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  1. MDM - it sounds like you were unfortunate with your D850 but certainly fortunate in that it was sorted out eventually. Also yes another lesson learned in that messing around with things may invalidate any guarantee and I should imagine that applies to a lot of things apart from cameras. I have always had good service from Nikon and Fixation. Also that's was a very good deal you got with the Nikon Owner Magazine 😉 Carol
  2. I was probably extremely heavy handed at the time. I remember I had spent hours looking how to do it and probably got a bit too carried away. All I remember is that when I shot anything at F8 or over there was a huge score mark/line across every image. It definately wasn't the lens that was faulty as I used various lenses at the time. Ended up selling the camera for parts at the time. Lesson learned - for me anyway ! Carol
  3. It's great for those who have the confidence to do a wet clean on their sensors. I think many moons ago I tried with from what I can remember was Eclipse and managed to wreck the sensor on my then D200. Although I have an arctic butterfly and sensor loup, think have only used it once or twice and not recently. Having spent £££ on my camera, I still prefer the expertise of somewhere like Fixation to clean my sensor when needed and pay £50 or however much it is. Peace of mind is worth it for me😉 Carol
  4. Guess there's something about Wednesdays 🙁 Carol
  5. Looks like it's on the blink again, anyone else having problems? Carol
  6. Worked briefly this morning but not so now.... Carol
  7. 5 pages on this thread and as always some excellent advice given. As others have stated, shoot in RAW and do minimal post processing as I also do. Why not just accept that it's unsuitable for Alamy and move on.... All the best Carol
  8. That's great onwards and upwards.... Carol
  9. Well Yahoo seems to be OK now but not Measures. Image Manager seems to be ok and even managed to upload a few. Carol
  10. Measures is still down for me. I didn't know about Yahoo being down until I read it on here - guess that's why I've not been getting any emails today😥. Thank heavens for this forum.... Carol
  11. ?? When I click on the blue 0 of the person posting I see three images i.e., 2 tree trunks and 1 dandelion ? Carol
  12. https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=F36B1357-DAD4-448B-B893-D33558E8C7DB - hoping it shows on here😧 Mid $$ very happy as quite an old image Usage: Magazine, any editorial digital use, one time use only. Carol
  13. I think you will find they will show up on sale approx 24 hours after you have keywords them, so i.e., if you keyworded them today they should show up tomorrow. Carol
  14. I would have thought one months deposit and one month rent upfront is the norm, having been a landlord/lady this is what was asked for with the deposit being refunded if all was in order at the end of the tenancy. Having said that we did have someone who offered to pay 6 months rent upfront. Hoping you get something sorted out soon.
  15. I hope you have got this sorted. I have the same Sony as you and they open no problem albeit on an iMac, I subscribe to Adobe CC - hoping you have not lost your files !
  16. That's good to now about Photoguard. Am currently with Aaduki, not had any claims but they've always seemed very helpful and effiencet when I've changed what's insured. Carol
  17. Hiya, I will be paid this month for a few previous sales that took me over the $50 not by a vast amount but everything helps. Just hoping that the latest bigger one will clear, sometimes they do seem to take ages for buyers to pay and am hoping it doesn't get refunded as I've read this does sometimes happen😮. Bet you can't wait until September, that's great - I hate looking at a zero balance😢 Carol
  18. I was $2 short of being paid but happy to say payment in the August batch ! Also nice surprise sale of high $$$ on 31st July, hoping it will stay there !🙄 Carol
  19. Edo, if it's as hot in Liverpool as it is in London/Hertfordshire right now I hope you are keeping cool and hope you find somewhere permanent soon😉 Carol
  20. Lots of luck Edo I hope you find a flat very soon. Carol
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