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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Bill. I quite like that camera (even though I am a 15+ yr Canon girl with 3 Canon bodies and Canon only lenses ). The only thing that worries me is that the kit lens is 3.5-5.6, which may be tricky for any under water use without additional lights.
  2. Hi Geoff, I realise this thread is a year old, but I was just wondering if you managed to find an Alamy approved waterproof compact in the end? I need to get a compact anyway, and would love it to be either waterproof up to 5-10 metres, or for a housing to be available that isn't costing more than the actual camera. I want to use the camera itself in situations where getting out a 5D IV isn't feasible/advisable, but I still want to shoot to meet QC standards. (some news situations, street photography, harsh environments etc). I wouldn't necessarily want to test the waterproof
  3. ....I'm on the phone to the entire population of owners of cute dogs, sausage dogs, pip the cockapoodles, shitzus, terriers, monkeys, llamas, iguanas, cats in dresses, cats not in dresses, talking parrots, laughing cows and performing lions right now....trying to find a way to cram them all into Trafalgar Square/The Mall/that wobbly bridge by the Tate Modern as we speak. Anyone got a spare hot air balloon to add?
  4. I'm doing the same. Lots of wedding related stuff happening in London that may - with everyone and their granny off to Windsor - actually allow for some nice shots. And on the plus side, you can enjoy a glass of Pimms in a more relaxed atmosphere. My pics tend to be better if I enjoy taking them. Would hate being stuck in some Windsor side-street unable to get anywhere or shoot anything that hasn't already been done to death after potentially trying to secure a spot all night, for the miniscule chance of getting a sale, add the cost of overnight stay, transport, potential damage to equipment..
  5. A few places recently seem to have put some form of ftp blockers in place. No idea how that works on a technical level, but I wasn't the only one experiencing it, in two different venues. Strange as it may be, when once would assume that fast ftp'ing out of images would actually benefit the organisers. There have also been tales of photogaphers using signal blockers to prevent others from filing. To say it in the words of that orange man across the pond - SAD!
  6. Cheers Bryan! The Times seems to have a habit of using pics just as the news period has expired...
  7. Hm. Confused now. So what that tells me, as a contributor, is don't bother sending news images on the weekend, we're not too interested and hence have reduced staff. Because...? News doesn't happen on the weekends? There is more and more imagery flooding into the news feed, from more and more countries and challenging markets such as China, which, I am sure, makes it very challenging in return for the team on the news desk to sift through and identify what is actual news, deal with a plenitude of languages and agency v individuals etc., all appreciated. But at the end of the day the message I
  8. Ok, I'm giving up now. Waited for 2 hours now to correct those captions. Alas. Don't think I'm going to bother with filing of news images today either.
  9. Same here. Grmpf, was trying to correct a couple of captions on a news upload. All was still well last night at around 10pm.
  10. Had an odd tech glitch this morning when addding supertags. 2 similar shots, one with 8 one with 10 supertags, clicked on both to then add the 2 supertags from pic 1 to pic 2. It allowed me to click them, but the supertag count kept on 8, allowing me to then add further supertags, without the count updating. Rather weird, not had that before.
  11. Hmm...I think someone overslept. It was specifically the public news interface I was talking about, and shortly afterwards, some of the above were rectified. As I said, I know and appreciate they put more emphasis on actually sending out news images to potential clients, and in such a competitive environment few pic editors are likely to browse the web interface. But still - it's a public site, it can be seen by everyone and as such it is a store front (of which, incidentally, I had to identify quite a few to get into the forum just now... they're after me, I'm sure...there's a kn
  12. ...on the news desk? Is it broken/technical issues? Totally appreciate they are stretched and also that pic sets getting send out directly to clients take priority over any sorting on the web interface, but since yesterday late afternoon/eve, nobody appears to have sorted the news feed. as of 10.53 am/now, there are pics with headings in German, pics with watermarks left in, pics that were re-uploaded with correct heading but the previous set is still there, pics that need to be pushed together, and I don't think anything new has appeared on the feed in the last hour or so which seems strange
  13. You nearly got two, I was close to giving away my first ever red to ya, despite respecting your views and comments on here. Usually. That comment was abysmal. But then I thought I'd see your ladies college and raise you a bunch of old anoraks who hang out on a stock photography forum. Even Stevens.
  14. Cheers Wim! I think I used that one before and hadn't saved the web address, many thanks for the link! Ps. Sadly not going back to December though. That is the problem, some of the newspaper images, and esp live news ones, are reported way after they appeared. I think the longest I had was a news pic that was in the Times, reported 7 months after usage.
  15. Does anyone happen to be able to check Guardian and Independent Dec 2thrd/25th by any chance? I have no access and had no word back from Alamy whether it was news usage or not (appreciate they have technical probs in the UK at the moment). Or can you recommend a consolidator archival site that is good for searching print versions of the main UK papers? Sorry bit off-topic here, but would really appreciate some advice, so I can do better checking in future, seems like it's really worth doing one's own searches for print use (am doing the online usesearches, which are easier of course) in addit
  16. Yes I had that with other pics, and that's fair enough in those cases. But their reply was just that the client used it some time in that month and that they couldn't time it, which sounds strange, why put 1st-2nd December then, when the image was shot on Dec 23rd? With previous news images where they were used just beyond the 48hrs, it did state a later on the spreadsheet quite clearly. Confusing. Not heard back again after the initial query. Hmm.
  17. Thank you Sally, that is helpful to know. I found it quite funny when I saw it this morning. Will ask them! Let's hope it was used as a news image.
  18. I'm going to call this one "Back to the Future V". Single use, national newspaper. Start date: 1st Dec 2017 End 02 Dec 2017. Except the image was taken on 23rd December 2017. Sale dropped in yesterday. Shot as a live news image, but the sum suggests it was sold as stock. Hm, will query. Happy late Christmas.
  19. Sounds good, although I doubt that 'sharing tips on events and sources' will be busy....
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