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  1. Can't decide on a favourite, am happy with all my Nikons despite the weight ! Carol
  2. Oh that's a pain, maybe it jus affects some individuals and not across the board. I emailed Alamy early this morning and they said they said it was technical and they would sort it and they did. Subsequent uploads also seem ok.
  3. Same - when I click lefthand column they all show and I can work on them but then they grey out again, very frustrating, I have emailed Alamy anyway Carol
  4. Hi thanks for your input. I get what you are saying but I uploaded two other batches at the same time and the thumbnails showed fine and they passed QC but this other batch is sill stuck on processing. Carol
  5. Thank you, I've been told it's been initiated and should be in by 14th August, looks like Paypal does take longer.
  6. Seems I have a batch of images stuck in processing since yesterday. They uploaded ok but since then they show grey with the word Processing across them. Any ideas why and what to do? Thank you.
  7. Apparently it takes up to 9 working days for Paypal - still waiting grrr
  8. Ha ha there is no hiding place - yes it's me ! Good to catch up again !
  9. Ok thanks Phil guess I'm just a little excited as it's my first payment for 3 images - I stopped using Alamy for a number of years as other life stuff got in the way but now trying to catch up!
  10. Thanks everyone, guess I will just have to wait a little longer
  11. Ok many thanks, maybe it takes longer to hit PayPal, I will wait patiently or not!
  12. Just wondering how long payment should take to reach your account/paypal. I was due a payment on 1st August and apparently it has been made, I think I did read somewhere it could take up to 9 days to show in the account ? Strange when I make a bank payment it normally shows up the following day if not sooner. Any ideas? Thank you Carol
  13. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering how important this is as I think I've read somewhere that it's not massively important to get to the green bar in keywording etc. Also the images that I've sold were nowhere near the green bar in the image manager so wondering why it's even there to be honest. Having a ban now until next week, I'm taking the opportunity to go through my keywording etc., so hence my question. Thanks in advance for any thoughts Carol
  14. Thanks Jill, yes quite possible that's what happened so I've been gradually going through them again. Carol
  15. Hi Kay, thanks for confirming that, I thought it might be the case but was unsure. I will check again tomorrow. It is very annoying that changes don't appear immediately. Carol
  16. Hi - I am a bit confused over captions i.e., I have an image i.e., of Bluebell Woods which clearly shows in the title and is saved as such. For some reason when I it is showing up on a search as Ravensbourne College. Another image of Ravensbourne is showing up as Venetia, again is clearly captioned and saved as Ravensbourne, no matter what I've tried nothing changes. I've made sure not to check them at the same time when working on them. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. Also some of my images are under the name Carol J Saunders, I'm guessing/hoping this is ok as opposed to Carol Saunders which some of them are ? Thanks Carol
  17. Ok many thanks for clarifying that I’ll look when home carol
  18. Again thanks for all your help though not sure what particular home page is being referred to by Allan carol
  19. Hi thanks for that however my particular image didn’t fail on that carol
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