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  1. PGRXDH https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=B5FE9332-81A4-4600-81A8-24A7C59CFE59 Personal use - strange choice low $$ - oh well takes all sorts..... Carol
  2. Really pleased for you Edo that's brilliant news. If you can get to a store called The Range, it will have absolutely everything you need. I've had a quick google on The Range Liverpool City Centre and found...... https://www.therange.co.uk/stores/edge-lane/ Very cheap and excellent quality... Lots of luck..... Carol
  3. Still not very good at getting images to show on here but anyway it's mid $$ 128 MB5428 x 8256 pixels 5 MB compressedImage use: Editorial Details of use: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 25,000 Placement: Inside Duration: up to 5 years Country: Central America and Caribbean R8W355 https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=90568C0B-49E5-4C39-9EF2-E478E6C6634D
  4. Photoshop is now doing an update which just came through, not expecting miracles but you never know, hopefully the above may help someone😉 Carol UPDATE..... Update now completed and all seems to be absolutely fine.....Raws can now be saved as Tif files exactly as before, I'm happy....😄hopefully the first of good things to happen today, fingers crossed the heating engineer will fix the heating later and the exhaust on the car will be fixed. But...... the shower pump in the bathroom developed a fault this morning which also hopefully will be sorted but it's all irrelevant, am having a small rant. I'm happy Adobe has rectified things😄 Carol
  5. Received from Adobe Customer Care today... Hello Carol, Greetings from Adobe! Thank you for supporting us and we really appreciate your understanding. Below is the article where we have the workaround for the issue you are facing. Just you need to select the Save as option and once you get the pop-up box you have to rename the file from TEST to TEST.Tiff and select tiff as file type and proceed. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/photoshop-and-macos-catalina.html Above is the link which have the details of the know issue with Catalina and we are updating the same you will get the update over here as well. We hope this helps. Thanks and regards Adobe Support Photoshop is now doing an update which just came through, not expecting miracles but you know never, hopefully the above may help someone😉 Carol
  6. Mine looks the same but there again I'm probably looking in the wrong place😄 Carol
  7. Many thanks MizBrown, appreciate your input. I have checked all the relevant permissions and they seem ok. I don't use Lightroom just Photoshop & Bridge and checked they are up to date. If I want to save as Tif files, I'll just have to remember to put tif after the file number as well as save as tif as this seems to work. Days like this......as I was typing this the power went off for the whole area😓 Tomorrow is another day, again thanks everyone for your input... Carol
  8. Many thanks MDM, I will certainly give it some thought, Apple were very good when I spoke to them earlier today and think they would talk me through it if needed their help but I think I'll hold on a while longer see how I get on and hope Adobe sorts things sooner rather than later. The thought of reinstalling all sorts of stuff does not appeal. Could be the accumulation of things going wrong this weekend....Exhaust on car exhausted/central heating packing up/Catalina. They say things happen in 3's....... For the moment though, at least I can still download/edit/upload ..... Am assuming all new iMacs will now come with Catalina so if people buying brand new iMacs and using Adobe and it doesn't work 100% it's not going to look good for Adobe - just my thoughts😉 Anyway thank you everyone for your valuable input, it is very much appreciated Carol
  9. Many thanks Harry, the instructions re: Photoshop were suggested by Adobe. I've not tried them yet as the system is still backing up to an external hard drive. As others have said, I think - the problem is with Adobe and not Apple. I have spent a good part of the day trying to sort it out with Adobe but they are aware of the problems and trying to sort them. When this will be who knows?? In the meantime I have found a workaround in that I can just change the file extension manually i.e. jpeg to tif and save as tiff and it seems to work for now and now at least they will re-open in photoshop whereas when I was saving as tif and in actual fact unbeknown to me they were actually saving as jpegs they were impossible to re open in PS - if that makes sense ! Also if I actually save as hi res jpegs they will also re-open in PS. Think I will probably leave everything alone now and hope it's not too long before Adobe sort things out. Reading other threads such as the one you kindly gave me, leads me to think, not only am I the only one, but others have far worse problems. Thank you for responding, appreciated - think I'll have a large glass of wine now. Cheers Carol
