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  1. Just found this old posting about the Sony USB connector. Just picked up a Sony RX100 and lo and behold taken ages to even work out how to open the flap to plug the USB lead in to charge the battery - naturally it helps when you actually remember to put the battery in. Anyway from what I've read on here, it seems like it's pretty normal for this little usb flap to be flimsy or I'm doing something wrong. There seems to be a tiny button on it but it didn't seem to slide either way when I tried and I tried pushing it. Not quite sure how I managed to get the thing open but anyway it's charging now or at least I think it is, an orange glow is coming from it anyway! So just wondered if anyone had any updates on this and any external charges in particular that folk use. Thought it would be handy as a carry around camera. Thanks in advance for any suggestions before I decide whether to keep it or not ! Carol
  2. Thanks everyone, yes the D850 does indeed produce massive files, had a play with one the other day and when converted to jpeg it produced a massive 130MB ! Carol
  3. Hi all, am just wondering with a lot higher megapixel cameras available nowadays when is big too big image wise for here? i.e., if for example you had a d850 and used at maximum pixels, even when converted to jpeg the file would be pretty huge. I know size isn't everything so they say just wondering what folk to who use i.e., an 850 or 810 do, apologies in advance if this has been asked before, I think somewhere in this thread Fahd Khan has an 810 and doesn't crop just interested to know what others do. Thanks Carol
  4. Ha ha glad it's not just me, just re-read and I think it says....... should be going live before the end of the week, I guess we are getting ahead of ourselves
  5. Ah that would explain it I'll put it down to......having one of those days Many thanks folks.. Carol
  6. I must be missing something it all looks the same to me, also just had hassle signing in here, I'll have a look later to see if I see anything different Carol
  7. A friend of mine has used them many times and they have been excellent, I would not hesitate to use them and as said their prices are extremely competitive. Carol
  8. ....... I might have a look also at the Sony MK1 - not sure what else is around so a bit more research me thinks. Carol
  9. Allan I was surprised also as I had uploaded a few accidentally with another batch (think just 2 or 3) and didn't realise until they were in QC and fully expected the lot to fail. As I said I got it primarily for snorkelling well trying to anyway ! I think I'll also look at something smaller at some point for everyday stuff though I do like a viewfinder. Carol
  10. I have a Nikon AW120 which I got primarily for snorkelling, however it's fine for everyday use also though no viewfinder. Had images accepted on here also. It's handy to have with a 2.8 24-120mm, think there is a more recent version now.
  11. Strange the way it works as I seem to have sold more when I had about 200 images than now when I have a few more
  12. First time I've been on this thread so hope I'm getting this right. There's an image on my Amazing Species 2018 Calendar, September's image is of two black Rhinos credit FLPA/Alamy
  13. Keywording is very tedious and I'm not that confident with them. Hoping someone someday will devise a system so that keywords will be applied automatically - I like to dream
  14. Also been on the plan for about a year have always used PS never got on with Lightroom. That's a very useful link thank you Michael.
  15. Fixation are excellent they've got me out of trouble a few times but appreciate you being a long way away it may be more difficult for you. As said also good for sensor cleaning but again a train ride away for me to get there. Nikon are also good but probably take a bit longer, you leave your gear there, wait for them to send you a quote by email, accept it and wait for another email to say it's done, unless anything has changed of course.
  16. Helen, on Safari I've found it's the normal for folk to ask for money if you want to take their pictures, I normally just buy something cheapish from them. I now have a good collection of straw hats and colourful sarongs! Re: shooting on Caribbean beaches, I've not had a problem using a Nikon full frame with either a 28/300mm or 24/70, could be I wasn't fully dressed it was far too hot! If I was changing cameras I would definitely look at the Z6 if you are used to Nikons, horses for courses as they say ! I think a 200-400mm might attract a few comments on a Caribbean beach though if you weren't shooting wildlife.
  17. Some of my keyworded images still not showing - strange system
  18. Some of mine keyworded yesterday not showing maybe will happen after 9 a.m. not sure what the the database gets updated but this was the case yesterday. No problems with QC very quick but find that uploading is much faster early morning UK time than later in the day.
  19. That's brilliant congratulations onwards and upwards !
  20. With optical there's no delay it's just there. Whilst the eye start function maybe he way to go for some, I feel it's just another bit that could go wrong. Let's face it there's enough to go wrong on any camera I know but if your electronic viewfinder packs up ?? On the plus side the batteries on Nikons are far superior to others I think and hopefully this will be the same with the new models. Carol
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