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  1. 1 hour ago, mickfly said:

    I just got rid of all my FF Canon gear as I found I was using my RX100mk3 more than any other kit and getting stock sales with it.

    To get extra reach I  bought an RX10iv which is a bit nigger, not pocket-able, but is light and has a 600mm equiv zoom.

    The 1" sensor in both cameras is not so good in low light, but it's the only thing I miss from my full frame stuff.

    This sunset weather shot is taken with the RX10iv and the buildings are about 50 kms away. RAW processed to JPG.


    The (heavily compressed) image below is taken with the same camera at 24 mm, then I zoomed to get the sunset shot (exactly the same position, just zoomed in).
    It really has got some reach and fantastic autofocus/frame rates/tracking ability etc, although both these shots were taken with manual focus and manual exposure settings.



    That really is quite impressive.

    I use my Nikons though for commercial work, so can't sell them to finance other cameras, apart from I am thinking about swapping them for a Lumix S1H, which would work as a good video camera and a stills camera for commercial work.

    Thats still not a solution for my stock work though and I think the RX10iv which looks great is a bit big for my needs, so its still between one variation of the RX10 and the GX9, which I liike because I already have MFT lenses though nothing long, I have some great low light lenses for them for video but probably want to avoid carrying more than one additional lens.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Ed Rooney said:

    The VA has a faster lens. But the range is 24-70. The 100/6 is a little slower but has a 24-200 zoom. Which would you find more useful?  

    Your not helping ;) now that gives me something else to consider. so 24-70 which is what I would call a 'normal' working zoom and what I do 75% of my photography on, but yes the reach to 200mm would be considerably useful, but the 1.8-2.8 of the VA is worth considering for indoor shots, hmmm.

    The other option is still the GX9 and use MFT lenses, then I have lens choice, hmmm. Much more to consider :)

  3. 16 minutes ago, MDM said:

    I bought the RX100-VA last year after doing quite a bit of research. Apart from the much longer zoom, it seems the main difference between this and the later VI and VII is in video capabilities. My main reason for buying was to have a carry anywhere pocket camera for stills and I think I made the right decision at the time. Having said that, I have started doing a lot more video as the camera is quite amazing in that regard as well as being an excellent stills camera - not in the same league as a D800 series camera but amazing for its size and perfectly adequate for Alamy 

    See  RX-100 versions comparison for a detailed and informed article on the differences between the different versions. 

    Thanks, that comparison link is very useful, I will study it.

  4. You are correct, I have had a while away from processing, I was of course referring to the controls on Camera RaW and in fact I hardly use Bridge.

    When I bought CS6 I got the education version which is heavily discounted and a very good deal and lasts forever (or at least until obsolescence).

    When I started editing video I made the decision to go CC as I wanted Premiere Pro as well as PS and Lightroom and a few of the other programs were useful on occasion, this was also available on an education discount and so I went with the full CC suite.

    I was a bit gutted then to find that after the 12 months I was to be put on full price, I could not justify £500+ per annum. So I decided to use DaVinci Resolve for video (a fantastic bit of software by the way if you are not familiar with it) and free as well, though I have now upgraded to the studio version, for which for £300 you get lifetime free upgrades and new versions as they come out.

    I also re-installed CS6 which works just fine on Windows 10 (now I have 64 bit working thanks)

    What really annoys me about Adobe CC is, once you stop paying you are kind of stuffed, I mean as long as Windows 10 exists I can use CS6 forever, now I know that it is not future proof but if I dont have the money for subscription, maybe unemployment, retirement or whatever I can still edit my photo's


    So as far as I am concerned Adobe can go whistle for their CC until the days comes that I have no choice. :D

  5. Just now, Harry Harrison said:

    Thanks, I'd read that you can end up with Bridge for free but didn't know that it can be used for RAW conversion.

    Yes Bridge actually does pretty much the same as LR with most of the same controls for the RAW editing, it is free with PS. Not the same when it comes to cataloging though.

  6. 11 minutes ago, Harry Harrison said:

    Sorry, reread your post, your RAW files are handled by CS6.

