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  1. Getting rid of flash will be a huge win for me - actually for all of us from a security point of view. I've not had Flash on a computer for a year and it's a painful process for me to keyword. So... THANK YOU !!!
  2. Hi, Avpics Did this sell through the news system or the regular stock system ? And congrats :-) A
  3. Good news! Your test submission has passed. ​I had a couple of go-around landings, one caused by an FTP submission of four images turning into a 3 and a 1, and one which had a QC fail due to some interpolation issues. I need to do some reading around this subject carefully because I never upsize images, which I think is the stage at which interpolation issues creep in. I take RAWs from my Canon 5Dii or Fuji X cameras into Lightroom, tweak for contrast, sometimes a little crop, and then save the JPG at the highest setting. For *everything*, it's my only workflow. But for now I
  4. Thank you again for the frank and fast help everyone, what a superb community.
  5. Thank you for the help everyone! Ok, I think I'm going to have to brace myself for a fail then because I uploaded six and they were related, though they as the best six from a batch of some hundred should meet with editorial merit, technical merit and be pleasing on the eye to boot. Will hopefully be back in a few days once I've been through the cycle a few times and have what the QC people are looking for nailed.
  6. Hi, folks Please forgive me if this is answered in the FAQ or elsewhere in the forum but searching it for 'upload' and reading the returned articles didn't answer my question. I'm a travel photographer and interested in uploading some images from my recent trip to India as a test submission. I uploaded a few images using FTP and then visited 'My Alamy' as suggested by the documentation, but I do not see the images in 'Manage my photos'. The images have disappeared from the Stock folder on the ftpd also. So I tried to submit those images through the Flash based web upload tool. The
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