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  1. so on amazon you can get international models. do you have any idea what that means other than it being from another country lol? I live in the US... so other than the obvious of shipping from somewhere else does this have any ramifications I should know about? I'm probably going to go with the III to start with and use the rest of my money to save up for either a good macro lens or even an upgrade for my t4i get better than the 18MP my current camera has up to maybe the t6i for the 24... maybe even find something that performs better at higher ISOs
  2. So many decisions lol So 2 more things... If you were to choose between VA(or III even) and VI which would you choose? I know VI is bad indoors and without as much light but it has a superior zoom.... so in your opinions which would you prefer? Also if you were to decide to spend enough to get the Vi... so 900ish and you had been using a canon rebel t4i would you instead decide to upgrade to mirrorless or even a better rebel? I do have some lenses for the canon so ideally I could stay in canon compatible.
  3. zoom wise im considering because a lot of the pictures I enjoy taking are of wild life... like that pesky woodpecker that flys away every damn time I pull out the dslr but if I could snap a picture faster ... well you get where Im going with that lol
  4. So how much do you guys trust Ebay? looking at a Used V or VI depending on if I want the zoom or not you can get a used V for about the same price as a III on amazon.... ofc you can get a III at a real nice price on ebay too lol
  5. yeah, I wont make any choices till I can make an informed decision on both parts of my question... and to make things even more annoying for me now I'm wondering if mirrorless would be compact enough for me lol I'm using an older canon EOS T4i so mirrorless would be a huge step in the smaller direction in itself. So many choices.... although getting a base model of the rx100 or such just to keep in my car probably wouldn't be a bad idea no matter what I choose in the end
  6. theres also the ricoh GR II which I am reading good things about Ideally id not spend the 1000 for the X100F so Im trying to find a more reasonably priced camera
  7. So I am planing on buying either a pocket camera for the on the go shots that I don't have time to pull out my primary camera but Im deciding which one I want.... I was considering something like the canon powershot G5 X or Fujifilm XF10... maybe the X100F on the outside Will pictures from these pass QC? Also the other option I was considering was buying a small camcorder... but if I get a high quality camcorder is it possible to extract stills that will pass QC? Sometimes I think it would be easiest to just set up a video of fox babies for instance and ju
  8. Costs about $150 here in the US and before I actually sold pictures I would be sure to get it, up until I sell something though it is considerably cheaper to learn and even take pictures for practice.
  9. So I have never flown a drone before and have a tight budget so if Id be hard pressed to buy an expensive one, let along wreck it and have to replace it due to my never flown one before with black friday and cyber monday and all the deals that involves I was considering possibly getting a starter drone... preferably one I could at least try to take some quality pictures with without all the bells and whistles of the expensive ones. Do you guys have any recommendations on what types to look for, or should I go real cheap and get a crappy camera one and sell to like adobe
  10. Thanks for all the answers guys, as for MDMs questions, Im in the US so USD, sorry I should of made that clear before. As for other monitors, I often will have on one of my monitors a movie going or something, which I enjoy a bigger monitor for that even if the color wont be as good... I KNOW I wont have the money for a rather large monitor that has the quality I need so I'll continue to make do with what I have. my secondary monitor though or tertiary which usually has either business related stuff or whatnot is also the monitor(s) that run LR so one of those mo
  11. This is the one I was leaning toward until I saw the 4k Monitors https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00877ZOYK/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?smid=A1L9D0A8YQ4I2J&psc=1
  12. Hey, I am about to buy a new monitor as mine is a bear to keep properly calibrated, I dont need a big one since I'll still use my regular montor for everything and I'll adda 3rd screen for proper coloring and such. I was considering a Acer CB281HK, a 28 inch 4k UHD with IPS. its at the local best buy and is close to what I was thinking of spending... 500 was my limit and was aiming for 3-400. It also has 1ms response, 100,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast , 300 cd/m2 brightness, and 3850x2160 resolution.... most of that I dont know much about since I am dumb when it
  13. we seem to of gone off topic as this was mainly about editing pictures but either way Thanks everyone for the advice
  14. Dog Catching a Stick? My original test photo was 2 foxes playing but yes I have agreed from the start that it wasn't one I would submit, but it was one I wanted to practice editing on And maybe you are right that no one will be interested in fox photos, or any other of my wildlife pictures, but that wont stop me from submitting the ones that look the best. I may do good, or I may fall on my butt and fail but the only sure thing in life is if you don't put yourself out there and try then you never will succeed in anything. So I'll give it my best and see what happens.
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