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  1. I was going to ask a question in a seperate thread but this seems to cover the same subject so will ask here hopefully without hijacking the original question.

    What do you find the best way to paste the image into Google Images or Tineye? Given that the original files are huge and I dont want to create low res versions just to search given the workload.

    So far I have copied onto desktop and then dragged into google, but this is laborious and there must be a better (proper) way to do this?

  2. A couple of years ago I was in North Wales aiming to photograph from the Nantille Ridge at dawn. On the way climbing alone in pitch dark I had to cross a boulder field which follows the ridge and is almost vertical on one side. The boulders were as slippy as ice and the climb became lethal. So, I started to move down lower on the safer side to a grassy area. I had a heavy pack on my back and as I made my way steeply downhill and very carefully due to the slippy nature I did indeed slip and fall forward. Putting my arm out in instinctive defence it went down a hole between the boulders and I went head over heels with my rucksack on my back and my elbow did not want to follow.

    I yelled out in pain and then lay there clutching my elbow and wondering what I was goimng to do. My elbow was about 3 times larger than normal and my headtorch had catapulted off and lay down a hole.

    After about 10 mins I managed to manouvre myself and retrieve the torch. Although I had plenty of survival equipment, it dawned on me that had I been more seriously injured I may have had difficulty getting it out of my pack and so could have been lying on it but unable to use it.

    Anyway, eventually I managed to get myself up and had to continue down the slippery boulders, of course my confidence had gone now as I knew if I fell again it was really going to hurt. Eventually though I reached the grass.

    Unfortunately the grassy path I had seen was a dead end and was not followable. I had no choice to climb back up to the top of the ridge and then make a decision whether to continue or to retreat.

    I think if it had been an easy return I would have gone back, but it was negligible which way was easier so I decided to continue and go down another way, besides sunrise was fast approaching and it seemed a shame to miss the shot. So I cautiously crossed the boulder ridge and onto the grassy top.

    Getting in position I found removing the rucksack from my back and mounting camera on tripod quite difficult with one arm but did manage it.

    I got several interesting shots of the sunrising and then headed back clutching my elbow.


    The elbow turned out to be fractured and not broken. The good bit was I have sold one of the images twice, once in a magazie article I wrote and once through Alamy so I guess it was worthwhile. The next time I did this I camped up there to avoid the walk in the dark.



  3. As above really, a sensor loupe I find essential to see the dust and the effect of any swabbing. The first time I tried I made a real mess of it with a new D800 until I realised it was oil spots and not dust (D800 issue) and then needed the visible dust orange swabs with fluid for oil. Otherwise use the green swabs. Make sure you buy the right size for your sensor.

    I have one of the ultrasonic brushes but not found it very useful to be honest. More often than not I use the swab dry but occasionally use the fluid and then follow it up with a dry one to clear any smearing. Only ever use a swab once.

    Once you have tried it you will have the confidence, don't believe all the horror stories it is actually quite difficult to scratch a sensor unless you use a contaminated swab or have sand or similar on the sensor.

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  4. I have had a few images recently that have been uploaded via the news feed. They then move into mange images and I have keyworded and added attributes and saved. They have then appeared as on sale.

    Later however they re appeared as not ready, so I re-keyworded and added the attributes.

    This morning 3 images (which were a complete batch) have appeared as more detail required, when I open the files there are no keywords or attributes set at all, completely blank?


    Has anyone else experienced this?

  5. I would echo Lynne, I hardly use it now on the Fuji X or the D4s, on the D300s and the D800 (at higher ISO's) I used it a bit.

    It is easy to use if you go with the presets which is all I ever did as I couldnt be bothered to learn to use the sliders effectively

    I think if you use it at higher settings than light then you may have issues getting through QC on Alamy. If I use it, I tend to layer mask and remove it on critical sharp areas like eyes etc.

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