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  1. This photo is not on Alamy, they saw my pic on Flickr, and contacted me...
  2. Found it, thanks! Wow, no idea it would be that much. $2400 for a year...the buyer told me they paid $300 for the previous pic. Hmmmm, looks like we're going to have to dicker a bit...
  3. Sorry, I'm slow, but where is the Alamy calculator? Space Cadet, where did you get that number?
  4. Thanks for the reply! I looked up another calculator and I used the billboard as well...I didn't know Alamy had a calculator...I'll look it up. Thanks!
  5. Morning all, I need your input on what to charge for an image. I received a request from an outfit out of New York, they want to use one of my images on one, possibly more, of their catering trucks. They may use a photo of the truck with my image on it on their social media sites as well. They also mentioned down the road selling the image in their restaurant/shop, but that that would be a separate agreement, and we would discuss compensation for that at that time. So! any idea on what one would charge for something like that? Any and all help appreciated!! Betty
  6. "By the way, for anyone who's interested, if you don't have a Lensbaby but want "that Lensbaby look", shoot with a standard 50mm and tell Lightroom or ACR that you want to manually control Lens Corrections and then select something like a 10mm wide-angle lens from the drop-down menu." Thanks for posting this, never knew LR had that function, should be fun to play with ;-) B
  7. Thank you Paulette! Found them ;-) The cute cat, is one of 9 that were dumped at my house, sigh...lucky for them they're all very photogenic LOL Betty
  8. I guess I must be dense or looking in the wrong place...it says I have 0 images...
  9. Thanks John, but if you click on images under my avatar, it says there are no images...is that right? are they out there in the ether until Monday? Why would they not be cached in my profile, even if they aren't available to the public yet?
  10. So I submitted 4 images, they passed the QC, I did all the hoo haw with getting them tagged etc...I got the prompt that they were ready to go, but now I'm unable to find them. Can someone point me in the right direction, please ;-) Thanks, B
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