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  1. Well that's a canny move! So the default is to be IN all these schemes....and the April 'deadline' is hardly well publicised (or maybe I was sleeping). But thanks for replies.
  2. We used to be able to opt out of Novel Use (the new Distributor Sales?). Is this still possible? Does anybody know where the button to do so is?
  3. It seems per Support these are for Distributor Sales, formerly Novel Use I seem to recall. I got some 10cent sales recently too, never had before, so I wonder if the default was moved to 'opt in' for everyone or something. I can't find any opt out button though now - does it still exist? Do we still have a choice?
  4. Has anybody found a way to see for each photo the amount it sold for the percentage and amount taken by Alamy the percentage and amount taken by any partner/distributor where applicable and thus calculate net income from each sale ? This was easily found in the past, but all I can see now is balance brought forward, total sales, (total) commissions/charges etc. So it is necessary to calculate and keep a manual tally of what income is resulting. Or am I overlooking something basic?
  5. I agree, Geoff. Seems really weird to encourage keyword spamming. But having said that, I'd like my images to be sold ie found ie discoverable (?)......so what to do?!!! Following on, on my 'front' page it say I have 96 images with poor discoverability. Not middle - poor. But when I click on this to see which ones they are, it brings up 300 odd images. Which is all that second page seems to think is in my portfolio..of over 2000..... This list, however, also includes recent submissions where every conceivable box has been ticked.... I'm really not getting this......
  6. Thanks! I still dislike the idea of low discoverability......! It seems an odd choice of word if it just means 'has loads of not very useful keywords'......
  7. Has anybody found a way to achieve a rating of High discoverability for their images? All mine are middle and stay that way, whatever I do to them.
  8. Add me to the list. One batch end of last week and another yesterday appear to have disappeared into the ether. Have emailed Alamy....await reply.....
  9. I think there is aglitch. Sent up via uploader yesterday - 2 have made the trip and appear as awaiting QC. Others disappeared into ether... So sent again this morning via ftp. 3 hours later still not showing in QC list.
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