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  1. Matt

    Vertical Height

    I noticed that the verticals are completely dwarfed by the horizontal images in the search results This is due to the vertical images being constrained by the horizontal image's vertical measurement. It would be fabulous if you could arrange the images in a way that highlights both the vertical and horizontals. I know when I was looking through the images, the horizontals always grabbed my attention first. This is a common problem I guess when trying to make things look nice and neat on the page design, but arguably doesn't help the buyer. Anyway, just a thought.
  2. I am one who likes it when people post questions that can easily be looked up, because often, it forces other questions and dialog and during that process, people learn things they never thought about before.
  3. My advice is to spend your money on photo shoots and making your craft better. If editing video on 4K is very important to your market then I might think about it, but if you are a stills shooter, keep on going with what you have and put the money toward a trip somewhere etc.
  4. Hello, I am an American from North Carolina. Good luck!
  5. I think this would be a welcome addition, and could help Alamy considerably. Currently I link to my port on Alamy from my website, but a nicer landing page would have a more professional look and feel.
  6. As an American, I can say that I love the culture of Cuba, but I am no fan of it's government. Florida is loaded with people who fled the country in fear of their life. My hope is that they work to better themselves and create a government more in line with what the people actually would like to see. Sadly, as already stated, the old cars and old buildings will be slowly replaced by modern tech. Is is kind of a love hate thing for me to see it happen, but progress, right?
  7. This is rapidly becoming less of an issue as courts catch up with the current needs for electronic signatures. I suspect within the next several years they will become the norm.
  8. For some reason photo credits have fallen out of fashion. I see this type of thing with many of my images being used in an editorial fashion. Back when I worked as a photo editor, it was a great concern to make sure the photographer got credit. We respected the hard work of the photographer and wanted him to get recognition, but you also bring up a good point when policing your images. If it doesn't have a credit, then we can only assume it was stolen.
  9. Matt


    Definitely something which could be improved upon. Right now I am actually confused on the amount cleared. It doesn't look like it matches any of the sales which have been generated as far as "my take."
  10. I started seeing some traction on sales the last few months which gives me great hope for the future! I think Alamy has a great sales model; now I just need to figure out how to get more sales I love photography to the point of almost obsession (well maybe it is obsession) and I want to see this industry bloom as it did many years ago!
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