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  1. hello I have a question . I want to delete a few images, the contrat says 90 if the image is already for sale. Which is the case. So today is the sept 2nd. so 90 days it will be dec 2nd. Unless I am miscounting. And yet when I delete the images there is a message saying deleteing mars 2, 2022!! What is this??? thanks if you have an answer.
  2. Well, over a week and still NO DASHBOARD working!!!!! impossible to do anything what is going on??? any returns? thanks f
  3. I still have not dashboard!!! and it's friday!!!😫
  4. And I agree with Paul, alamy, even if small crue these days to send a global mail to let us know what is happening, would have been nice ... maybe next time will do better
  5. hello for me dashboard not working at all....hope it's fixed soon thanks
  6. Hello everyone Ok here it goes, for 1 year now, I have sold images. Never found one πŸ˜– So I am willing to give 1000 huge free hugs to the one who finds any image by flavia raddavero πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’‹
  7. Hello everyone, Am I missing something , because looking at this it looks that I am really bad in math.... I was paid for my sells in feb. Last Paid was: February 11th Still I had a sale 28 February + March I asked alamy what happened with my payment . Here is the answer. You have made sales in March, but we can only pay you when these sales clear and your cleared balance is over $50.. What I don't understand is that when I look at sales, I think there is more than €50 (50 dollars/ 44€) So can anybody tell me if am going crazy here or if I am really miss u
  8. I join David. Thanks James and the Alamy team for reconsidering the situation. Looking forwards to positive issues to be (higher prices?...personal use..;etc) improved in the very near future. Happy Christmas to all F
  9. I am just coming back from a trip and have this horrible surprising news… I took time to read many of your comments. I agree that Alamy is not thinking about us. Photographers. BUT I AM A VERY OPTIMIST PERSON, and I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO BELIEVE THAT "JAMES AND HIS TEAM", are GOING TO RE CONSIDER The ACTION TO BE TAKEN. The price of images sold in Alamy , as we many of us know , is quite a joke, prices are already very low if we look at other agencies. But worst of all ; a reduction of commission paid to photographers? is very much : luck of respect for our work, time, ideas, etc et
  10. Hello, I am sure this question was asked before, but just in case Just got a new sale: $ 1.24 (Rights Managed) Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Travel & tourismImage Size: Any sizeStart: 12 November 2018End: 12 November 2023NU Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity Question : is this a joke?
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