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  1. Got my first sale ever, youpppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! For 21 USD, so it's not much, but my first ever! So excited! So it is possible to have a sale in Alamy, even without thousands of photos in my portfolio just yet! So motivated to upload a new batch right away after work today...
  2. OK, great critique! I'll start by not editing photos with a laptop in a train, where tunnels alternate with sunlight etc... Work on monitor, start shooting RAW (from today on!), check all the settings everywhere, brighten up the selection of existing photos I have already chosen for the next upload and keep on practicing to control the light conditions better... Really glad that I started the thread, I've gotten loads of very valuable information and I'm already looking at my photos with a different eye myself . It's terribly kind of you all to take the time! Merci beaucoup!
  3. I'll try to add your 2 cents- I think the problem is not really even in the monitor, I too have been working on the laptop and understand what it was about when people talk about sizing- 1-no need to shoot jpeg 2-look at the histogram and can't go wrong 3-handle only in a dark room, in which no daylight!!!! And it will be all right! Good point about working in a dark room, now there's a thing I always do wrong . I work everywhere with my laptop, even in places where the reflections make the screen impossibly bright ! And thanks for the encouragement, btw!
  4. Agree That's one of the best. Here are a few of my favourites because interesting subjects, good light, vibrant colours: Cheers, Philippe Interesting choice! And good point about "making" the photos, not "taking" them... You're right, of course... Can't wait for the weekend to go practice some more with all the useful tips I've already gotten...
  5. Good advice... It might not always be possible to follow though, for when I'm traveling, I might only stay in one place for one day and in this case I'll just have to make do with what I've got weather wise. But I'll definitely take a few practice days based on your suggestions and try to keep these tips in mind!
  6. Truly Definitely agree with this. They are very flat- Need a simple levels adjustment to bring out highlights and contrast. Here's one picked at random that I think would have potential: A quick 'auto-levels' in Photoshop makes a very big difference. Working from RAW will undoubtedly be better. -Jason Truly an eye-opener! Thanks a zillion!
  7. Thanks for that exception! I agree, the comparison of two photos shows a great deal. However quite honestly I have never ever been disturbed by the darkness of my photos, so maybe it's a personal sympathy or really bad screen or whatever . I'm glad it was pointed out though, so I can improve myself . I've already gotten lots of good tips from this thread, so happy I asked for advice!
  8. Thanks for all the opinions so far! Interestingly enough I would never have suspected darkness as the main issue, so you have already given me a good point to ponder about! BTW, I do post-processing on laptop using LR, but on my screen the end result does actually have rather vibrant colours, so I wouldn't even have thought of lighting them up more... Possibly a screen and angle thing then... Otherwise I've been shooting JPEGs, because I've never thought of actually doing anything serious with my photos until now, so it was just easier. I might start shooting RAW from now on though, I see that
  9. Hi everybody! Considering that I'm rather green in stock photography world and that I've been photographing for years, but for my own fun only, I thought I'd ask if anybody cares to give me a wee feedback on my portfolio, small as it is right now... A word or two on topics, keywords, style, things like that, or whatever jumps to the eye... Or if you don't mind choosing my best and worst photos, that would be helpful too... I would really appreciate some honest opinions, because I wouldn't want to spend all my free time on going through photos and uploading and keywording them, if there
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