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  1. Am wondering, I have a lowly 3 stars and there's no greyed out 2 stars. Assuming live news goes through straight away - confused.com😀 Just uploaded a batch hoping they will clear tomorrow anyway... Carol
  2. I don't have a D500 though am a Nikon user. I think it's probably worth getting checked out by Nikon or Fixation or if you have an authorised Nikon dealer near you. If you don't, it will continue to annoy you me thinks😉 Hope you get it sorted. Carol
  3. Edo, glad you at least have your own pad for Christmas - onwards and upwards. All the very best for 2020 keep cooking and clicking! 😀 Best wishes to everyone else also for Christmas and New Year.... Carol
  4. QC envy again, still on 3 stars but they seem to go through in 24 hours so will settle for that😉 Carol
  5. $$$ for use in travel cruise magazine, very happy and thanks to Paulette again now using her method 😉 Carol
  6. Ok I just tried this Paulette's way on iMac in Safari and it seems to have worked, thank you so much x Carol
  7. Many thanks Paulette I have copied your instructions will print out and keep on my desk and give it a try..... Carol
  8. A sale this morning PK4HYE - still can't get it to show on here but happy with the sale..... Anyway personal use $$ Carol
  9. Edo, am so pleased you are settling in, in your new studio. As to what others watch on a Mac - ummm I'm sure there will be many posts 😉 The wet stuff falling from the sky is very pretty when it turns white, I had a little sale today PK4HYE wet white stuff😉 Yes I will vote..... All the best and take care if you venture out in the wet white stuff if and when it arrives..... Carol
  10. Ah ok.........I look forward to joining it one day then 😀 Carol
  11. Last few have gone through within 24 hours with usual email. What is the 5 star thing ? Carol
  12. PGRXDH https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=B5FE9332-81A4-4600-81A8-24A7C59CFE59 Personal use - strange choice low $$ - oh well takes all sorts..... Carol
  13. Really pleased for you Edo that's brilliant news. If you can get to a store called The Range, it will have absolutely everything you need. I've had a quick google on The Range Liverpool City Centre and found...... https://www.therange.co.uk/stores/edge-lane/ Very cheap and excellent quality... Lots of luck..... Carol
  14. Still not very good at getting images to show on here but anyway it's mid $$ 128 MB5428 x 8256 pixels 5 MB compressedImage use: Editorial Details of use: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 25,000 Placement: Inside Duration: up to 5 years Country: Central America and Caribbean R8W355 https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=90568C0B-49E5-4C39-9EF2-E478E6C6634D
  15. Photoshop is now doing an update which just came through, not expecting miracles but you never know, hopefully the above may help someone😉 Carol UPDATE..... Update now completed and all seems to be absolutely fine.....Raws can now be saved as Tif files exactly as before, I'm happy....😄hopefully the first of good things to happen today, fingers crossed the heating engineer will fix the heating later and the exhaust on the car will be fixed. But...... the shower pump in the bathroom developed a fault this morning which also hopefully will be sorted but it's all irrelevant, am
  16. Received from Adobe Customer Care today... Hello Carol, Greetings from Adobe! Thank you for supporting us and we really appreciate your understanding. Below is the article where we have the workaround for the issue you are facing. Just you need to select the Save as option and once you get the pop-up box you have to rename the file from TEST to TEST.Tiff and select tiff as file type and proceed. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/photoshop-and-macos-catalina.html Above is the link which have the details of the know issue with Cat
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