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  1. Hi, I hope someone can help me here, i have taken thousands of photographs over the last 40 years and am just very slowly starting to put them on Alamy. I really want to share my images with the world, started my love of photography seeing an image appear on paper in the developer tray many decades ago! ie 35mm printing my own b&w images. It would be nice to earn money from this but it isn't my number 1 goal in life re my art. I have always been careful never to take pictures of someone or someones property, if they didn't want me to, asking if it is ok at the time for instance, but
  2. hi thanks everyone, really nice to have replies. Turns out it didn't change when I tried to add a company name, but it changed when I changed my personal name. seems backwards but never mind. My legal personal recently married name is Grace Jones (not the Grace Jones!!) but my registered self employed name of many years is Grace Johnson so tis sensible to keep using this. The Customer service team told me to change my personal name and it worked. So very happy. Tomorrow can start keywording images and downloading more, I know it will take time, biggest job I have is choosing as I have thousan
  3. Hello everyone, I am brand new to Alamy but a photographer for nearly 40 years. I always meant to send my work to slide libraries, now technology has caught up and finally I am doing what I wanted to do many years ago, by joining Alamy. I registered with Alamy giving my married legal name, but this is not my profession business name, so Alamy has got my whole profile name wrong (which is a little upsetting as I have looked everywhere to where do I change it). I obviously couldn't put my self employed business name on the registration form under "company name" because I am not a company, a
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