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  1. Regal Princess Cruise Ship - note sure if link will work as first time I've attempted this mid $$ http:// Image ID: R50FEY 3rd cruise ship image I've sold this year so quite happy Carol
  2. Nor me he was getting excellent advice & just about to get some more most likely 😀 Carol
  3. Omg so sorry 😂 well that’s because it disappeared 😉 Carol
  4. So I was in the process of replying to a post "Low Sale" the last reply being by Colinblimp, it was an ongoing discussion having been started by someone asking for advice and was receiving it. As I finished my reply the whole thread disappeared, can't think why - ah well Carol
  5. Just catching up on various threads. I wish both Ed and Alan well in the quest for finding a new home and all things health wise. It must be very unsettling for both of you. Alan if you move to Lincolnshire hopefully you will be close to Donna Nook to photograph the seals in winter😉 Carol
  6. OMG - definately cry and then head to the nearest bar ! It's so easy for things like this to happen pre/during/post holiday as I know only too well. Perhaps another thread i.e., the perils of taking your camera anywhere and actually using it😉
  7. Ha ha love it and some of the others, with the exception of choosing the urinal with the best view, I am probably guilty of 1 or 2 of these 😁 Carol
  8. The first time I used PayPal for payment I had to pay the PayPal fee, thereafter I changed to payment via my bank. Carol
  9. I had one earlier in the year for $2.18 and thought that was low! Apparently it was a distribution sale and I thought that was low. However, I think there is an option also to opt out of distribution sales also so Alamy told me at the Photography Show. Opt out maybe ? Carol
  10. Hi, I have used Topaz de noise and have found it excellent, though if you overdo things it will just completely flatten images taking out any detail so you need to learn how to use to it's best advantage, there are plenty of tutorials on the web and I'm sure there are those on here more experienced than me who will offer advice also. Look forward to seeing your shopping trolleys😉 Carol
  11. Hope you all had a good day, was there yesterday it wasn't too busy, well the Nikon stand was😉 also found the Alamy stand and they were very helpful answering a few questions that I had so thank you to them. Carol
  12. Starphinx just a suggestion - as you are talking about who charges what for their work, maybe a separate thread would be appropriate😉 Carol
  13. I'm guessing $2.19 counts as micro☹️ Estonia one month bulk discount flat rate, not really complaining as have had some much larger ones just didn't think they went that low. Image is P8JDM2 not worked out how to get on here yet. Carol
  14. Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread but hoping to visit Cambodia later in the year hence new camera bag😉thinking at the moment...one dslr body/24-70mm and /28-300mm not sure about the 70/200 2.8 plus sony rx100 MK (thank you Alan Bell😉) I know it's going to be hot (understatement!) so me thinks less is more? Naturally the bag will need space for a few other bits and bobs i.e., loo roll😄 Carol
  15. Ah thanks Kumar but I've already booked cheap train tickets for the Monday but have a great time 😉
  16. If you can, why not visit the Photography Show at the NEC next week, that way you can try before you buy😉 I feel the need for another shoulder type bag 😉 Carol
  17. Uploading fairly quickly today, guess everyone's out playing in the snow (did have to click on numerous store fronts to access here though!) Carol
  18. Just received two emails for one submission. I find submissions seem to upload faster either early morning or late evening. Carol
  19. Uploaded small batch very late Sunday night, through QC late yesterday, no problems
  20. Not updated for me yet either. Also having to click on images on my dashboard which I've never had to do before Carol
  21. Starphinx, there is a lot of good advice here on this forum and I have to say I agree with others i.e., MDM and Keith Douglas. I realise that Live News shots are what they are but I still consider it important to get composition and exposure correct. For me, I would never upload anything anywhere that was what I consider substandard in regard to composition/exposure but that's just me. I am sometimes quite shocked to be honest at some images I've seen on here - not necessarily live news but I guess some people just upload to maybe keep numbers up. Don't worry so much about zooms/views etc.
  22. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Healthy New Year and I just signed in without climbing mountains, dodging buses and fire hydrants Carol
  23. Just managed to get it without jumping through hoops ! Safari on a Mac - think at least they would make the images festive
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