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  1. I had the problem again on Friday with trying to upload live news photos. I tried saving them as JPEGs in PS instead of exporting them as JPEGs but that didn't seem to work either. Ended up having to go back to LR and exporting them from there. Even that didn't work first time and had to do a bit of fiddling. Eventually most of them went through. Not sure really what I did to make it work, wondering if some of the issue was wifi connection, or a problem their end as the majority went and not sure what was any different about them than the other ones. My workflow definitely needs a rethink! Thank you all for suggestions and help.
  2. All my images are sRGB never had a problem. I'm sure that's what Alamy asked for when I joined. They used to say AdobeRGB back some years ago but they don't seem to specify anything now. I don't know what happens when they sell an image - whether it retains the profile or is downloaded untagged so this may be moot. In any case, I'm thinking more generally here than Alamy usage. I;m thinking of the original raw conversion which one would probably only want to do once, certainly if editing in PS and not LR. Using sRGB is definitely cutting your options as it is a very small color space in comparison to Adobe or the giant ProFoto. Assuming you are using LR and a calibrated monitor, to get an idea of what is getting lost, try Soft Proofing from the develop module, choose one or the other profile and have the gamut warning turned on. You will likely see lots of red stuff on the sRGB that is not present in the AdobeRGB. That indicates the colours that sRGB can't deal with and what you are losing in doing your raw conversions to sRGB. That is something I'm going to have to consider changing. I wonder if Alamy would care to comment on their preference? I checked a recent image and it says Nikon sRGB, I notice there are a number of different options including Nikon adobe RGB and an Adobewide RGB I'm using Capture NX2 for processing and find this a bit confusing. Sorry to katemugs for the hijack, maybe I should start a new thread. No problem re the hijack! Thanks for your help and would be interested to know the answer!
  3. Thank you very much MDM. tbh I don't do much editing and my photoshop knowledge is relatively poor (as you may have guessed!). A LR workflow might be the answer. I basically only use photoshop to check the images and then export to jpeg and it does seem a pretty time consuming way to do it.
  4. Thank you MDM! What image options should I be using? Quality, file size, format options etc.
  5. .and make sure "all metadata" is ticked in export. In lightroom I can see the option for all meta data but in photoshop, its only giving me the option of 'none' or 'copyright and contact info'
  6. For want of a better explanation - it's the workflow that was suggested on a stock photography course...... I understood that it created better quality images and allowed for proper checking of the files at 100% and 50%. It does seem to be the conversion from TIFF to jpeg which is losing the data though.
  7. Hi I normally submit stock images but have an image I took yesterday which I want to submit as news. I've been trying since last night to upload it but keep having problems. I've read the guidance on IPTC metadata fields, and have asked alamy for the test image. The data is showing in photoshop, but its not showing when I upload it hence it keeps being rejected. I've been in touch with the news desk and emailed images over to them, and they can't see any data. Nor can I see the fields filled in from their test shot. I've tried entering it in lightroom, exporting as tiff to photoshop, then exporting as jpeg from there (my normal workflow) but that's not working either. Can anyone help please? I'm running out of time before the image is 24 hours old anyway as its taken me so long to try to upload it!!!!!! I'm putting headline in File info/Origin/Headline in this format "Fall out from the Chilcot enquiry continues, London, UK" and caption in file info/IPTC/IPTC content/Description with this as my format "London, UK. 6th July, 2016. An evening newspaper lies discarded in the street. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is back in the headlines as Chilcot enquiry outcome is published. Kate Muggleton/Alamy Live News" Can anyone please help before my laptop lets launched out of a very high window! Thanks
  8. It depends on how much the plastic surgeon charges...... Hahaha I realised as I pressed post that there was some ambiguity in that, but one of those would be helpful too.....!
  9. Thank you everyone for your responses, and especially your feedback. I realise I need LOTS more pictures on here and am working my way through uploading more of my portfolio. I know this business will never buy us a new house, or even a car, but if i could fund a new lens or new body, that would be fantastic.
  10. Hi I'm new to Alamy and the world of photography agencies. I just wondered how long it took people to get their first sale? I'm feeling slightly despondent but think i may just need to be patient!
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