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  1. Hi, very strange - I can log in on here with my normal password but not on Alamy.com where I go each morning to check what's happening.  My passwords/email haven't changed and every time I press login, it just goes back to asking me for email/password ?  Anyone else experiencing problems ?  





  2. Good subject😀 strange that no matter how many camera bags I try, I always seem to revert to my ancient Lowepro backpack, amazing what this holds.   Also tried Think Tank  Vision 13 shoulder bag last year, it's fine for one body with lens attached and another medium  lens though not  my 70/200mm.  However, as said I feel better with my backpack.


     I have have a Think Tank Glass Taxi and Glass Limo both backpacks  and very comfortable for when I used to lug a larger lens around - anymore and I'll have a fleet !  I don't carry a laptop around but like space for other bits and pieces. Also have a Lowepro holster bag which olds one body with lens attached but not much else.





  3. One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, with re-use of the article in other titles or web versions within the same newspaper group. Digital use includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Any placement in paper and online.  2A5EBNM $$




    Shows as being purchased twice, I image one accidentally as they are both the same.  Still can't ge the knack of doing larger images here😂





  4. Thanks again everyone and georgphotos appreciate your input and the fact you have my best interests at heart, I honestly never gave it a thought when I put the original post up.  I have removed the text from my posts as you suggested and if anyone wants to remove relating texts in a quote on their posts re: mine it's absolutely fine by me and I won't be offended.  I genuinely did not think of any possible consequences to be honest. All my images are exclusive to Alamy.   I still had a happy day yesterday but I have a happy day whenever I sell an image at whatever price😉  Plus also got my hair done yesterday, so double happy day😁  I will continue to be optimistic 😁


    It's fine to express views and opinions safaras I'm concerned, always so much to learn from others.  


    Thanks again everyone for the kind words and here's to a lot more happy days for all of us😄



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  5. 17 minutes ago, shearwater said:

    Do you want me to delete my posts which refers to your image?

    Thank you for asking but it's fine and I'm not sure anyway about deleting as I actually thought it was a point of this thread to show images and say what they are used for but could be I'm wrong, it has been known😉 just thought it was nice to share some good news in these exacting times....





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  6. Thank you so much Shearwater and Gareth, how did you get it larger Shearwater please?  Gareth thank you also and I am sorry your sale got refunded, I have everything crossed mine won't be but who knows, I know it's the way things go but at the moment it's certainly made my day😁  My cheeky other half said after I'd got up off the floor, well it's an ok image but not one of your best, probably quite true but hoping it may turn out to be😉 Being an optimist I shall now look forward to getting a banknote sometime 😄.



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  7. Well I've just picked myself up off the floor, this one came in today, my biggest sale to date very high $$$ very happy, here's hoping it doesn't get refunded!


    Why did I take this picture?  I quite liked the reflections and the sky, there you go....... 


    99 MB
    7798 x 4430 pixels 
    3 MB compressed



    Not sure how to make it larger on here, using iMac/Catalina. 




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  8. I'm definately not afraid of trying new things and I did try Lightroom albeit many years ago.


     A friend of mine sent me some tutorials on dvd's/cd's whatever they were,  this was back in the day before so many tutorials on the web.  So.....I put the disks in my laptop and went through each step on my desktop, pausing it as and when I needed to.


     At the end of a very long day I just still didn't get it and ended up with a migraine☺️  However, I guess much has changed since then and maybe now it's easier.  For now I'm more than happy with my workflow using Bridge and PS.  I've never not been able to find a file quickly for past clients however many years old they are.  I also do backups on 2 external hard drives.  


    Someone mentioned Breezebrowser, wow I remember using that when I had Windows back in the day.    Also there was another programme called Rawshooter (could be showing my age here!) that was very good but it ceased to exist after a while.  


    So much useful information on this forum and again thanks for straightening me out with the straighten tool and a few others.😉


    MDM I hope your recovery goes from strength to strength and Edo I hope the ginger is helping your hay fever.  





  9. Ok, so I've just clicked done and the image disappeared off screen also but from memory I think I always clicked on Open anyway.  I guess this is Adobe's new normal !  I preferred the old normal  but that applies to so many things these days.  I will just need to go the righthand side instead of the top😄


     I don't use Lightroom, never have as I never got on with it when I tried it some years ago so I don't even have it on my computer now.  Horses for courses as they say 😉



  10. Ah thanks so much everyone, I thought I was going mad!  That is so helpful as my next question was going to be the lens profile one.  I liked it as it was before it was so straightforward but I guess will have to get used to it😄 So ok, think that's the straightening sorted though will probably need more practice, and also the lens distortion bit.  I will just have to make sure I take straighter images ha ha.  Anything else I have forgotten please let me know.....


    Again thanks for the help it's very much appreciated !



  11. Edo, I really hope you've got Lightroon sorted out......after reading this thread I thought I had better check my CC.  I don't use Lightroom just Adobe Bridge/Camera Raw and PS.  Ho hum, looks like Camera Raw has updated.  I now can't find the auto straighten tool in Camera Raw which used to be at the very top and was extremely useful.  I've hovered over the various other things but can't seem to find it.   Don't mean to hijack your post of course, just that it seemed related😉


    Thoughts anyone ?



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