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  1. Phillipe, You are indeed a resource and your photos are marvelous. I did note the need to change some of my keywording and labeling prior to your comment and helpful staff explained to me how to do it. You missed at least one other bird incorrectly referenced. What was shown in one photo as a "white stork" is actually a Snowy Egret and I need to fix that one as well. By way of further confession to my shortcomings (and at the risk of further flogging), I noted that there are also several "botanicals" on which the labeling and keywording needs to be corrected. You are abso
  2. Thanks to all who looked at my newbie photos and offered tips on my initial block of photos. The comments were most helpful indeed. I have since added about 150 more which hopefully are better composed and better processed post photo. Still have much to learn. It will be interesting to see if I ever actually sell a photo. Best Regards. John Tresnicky Austin, Texas
  3. Bienvenidos y Buena Suerte. John Tresnicky Austin TX
  4. Welcome. Love the Flowers! Best of Luck! John Tresnicky Austin, TX
  5. Welcome. Looks like we have a rock and roller. Best of Luck. John Tresnicky Austin TX
  6. Thanks for all of your very good comments to my request for constructive criticism. It has been valuable and I am trying to do a better job with both composition and with post-camera editing (though I still need to obtain the device for calibrating the monitor. I will do that soon.) I have added about 40 or so more recent photos to my initial uploads. Hopefully they do show some improvement. Best Regards to All and Thanks Again. John Tresnicky Austin Texas
  7. Apsi, I agree that the comments from our distinguished veterans have been important and most insightful. Best to learn these lessons early on. I looked at your images and found them to be quite impressive. I wish you the best of luck in your experience on the site. John Tresnicky
  8. All excellent points. I definitely have some work and study to do. I looked at the images of the commentators and you all have many, many amazing images on widely varied subjects. It also appears that what may be saleable here is not necessarily the spectacular sunset or other such image (though there's nothing wrong with those if done well) but rather that a lot of common sights captured and rendered well also make for fine images that are saleable to buyers. Thank you again for your comments. Now if I can just figure out how to delete some of my previous postings, I can begin a
  9. Actually the infrared pictures are from the mid-1970s. Were it only that I could go back and re-shoot them. I do agree that after they were digitized, they came out a bit on the dark side. I considered cropping some of them a bit but was afraid that if I did so the resulting image might be too small to post. (I suspect I am revealing how new I really am to digital photography). The seascapes were taken from a badly rocking motorboat on the waters near Cabo San Lucas. On one of them, I thought the crooked image provided a different perspective of the Arch, etc. and I left it alone. I
  10. Gladiatr


    Joined recently. Am somewhat humbled and intimidated by the talent on this site. I am looking forward to learning and improving on my submissions. Best Regards From Austin Texas John Tresnicky
  11. Am a total newbie to the site. Only have about 56 images up at this point. Would it be possible to get some constructive criticism from some of you veterans out there? Best Regards, John Tresnicky
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