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  1. Two from me of the same building, car park, Sheffield.
  2. Suppose I could have included this one too...
  3. From what I make from Alamy in a year would barely pay for a weekend trip to the coast, what I make from my other photography work pays for the overseas travel. I will look at claiming for that overseas travel now. Thanks everyone. Terry.
  4. I don't do photography as an hobby (only Alamy photography ) I work full time as a freelance photographer, working for a number of different clients. Terry.
  5. Just going through well overdue spreadsheets, getting my accounts up to date. I was wondering if any of you travelling abroad, and taking stock images while there, ever claim travelling expenses (flight, hotel,meals) against Alamy income. I have never done this (just general costs for my business) because I would make a very big loss against my Alamy income if I did, and it would look at bit dodgy to the tax man. Terry.
  6. Had 2, one to BBC (Have I got news for you) and one to Japan TV, Japanese version of Top Gear. Terry.
  7. I've moved from bottom of page six, to near top of page four. No idea how this has happened, I've had poor sales, poor views, and poor zooms.. Terry.
  8. I've just got the Sigma 12-24 for my D700, quite a nice lens, a bit soft at extreme edges when fully open. Terry.
  9. I need to get it wet cleaned, I've got one spot in top left corner on every image, sometimes I forget to clone it out.
  10. I have a batch in QC now that's an obvious fail, just had a quick look, and it looks like a dust spot on one or two of them. 28 day's in QC prison again.. Terry.
  11. I did mean January Mark, the waiting is the month if it's a fail. Had one or two fails lately due to lack of motivation with Alamy, and think I'm going blind
  12. I don't mind if it's a fail, it's the month of waiting that's the pain. Terry.
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