    For images other than stock that were for print or magazines or whatever, I used to open in LR and edit the RAW, convert to DNG and edit in PS, I would archive an edited Tiff and a DNG. The Jpeg was not usually kept.

    For stock I usually keep the RAW (or DNG) and the Jpeg but don't save a Tiff.

    Since leaving Adobe CC and reverting to CS6 I have lost LR so am using Bridge for the conversion

  7. I have been using a combination of D800 and D4s as my main working cameras along with the 24-70, 70-200 and occasionally the 14-25 f2.8's.

    A bulky combination for sure but I am more self conscious these days when shooting on the street and grab shots in public buildings etc is to me anyway a bit of a non starter. 

    I also have a GH5 which I use for video and a selection of MFT lenses, though nothing on the long side as yet as I haven't needed for video and can occasionaly stick a Nikkor on a Metabones for that, but even that is quite large really.


    I could do with a very small camera that I can stick in a pocket with a 1 decent zoom that is half decent in low light and good enough for Alamy, I prefer to stick with MFT but will consider other options, any suggestions?

  8. 8 hours ago, Johnnie5 said:

    Open Photoshop click on edit in the menu go down to preferences, and then performance, there you will find out how much RAM PS is allowed to use and change it.  Mine is set to 8979 MB.  You could try 16 MB for starters.  Go to Scratch Disks next and if you have set how much photoshop should use in memory.  I have a spare SSD drive installed and use that as a scratch disk.  Use space on your C drive or if you have an M.2 drive or SSD that should give better performance.   Here is a video, at minute 6:59 he gets to what I am talking about.  I need to watch it too.


    Thank you for your help, although I have already posted that the issue is sorted ;) , I couldn't change the RAM, that was the problem but was because I was using PS in 32 bit instead of 64 bit. Anyway thank you for going to the trouble.

  9. 18 minutes ago, Chuck Nacke said:



    I have always saved my images to upload to Alamy or any other agency as "Baseline" and saving as progressive will cause problems.



    Cheers Chuck, not sure when or how long I have been uploading images saved as progressive, but I will stop that right now. :)

  10. MDM - Yeh not sure where I got that from either, maybe a false memory.

    Anyway, it seems I was on 32 bit PS there are 2 versions on my PC, not sure why, but I have now put the 64 bit version on my taskbar which has 228248MB available so hopefully this has sorted it.

    Thanks for your help

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  11. Just now, Harry Harrison said:

    Hopefully they will sort it out, it will be interesting to know how you get on. Windows 10 has been around for a while so I'm surprised there's not more on the internet if CS6 is not compatible, I guess quite a few CC agnostics must still be using it. I fall into that category myself but I'm using  CS3 on Windows 7, though I rarely use Photoshop.

    Processes aren't using much so I don't think thats the problem only 9% total memory

  12. Thanks Chuck, yes Im in the UK. Good idea I may try ringing tech support tomorrow if I don't get anywhere.


    Harry, thanks for your input, you could well be right about steering me to CC, however I left CC a while back and re-installed CS6 because I did have the education package, but they knock you off that after 12 months and I just cannot justify the price, not when I already have CS6 and now use DaVinci Resolve so noit going back to Premiere Pro.

    Thanks for the link , I will check it out. Having had a quick look though there is nothing using much, a total of 9% memory for everything

  13. I use CS6 for editing my images, bring them in via Bridge for the RAW edit, open in CS6, process and then save. I have always saved the Jpegs as progressive.

    After a while off photo editing and a new more powerful PC running Windows 10 I am having issues with CS6 giving the error "Could not save as there is not enough memory (RAM). Try saving without optimisation or as a baseline JPEG."

    I have googled this and tried the Regedit fix with Overridephysicalmemory and after closing and re-opening CS6 that works for a few saves and then reverts back to the problem.

    I have also today had it tell me it could not use the brush tool as not enough memory.

    I have tried altering changing the scratch disk to a larger internal drive although it will not let me change "Let Photoshop Use 3255 MB 100% as it says this is the maximum.


    The PC is quite modern, has 64GB RAM and I can happily edit Video in DaVinci Resolve all day, so I assume its a Photoshop problem?

    Does anybody have any suggestions that may help?


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