  10. OMG my head is hurting...... my newish lovely iMac did auto install of Catalina. I thought all was ok until I downloaded some new images today. I use photoshop cc and bridge. The raws will not save as tiffs, only jpegs and when I close them I cannot open them. I'm not sure whether I need to go back to Mojave and not a clue on tech things. I've been only apple who can guide me through it if necessary (at the moment all is being backed up to external hard drive, another few hours to go). Been onto Adobe who have given me the following work around..... 1.Please quit Photoshop. 2.Click on "Apple Logo"> System Preferences. 3.Click on Security and Privacy. 4.Select the "Files and folders on left side menu. 5.Click the lock in the bottom left corner and enter your password to make changes. 6.Find Adobe Photoshop CC on the right side menu. 7.Select Removable Volumes to provide access to scan files on external drives. Select Network Volumes to provide access to scan files on network drives. Select Downloads, Documents, and Desktop folders to provide access to scan files in these folders on your local disk. Click the lock to save changes. Once done, please launch Photoshop, if you do not see Photoshop in list, click on "+" symbol and Add it after step 5. Not tried it as yet and not sure whether to or not ?? Guess I may take it into my favourite apple authorised dealer who I hope may read this. Any thoughts appreciated. Carol
  11. Still down for me even after breakfast ☹️ Carol
  12. A little slow getting there but showing same zooms as the last week or so..... Carol
  13. Made me giggle, so easy to get into a routine in the morning......get up have breakfast....check measures or vice versa 😄 Carol
  14. Although I've been a member for a long time I've only seriously been uploading for about the last year - (other life stuff got in the way back in 2007). So I'm actually quite pleased with the sales I've made this year considering the small number of images I have compared to others. Great to see others that are doing so well, it kind of does show that you need to be in it long term and hopefully I will be...😄 Carol
  15. Not sure if I've done this correctly.... http://Image ID: PTNJF6 Low $ Any placement in paper and online. One use in a single editorial article used within the print and digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Carol
  16. Happy enough with my zooms - now if only they would turn into sales .....😉 Carol
  17. Well done Allan, maybe this thread has got people sensor cleaning😃 but oh 2/3 spots left on each......😉 Carol
  18. Note to self - I must pay more attention to signs, though I did sell one sign earlier in the year - it was for Regents University Regents Park, I remember taking it as it had a dried maple leaf on it, I thought it looked pretty, wonder if I would have still taken it had the leaf not been there though, ho hum......Edo I really like your food images they always make me feel hungry though😁 Carol
  19. Wet cleaning may not be a spooky mystery so I guess it's horses for courses in that there are those that feel confident enough to attempt it and those that prefer not to. I choose to take mine to Fixation whenever any part of my camera needs attention, no way am I going to mess with it. Likewise with anything Apple related. No way would I attempt to take them apart. I have a fab authorised Apple Dealer who has sorted my Macs out when needed (you know who you are😉). As for keeping our tools of the trade in good working order, when I came to part ex some gear last year Park Cameras were so impressed with my gear, they increased the price they gave me 😉 I have a Jessops close to me that I could go to for sensor cleaning but choose not to, I still prefer Fixation, ok it's a train ride away but also gives me the chance to have a look around in there, the staff are great, there's an excellent greasy spoon down the road for coffee and/or bacon sarnies, what's not to like😉 Carol
  20. MDM - it sounds like you were unfortunate with your D850 but certainly fortunate in that it was sorted out eventually. Also yes another lesson learned in that messing around with things may invalidate any guarantee and I should imagine that applies to a lot of things apart from cameras. I have always had good service from Nikon and Fixation. Also that's was a very good deal you got with the Nikon Owner Magazine 😉 Carol
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