen devices like tablets but is awful on PC's and laptops, it seems like MS have abandoned PC users and I wll stick with 7 for as long as possible or until they introduce a better OS than 8
  17. +1 as I too said earlier, so you are not alone ergonomics play a big part in this and buttons and dials are a part of this, it is far easier to use buttons and dials that are in the right place than it is to start going into a menu system. The D800 and D4S just work for me ergonomically. The X-E1 even though I have added a grip does not.
  18. hmmm, well I use the Fuji X-E1 and they are a great carry about camera, I often go in the mountains and wild camp to take pictures. I have stopped taking the D800 for this. But I disagree that the bell tolls for the DSLR, not yet anyway. Personally I prefer the ergonomics of a DSLR for normal use and the mirrorless have a long way to go with fps, AF tracking and resolution in many cases. I think they will probably get there but when you (or they) say obsolete for professional use I think they are forgetting about sports and wildlife photography and probably studio work. Mirrorless sales a
  19. Ive just "invested" in a D4S so we will see how that copes with noise
  20. I don't think noise is a failure cause here. I would submit. Probably but the risk is 28 days incarceration
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