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  1. Thanks again fotoDogue. I have looked at refurbished on Amazon but I didn't know whether or not to trust them. I didn't realize that Apple sold refurbished through their site, I will look whats available when it comes to buying. Thank you Robert for the information. I have looked at Crucial and they seem to be very highly recommended so thank you. Unfortunately, due to issues I don't want to discuss on a photography forum, credit is not an option. I have tried recently but got refused. The migration option for Microsoft Works sounds perfect, I will find out more about it
  2. Many thanks for your replies. Much appreciated. My plan was to get 12 months out of the iMac by which time I should be able to afford a new computer. I was using a 2012 version over Christmas and, compared to my laptop, the difference was incredible. Thank you fotoDogue for your replies. I had no idea how hard it was to change the hard drive so no chance of that. From what you're saying about changing the operating system and the cost of the RAM it sounds like a lot of hassle and expense for 12 months use. Thank you MDM. As you can probably tell my kn
  3. Just after some advice I have been offered an Apple iMac "Core i3" 3.06 21.5-Inch mid 2010 computer for £150.00. I have looked at expanding the ram, 8GB would cost £87.00, and a SSD around $120.00. Currently i am using a 6 year old Compaq laptop which is showing it's age. Mainly i need it for Photoshop CC, Lightroom and Microsoft works I was wondering if it was worth buying and upgrading or whether I am better off waiting and saving for a brand new model. Thanks Chris
  4. I recently exchanged my old camera body for a new one using MPB. First class service and I will definitely be using them in the future.
  5. Hello Many thanks to all your replies, much appreciated. Based on your replies, and other advice I have received, I have decided to go ahead and order the 6D. They are collecting my old camera tomorrow and so, hopefully, I should receive the new camera early next week. Thanks again for all your advice. Best wishes Chris
  6. Hello I am after advice on upgrading my camera. Currently I am using a Canon 50D with the 24-105 L series and ef 100mm macro f2.8 lenses. I was looking at a used Canon 6D with a shutter count of 16,000. Trading in my old camera, the 6D will cost £784.00. I was wondering if the ef 100mm will work ok with the full frame, how good the 6D is, particularly in low light, and if you think it is good value for money. If anybody has any alternative suggestions I would welcome the advice. Many thanks Chris
  7. Only about 5 times a day, everyday, so I think i'm alright?
  8. Same here. Thanks for the warning
  9. I can't speak for this site as it is my first week as a contributor. On the other sites I contribute too I have had varied success. On one site, a selective colour image is by far my best seller with 225 downloads in 10 months. However, I have other images on the site the same length of time which have not sold. I agree with John, upload both versions.
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