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  1. 4 hours ago, Harry Harrison said:

    There's always a monopod of course, handy when walking.

    Hi, thanks for the suggestion Harry but I've never got on with monopods.  It would probably get used as a walking stick though thankfully I don't need one at the moment....


    I'm still leaning towards......https://www.wexphotovideo.com/mefoto-roadtrip-a1350q1r-tripod-red-1537718/


    just realised the other link I gave was for an aluminium and a lot more ££


    I definitely prefer the legs that twist......also found a couple of Gitzo travel tripods on Ebay so will keep an eye on them also.  


    Tempted the try the above.....



  2. Hi thanks everyone for all your input, looks like I have a bit more research to do.....on the other hand I may go to the NEC in March - try before I buy - if I buy..... I'm quite happy using high ISO but sometimes I find myself thinking.........oh a tripod would have been useful, hence the reason I'm thinking a travel tripod would be useful when I'm away.  I still have my Gitzo with gimbal head.  I used this when I had my 200-400mm F4, although I did tend to use it handheld probably more than with the Gitzo.  Sold that lens a while ago as it was very heavy, though I had good use out of it for many years,  but I'll keep the Gitzo in case I decide to get another longer lens.  If I did it would be the 200-500mm a lightweight compared to the 200-400mm ! For wildlife now I use anything that happens to be on the camera.  


    Back to travel tripods - I did notice Costco were/are selling a Manfrotto one at the moment, as said I am not a lover of Manfrottos but anyway I took it out of the box to have a look......not for me far to fiddly and spindly so it went back in the box.


    So as said I think I'll go do a bit more research and maybe  visit the  Photography Show in March  decide...... 


    Thanks again everyone for all your input....





  3. 5 hours ago, sb photos said:

    I have an older iPad Air 2, 9.75" display, wifi (no cellular) and 128GB storage. It gets very little use. It contains my portfolio, and via an adapter can connect to a TV for a larger display. If I'm traveling light I tend to carry my MacBook Air 11" i7 1.7 GHz 8GB memory, 500 GB SSD. It's size and weight is acceptable and it's far more versatile than the iPad. I keep on toying with the idea of giving the iPad to my grandson so it gets more use as he only has a basic android tablet.


    Interesting......up until recently I had the original iPad 1 which served me well.  However, unsurprisingly was getting slower and slower so I decided to go for iPad mini 5.  I don't use it for photography mainly reading although  like to have some of my images on it.  I went for the 64gb version which is plenty for me and it's really great.  Also fits in my handbag if needed.  Would be interested to know which is the best adapter to get for connecting to a TV though for a larger display ?  


    I got a great deal on it on eBay brand new at least £100 cheaper than anywhere else and it has warranty on it.  



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