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  1. To the OP

    Its a reasonable shot and from your posts it obviously has personal value as a sentimental moment, but as said above it is nothing special in terms of sell-able images, if you already had an Alamy portfolio then it would be worth uploading because it might just sell at some point, however it probably wouldn't fetch much revenue, it might attract some editors attention if something in the news covers this subject but these days for such a shot you may get a tenner if you are lucky and that could be three years on from uploading, so unless you are going to start uploading stock images it honestly isn't worth it in my opinion.

  2. Thank you Joseph and Allan much appreciated. I don't have many stock images so it's always nice when I do make a sale, I was just a bit unsure whether they would both go through or be disappointed at some later point.

    This year had been fairly good for me, 14 sales for under 500 images seems okay to me considering I have very few recent uploads and as I am just about to be made redundant at work I wonder whether to have a bit of a run at stock. Not that I am under any illusions of making any real money at it but I am trying to get into video production and this may be a bit of a filler.

  3. So today I see one image sold twice to presumably the same client. At first I thought the second was a credit, but apparently not, both identical as below. So why would this be?


    Country: Poland
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Book, print and/or e-book
    Print run: up to 5,000
    Placement: Inside
    Image Size: 1 page
    Start: 01 October 2019
    End: 01 October 2024
    Bulk Discount, Flat Rate

  4. Well, good news I did notice a second purchase for this a short while back and this  evening received this email from Alamy


    "The infringement team have managed to get the infringer to purchase a license for the image use. This should be showing as a sale in your account now."

    Not a massive amount but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

    Well done Alamy

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  5. These sort of images have always been passed off as Live news from time to time, I haven't seen the images but they are no different to those depicting "Britain bakes in the heatwave" with generic beach shots? 

    Bumper week of visitors to Zoo as kids holidays are hit by wet weather?

    Strawberries sales plummet as wet August continues?

    Perhaps this is why Alamy removed access to so many of us?

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  6. I have had a long break from stock, not that I am a massive contributor but I do get the odd sale now and again. I am looking at giving it another go and see that I now have to apply to get access to Live News. Fair enough but one of the pre-requisites for the application is "Please upload a recent PDF of a news clipping showing your published work" so is this catch 22 or is there anyway I can get accepted to make it worth going looking for news images?





  7. Okay well I heard back from Alamy fairly quickly and they pointed out there was no PU license for this image.

    That bit was my error, having seen $4.84 I jumped to the wrong conclusion and the Buy Image page defaults to PU radio button.

    However it turns out the website I linked to had no license for the image so they will "add it to the unauthorised use sheet" I guess holding my  breath would not be recommended

  8. I don't think you need to be quite afraid of it as he makes out in the video, I have started working with video recently (not for stock) and whilst what he says about memory requirements is true you can edit in proxy and then it is all quite manageable with 8MB RAM. Colour correction in Premier Pro actually, the basics at least work in a similar manner to Lightroom.

    Yes it is a steep learning curve but not something to shy away from if you wish to tackle it.

    Whether there is any money in it is of course another matter and it does require a lot of additional kit

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