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  1. Hi, Apple also do certified refurbished with warranty, here is the link. You may be able to get one a little cheaper... https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/refurbished Carol
  2. Interesting......up until recently I had the original iPad 1 which served me well. However, unsurprisingly was getting slower and slower so I decided to go for iPad mini 5. I don't use it for photography mainly reading although like to have some of my images on it. I went for the 64gb version which is plenty for me and it's really great. Also fits in my handbag if needed. Would be interested to know which is the best adapter to get for connecting to a TV though for a larger display ? I got a great deal on it on eBay brand new at least £100 cheaper than anywhere else and it has warranty on it. Carol
  3. Oooh that's interesting and what a coincidence, would love to know what museum they are going to be in and when but I don't suppose we will ever get to find out😐. Note to self....maybe book another cruise😀 Carol
  4. It's a funny old life isn't it - heaven knows what the world will be like in the next even 10 years😀 I have a love/hate relationship with technology, when it works it's great, when it comes to doing simple things like updates whether it's camera/phone/computer I break out in a cold sweat ! And as for internet shopping - far to easy to click 😂 Carol
  5. Seems fine just now though sadly showing same figures as yesterday😥 Carol
  6. Just wondering how to get updates on this thread without actually posting a comment? I think it's always useful to see what people sell.....none for me yet this year though... Carol
  7. Let's hope so Paulette 😉 I'll just open a bottle of wine....😀 Carol
  8. Considering only been seriously contributing for just over a year, I am quite pleased. However, now my graphs are pointing downwards but will not get too disheartened - she says😉 Carol
  9. I love to go out when it's snowing, hoping we get some 😉 - rain not so much..... Carol
  10. Am wondering, I have a lowly 3 stars and there's no greyed out 2 stars. Assuming live news goes through straight away - confused.com😀 Just uploaded a batch hoping they will clear tomorrow anyway... Carol
  11. I don't have a D500 though am a Nikon user. I think it's probably worth getting checked out by Nikon or Fixation or if you have an authorised Nikon dealer near you. If you don't, it will continue to annoy you me thinks😉 Hope you get it sorted. Carol
  12. Edo, glad you at least have your own pad for Christmas - onwards and upwards. All the very best for 2020 keep cooking and clicking! 😀 Best wishes to everyone else also for Christmas and New Year.... Carol
  13. QC envy again, still on 3 stars but they seem to go through in 24 hours so will settle for that😉 Carol
  14. $$$ for use in travel cruise magazine, very happy and thanks to Paulette again now using her method 😉 Carol
  15. Ok I just tried this Paulette's way on iMac in Safari and it seems to have worked, thank you so much x Carol
  16. Many thanks Paulette I have copied your instructions will print out and keep on my desk and give it a try..... Carol
  17. A sale this morning PK4HYE - still can't get it to show on here but happy with the sale..... Anyway personal use $$ Carol
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