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  1. I understand from a post on here that poor discoverability is not something I should be worried about. However because of this I have been checking on some of these in Image manager. Perhaps somebody can explain why all the keywords for an image to the right are greyed out? Including the blue starred Super tags? many of these are not relevant and I have no idea why they are associated with a particular image. So what do I do, click on all the relevant and hit save or do nothing?
  2. Also we have the terms Shooting Brake - an outdated term for an Estate Car An estate car I believe is known as a Station Wagon
  3. I did an event shoot of a cycle sportive, paid for by a company that sells the images back to the riders. The same event was being used by a TV company to film some of the footage for Tour de Celeb, a rather down market reality TV production. I was told by my client that the TV company had said under no circumstances was I to photograph any of the "Celebs". (Yeh right) well my client (who is a photographer) wasn't too impressed with that and said I could do what I want of course on a public road. The same TV company asked if I would go to the start and get some stills of the "celebs" as
  4. Rather blatant breach of copyright on a few Alamy images here including one of mine. I doubt anything will/can be done but I have sent it in. http://www.pulauubinstories.com/tag/panoramic-viewpoint-definition/ Not quite sure the purpose of the website, unfinished WordPress template with random non nonsensical paragraphs
  5. I have a Yuneec Typhoon H which uses the less than perfect CGO3+ camera. I have submitted a few images to Alamy, all which have passed QC
  6. Im not sure it is financially viable for stock alone when you consider the costs of everything, I do some construction photography and it may have its uses, just now it is just for fun really, I did take some drone shots the other day during a commercial job as I got permission to do so but all I did was show them what was possible and did not allow the shots to be used. With amateur use being virtually un-regulated there are sure to be cowboys coming in attracted by cheap drones but not sure what impact they will have.
  7. I now have done even more research and am finding a lot of negative comment on the image quality of the small sensor. I will do as you suggest and wait for something with better image quality. I plan to do some serious stock shooting and patience would seem to be the best course of action at this point. Flying a drone appears to be quite easy with these advanced drones so that's not the problem. Indeed, I am hoping that Yuneec will sort the Typhoon H camera out, it is such a good platform it would be a shame to let it fail for a poor camera. I will give it some time and if nothing hap
  8. Public liability yes, CAA I wanted to submit the one image as a test before booking a course which I will now be arranging. Yes I do understand and abide by the law.
  9. This is interesting. I have not run across the Typhoon H in my research. I took a quick look at their website and see that I might do more research before making a final decision. How was it that you came to decide on the Typhoon H? Was the Phantom 4 out yet? Any insight you or anyone else could provide would be appreciated. Is there a photo forum specifically for drone photographers? There are a few things that influenced my decisision. I am completely new to UAV's. DJI make some great copters but their customer service and support has a terrible reputation whilst Yuneed have a
  10. I submitted an image taken with a Typhoon H, image quality is certainly no better than a phantom, perhaps a little worse. I submitted just one image to make sure it was the one checked by QC, I was a little nervous but it went through just fine. I did reduce the image size a little from Just under 4000px longest side to 3000px
  11. Goodness.... In the Alamy image search box, type a keyword (e.g. a major city name like "london") without using any capitals. Check how many images are returned. Now try the same search with appropriate capitalisation (e.g. "London"). You will find the same number or images returned. Try all in capitals if you like, or even with incorrect capitalisation. You will always find the same number of images returned, and I believe they appear in the same order. i.e. capitalisation makes no difference to the results from Alamy's search engine. Not sure if the same applies to the results from Bing,
  12. I agree and replies like the one you are referring to are unnecesary and unhelpful really, most things can be answered by 'googling' but if that was the only correct way to do it then forums like this would be fairly sterile places. Disagree . . . and as I steadfastly refuse to dole out cowards' arrows, I'll explain why. First up, and I'm assuming it's my post that's pushed your button, I never once suggested using Google, so we can dismiss that argument. However, my response ultimately did prove to be most necessary and helpful . . . I suggested testing the use of capitals as
  13. I agree and replies like the one you are referring to are unnecesary and unhelpful really, most things can be answered by 'googling' but if that was the only correct way to do it then forums like this would be fairly sterile places.
  14. It is really not that difficult, you need a sensor loupe and some swabs, I would suggest the Visible Dust ones.
  15. It would be interesting to know how they schedule such things, mine latest batch were uploaded on 23rd and I have just this minute got the results. Not that I'm complaining but I was beginning to think I had a fail.
  16. Ahh yes I completely missed that link and got lost in all the text on the left hand side of the page :-/ Thanks
  17. Thanks Ed, but as only an occasional poster, that takes too long to find one of my own posts By which you mean embed a link in my webpage? I may do that once I have rebuilt my commercial website
  18. Thank you both, I am curious on how it orders them for Creative or relevant though with no filters applied
  19. I have always had to click on 'images' below my name in a forum post, a rather inconvenient way of doing. Clearly I have missed the correct way to do this?
  20. I am using chrome, what is happening is if I do the above procedure on the first page of images then all is fine, I have just realised that what is happening is when I go to the next page of images the same src-img logos remain in place and if I click on src-img logo on favourites bar I get the correct logo's as well as the last page logos. I have to refesh the page each time and then it works
  21. Well one problem I seem to be having with src-img is when I view my alamy images then all the ?'s go out of line and I cannot click on the correct image edit - Everything is fine until I click on next page and then it all goes wonky
  22. Yep! src img is what you need. Cheers, Philippe Does not work for me. Allan In what way does it not work?
  23. I would be interested to know the quickest or easiest way to do this, in order not to be dragging hi res images into google images which can take a while I tend to save as a low res and then drag it in but this is creating extra work I could do without. Is there an easy way?
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