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  1. Uploading fairly quickly today, guess everyone's out playing in the snow (did have to click on numerous store fronts to access here though!) Carol
  2. Just received two emails for one submission. I find submissions seem to upload faster either early morning or late evening. Carol
  3. Uploaded small batch very late Sunday night, through QC late yesterday, no problems
  4. Not updated for me yet either. Also having to click on images on my dashboard which I've never had to do before Carol
  5. Starphinx, there is a lot of good advice here on this forum and I have to say I agree with others i.e., MDM and Keith Douglas. I realise that Live News shots are what they are but I still consider it important to get composition and exposure correct. For me, I would never upload anything anywhere that was what I consider substandard in regard to composition/exposure but that's just me. I am sometimes quite shocked to be honest at some images I've seen on here - not necessarily live news but I guess some people just upload to maybe keep numbers up. Don't worry so much about zooms/views etc. Also, I think better to upload a few informative live news images than loads less so. Anyway Happy New Year and keep clicking Carol
  6. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Healthy New Year and I just signed in without climbing mountains, dodging buses and fire hydrants Carol
  7. Just managed to get it without jumping through hoops ! Safari on a Mac - think at least they would make the images festive
  8. I think you made the most of bad light and lack of reach here and it really goes to show that you don't always need massive heavy lenses i.e., last year I was lucky locally to get some nice shots of a Kingfisher in an urban situation a few in my port I think. At the time I was using a heavy 200-400mm handheld. It was so close I had to zoom out and the exif shows the focal length between 180 and 200mm, could have used my 70-200mm 2.8 ! You never can tell, good luck with shooting a few more. Carol
  9. What is also extremely frustrating is the fact that they keep our money in their account until it goes over $50 - I have at least 2 cups of reasonable coffee sitting in my account and I'm very thirsty!
  10. Doubt they have time to look at absolutely everything but as above they can probably tell from experience whether it was the photographer's intention to produce blur or not. I have some images where it was my intention to blur and no problem with these at all it's different from camera shake but anyway we don't know what the original poster's image was that failed and what it failed on.
  11. I think there is normally a reason given on the image that has failed i.e., soft or lacking in definition/camera shake etc., might be worth having another look.
  12. Congratulations both of you onwards and upwards....... Carol
  13. Hope they bring it back as I found it especially useful when typing names that were exceptionally long. Carol
  14. Interesting topic, I'm just wondering if the lady knows the difference between FX and DX and please do not take that the wrong way. I'm a Nikon user and yes they are bulky and I have small hands but because of the extra weight I find them easier to balance and yes I do go to they Gymn As MDM said there are plenty of reasonable DX Nikons around and good glass. For me I prefer FX and for years lugged around a 200-400mm F4 now that was heavy So FX/DX horses for courses personal choice I think. Good luck with whatever you get for your wife. A happy wife is a happy life so they say It also might be an idea to take her into a shop if there's one close to you, so she can play with a couple and see what she feels comfortable with. I always do this when buying new kit. Even with the little Sony RX. Carol
  15. Paulette why not check out the Z6 and Z7, slightly lighter than the other Nikons and if you use Nikon lenses they will work fine. Carol
  16. Ah ha Martin that would explain it Carole, many thanks this one is most definitely faulty as when plugged it it turns blue then orange briefly then just goes off. I phoned the shop who offered to either replace or refund which is fair enough. It is wrapped up read to go back to them, I don't think I'll get another one from them just yet in case it's a faulty batch. For now I will use the USB connector and just be careful and if the cover does come off just cover it with some black electrical tape. A male friend of mine managed to open it quite easily yesterday, though I have long nails I do find it to be quite difficult to open so will use a cocktail stick or similarJust need to order a spare battery and screen protector now. Allan Bell thank you for putting in my mind a small camera with a 1" sensor. I think on another thread this was being discussed as I had two escapees pass QC which we won't talk about, so I started looking around and went for the Sony RX100 or pocket rocket as I now call it so thank you Allan for helping me spend some ££ So now instead of two full frame bodies I now have just one and the Sony RX.
  17. Many thanks Martin, it did occur to me that when it put it in horizontal that it wasn't exactly a tight fit. However, no matter what I tried I didn't find a way to fit it in vertically, I'm obviously missing something here ?
  18. Hi Allan, no I've been out using it so the charge is way down to one bar/digit. Thought it was sufficiently low to warrant a charge ? You think it needs to be completely dead maybe? Carol
  19. Well the charger arrived this morning, plugged it in and it doesn't work. Took it apart and back together again, blue light comes on it flashes orange once and then just goes off, so I guess it's going back tomorrow, could be just a faulty one I guess
  20. Hi, many thanks Carole very helpful, I've just found the one you suggested from a reputable camera retailer here in the UK for about £35 so I'll probably get that one, thanks so much. This is such a great forum everyone is so helpful much appreciated. Carol
  21. Many thanks Edo, I also have a card reader I prefer to use card readers as opposed to plugging any camera in and having it on my desk. I will look for an external battery charger for this I think, I'm new to using Sony so it's all a bit of a learning curve but I'm sure I'll find one on the web somewhere. Enjoy your No. 6 - did this come with a charger ? Again thanks for the input, much appreciated. Carol
  22. Many thanks Paulette, I didn't open it fully either - apparently it's a common issue although I think later ones have some sort of slider, that's what the camera shop said anyway. Am just starting to set it up, it's quite alien to me
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