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  1. Wow Rawshooter, now that does bring back memories 😀 Carol
  2. Many thanks Edo, that is very helpful indeed. I've not been to Amsterdam either ..... Carol
  3. I feel hungry when I look at your food images Edo😀 you obviously have a knack for food photography something which I seem to struggle with. I feel I should make more of an effort so just wondering,.....flash or no flash and any other basic tips when you have 5 - apart from shoot before you eat😄 Carol
  4. The annoying thing is when I went to Sainsburys the other day I parked the car and started walking to the entrance of Sainsburys when I realised I had left my mask in the car - I completely forget I had a few in my bag and went back to the car for the one that was in there 😄 blonde moment ! For us ladies, I guess it saves on wearing lipstick though sometimes I find myself reaching for it before going out, some things are just automatic 😁 Now that the weather is getting bit cooler I will also put bottles of sanitzier in my jacket/coat pockets ...... Carol
  5. That looks more that sufficient Edo, I hate wearing the masks as I can't see my feet easily I'm not sure why this bothers me but it does😄 I keep masks and sanitiser in my car and my bag and camera bag when I take it out... Carol
  6. Lovely blog Edo very enjoyable reading thanks for taking the time to share... Carol
  7. Hi Wim, thank you so much - I confess I don't think I would have found it 😁 but I would still like to get one ha ha, perhaps I should be thankful it's not a 100 dollar note😁 Also probably explains the fact I didn't have to wait too long for payment 😃 Shame Trinidad & Tobago is on the UK quarantine list😐 From what I can see some are going to be available September 2020 and will co circulate with existing ones. I am still super happy though - also if anyone is travelling to Trinidad & Tobago please let me know😃 https://www.central-bank.org.tt/sites/default/files/page-file-uploads/polymer-suite-notice.pdf Thanks again Wim much appreciated indeed ! Carol
  8. Image R82P08 - massively pleased to report it didn't get refunded - as of today payment is showing as cleared ! I'm a happy bunny and to be honest I was expecting it to take a lot longer😄 At some point in the future I will try and track down a bank note, that should be fun !😀 Carol
  9. Alamy were giving updates on Twitter yesterday though I know not everyone uses this platform. I think Fixation were also experiencing the same problems, apparently it was a major problem with many yesterday. Looks like measures was last updated 17th August - hopefully everything will right itself... Carol
  10. I joined NT many years ago when I used to visit the Farne Islands regularly, it just seemed easier to have a card than fumble around for change in my pocket. Recently I visited Cliveden House and uploaded a few clicks, so what do I do now delete them, mark them differently? I looked at others on here and some are marked editorial only, others not ? Carol
  11. Hiya, I don't do Microstock sites so can't really answer your question. Just to say that I'm sure a lot of us have had smallish sales but at the end of the day they will all mount up😉It could be the one that gets you over the $50😉 Carol
  12. Mine showing last update 7th August @ 10.36 - thought it was supposed to be daily or am I missing something ? Carol
  13. Congratulations onwards and upwards....... Carol
  14. It was a relief Allan even to find I had no sales today😉 Carol
  15. Hi, very strange - I can log in on here with my normal password but not on Alamy.com where I go each morning to check what's happening. My passwords/email haven't changed and every time I press login, it just goes back to asking me for email/password ? Anyone else experiencing problems ? Thanks Carol
  16. Good subject😀 strange that no matter how many camera bags I try, I always seem to revert to my ancient Lowepro backpack, amazing what this holds. Also tried Think Tank Vision 13 shoulder bag last year, it's fine for one body with lens attached and another medium lens though not my 70/200mm. However, as said I feel better with my backpack. I have have a Think Tank Glass Taxi and Glass Limo both backpacks and very comfortable for when I used to lug a larger lens around - anymore and I'll have a fleet ! I don't carry a laptop around but like space for other bits and pieces. Also have a Lowepro holster bag which olds one body with lens attached but not much else. Carol
  17. One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, with re-use of the article in other titles or web versions within the same newspaper group. Digital use includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Any placement in paper and online. 2A5EBNM $$ Shows as being purchased twice, I image one accidentally as they are both the same. Still can't ge the knack of doing larger images here😂 Carol
  18. My dental appointment which had been postponed twice finally went ahead today😄the first of 2 visits next one two weeks time and that will be me sorted. So....hair done/nails done/teeth nearly then I'm good to go........where ?🤨 Carol
  19. Congratulations Rico that's fantastic you will have to try and get a copy of the book at some stage .... Carol
  20. Thanks again everyone and georgphotos appreciate your input and the fact you have my best interests at heart, I honestly never gave it a thought when I put the original post up. I have removed the text from my posts as you suggested and if anyone wants to remove relating texts in a quote on their posts re: mine it's absolutely fine by me and I won't be offended. I genuinely did not think of any possible consequences to be honest. All my images are exclusive to Alamy. I still had a happy day yesterday but I have a happy day whenever I sell an image at whatever price😉 Plus also got my hair done yesterday, so double happy day😁 I will continue to be optimistic 😁 It's fine to express views and opinions safaras I'm concerned, always so much to learn from others. Thanks again everyone for the kind words and here's to a lot more happy days for all of us😄 Carol
  21. Thank you for asking but it's fine and I'm not sure anyway about deleting as I actually thought it was a point of this thread to show images and say what they are used for but could be I'm wrong, it has been known😉 just thought it was nice to share some good news in these exacting times.... Carol
  22. Thanks again, but I can't delete posts from others😉 Carol
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