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  1. Hush, don't tell us that, I want to believe that this was a truly unique moment!! Yes, the images from there always look incredible, sadly the price tag on Galapagos trips from Europe has always put me off so far.
  2. Onuchcha, I can't remember if I wrote this elsewhere, but I find your images, especially those of the various Bangladeshi working environments, incredibly fascinating and inspiring. They remind me that I need to get a lot more "stuck right in" and need to find more interesting angles (I tend to shoot far too much too "flat" and frontal in these situations) when photographing such environments, to make the viewer feel like they are more involved and close to the action. Sorry - not answering your question, I know, and am rambling on. But sometimes Alamy is very useful for reminding oneself that
  3. Kumar (Doc) - that image of the Galapagos Sea Lion taking a snooze on a bench is just absolutely fantastic!! I am tempted to license that and hang it up in my home office. He (the sea lion) just looks like he doesn't have a care in the world. Brill!
  4. I usually go up to Birmingham for 1 or 2 days as well. Will join if the times work out! Didn't know Alamy had a stand. Yay, will be nice to perhaps meet some of them f2f. We could do an alamy contributor flash mob. (ok, calm down, just kidding)
  5. I quite like this one (Women's March London yesterday) - she is leaning against the statue of Viscount Alanbrooke, who appears to be "holding her down" with his whip. Pearly Kingdom. The Pearly Queen of Greenwich with her pet dog, in matching pearly outfits, in front of a historic London cab, at the LNYDP Bernie/Bernice performing with the London Borough of Hillingdon float, also at the LNYDP
  6. Thank you Gen, I may well come back to asking you for tips on Borneo!!
  7. Gen, I for one am very envious, I absolutely love being in the rainforest, it's like being in another world, quite an insult on the senses. Especially all the weird sounds at night! Borneo is definitely on my list now. Sadly, that list is so long. Enjoy!!! (apart form the tarantulas)
  8. For travel, I tend to also go for first choice shutter priority and, as vpics, dialling exposure compensation up and down, plus a lowish ISO (whatever I can get away with, I used to go as low as I could, but these days, higher ISO is much less of a problem on the better camera models), occasionally variable ISO (bracketed). On the pre-programmable settings, I have one for unexpected faster sports/moving shots/need to freeze type shots with a 400 or 600th/s, and a second one with f5.6 for shots with several people, with lower shutter speed. I avoid using the pre-settings when I can afford to s
  9. Totally understand that this has happened a few times. And yes, you have my complete symphathy in terms of even attempting to re-work a large portfolio like yours. I wish I had such a big port. What I would say though is that this one [if it is indeed the case] appears to have a stronger effect on which images come up where than some other changes e.g. description on/off or location on/off, given that a smaller % of customers are likely to search by description, and location is, if relevant to searches, likely to appear somewhere in the keywords and/or heading as well, especially since the goo
  10. geophotos, I appreciate the comment, but spending many, many hours for potentially absolutely nothing, when alamy encourage the use of and change to supertags and phrases, is kind of a big deal for me. It either has an effect to use them, or it doesn't. I don't see the 'not as great as it would have been' option there. If supertags are do not make any difference (and you are right that we don't know this for sure, yet), then 'the positive effect is not as great as it would have been' isn't quite accurate. Rather, 'you've spent those hours choosing and clicking supertags when you could have ear
  11. Yes, quite possibly. I wish there was more clarity around all that, I've marked far too many of my pics as containing property just to be on the safe side, probably a bad decision.
  12. Gnaa, gimme a break. I've just spent so many hours over the Christmas break trying to improve/set those bloody supertags on a whole load of images and work through a lot of older images to get them more aligned with the new AIM. Do I understand this correctly, that if the algorithm suddenly favours images without supertags, it would also, sort of by default, favour a. older images that have been in the catalogue for ages and where contributors haven't made changes to keywords for a while, and b. images by large libraries/mass contributors who do not bother supertagging in the first pla
  13. Out of interest (because I probably categorise most of my images far too conservatively as containing property and may well be losing out on sales that way) - would the statue of Queen Victoria (?) not have some sort of copyright on it that would make it tricky to use this in a commercial advertising campaign? (assuming the grounds around Windsor Castle are public/shot from public land?) Or did the client in that case buy the image knowing there was property in the image? In any case, agree that was a very impressive sale!
  14. Steve, I think I found the top half of your carrot! (PS. not a competition entry, please forget immediately after viewing :-) )
  15. Yes, someone somewhere in QC and sales updates is definitely working hard today - merry Christmas Alamy and cheers!
  16. Yep, my chosen method, too. (also works well for night skies and large non prominent background areas in high iso shots). Alternatively, if there are details in the that area that should not have noise reduction applied, then a brush with medium feather also works well.
  17. Yes, but he used a tardis instead of FTP, so was immediately rejected by the news team.
  18. I'm Chris, so if there's a Sally also, then I'm definitely not alone, Gen, but I may be hallucinating after all. Happy Christmas!! PS. fotoDogue - I reckon images dated 18th January were more likely to be an export glitch or someone accidentally changing their in-camera info.
  19. Those spy drones look damn realistic these days.
  20. Same here, tried adding a few keywords/making changes on AIM to existing images on mobile a few times,but the interface doesn't allow me to do so (also Android).
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