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  1. Agree, that's the first thing that caught my eye, too. It will be interesting how that is going to look in practice. In an ideal case scenario, it would allow for more transparency. As to free images - we'll just have to wait and watch that one very closely. It's so far never happened to me, as far as I'm aware (good point to watch out for might be if and how those 'free usages' will be reported!). But I've had plenty of those lovely <5 $ gross sales to newspapers. Makes you feel great when the net payment doesn't even pay for the coffee you had to purchase to file your images
  2. Yes, cheers, I'm aware of that but I had already renewed the freebie one too many times, hehe. And my version of pressreader only has the print edition. Quite a few of the dog pics got usage (via another agency), so it's nice to find one more via Alamy also. Alamy Live News also got the front page of The Times yesterday (8/10/18) with a dog pic by Stephen Chung in case it wasn't listed on here yet.
  3. I don't need to take a leaf out of his twitter feed, ta very much. My personal tweets are covered by just that, he hasn't exactly invented it. And the alamy watermark is pretty sufficient for screen shots.
  4. Yes, I'm afraid that there are a good few national (one rhymes with fail), as well as large London newspapers who do this on a daily basis, and there is little you can do. I tend to now post links to the alamy pic or screenshots with the alamy watermarks in view, after I had it happen a few times with an unnamed London-based free evening newspaper . I can't even totally blame them for doing it, it often gives their coverage of something that 'social media just-as-it-happened' feel, which probably sells well. Keeping in the watermarks seems to stop that type of usage, whilst the genuine re-twe
  5. FTP? Eliminates the problem for Live News and is quicker.Unless you mean logging in for changing captions/correcting typos etc? I'd have to agree though in general, the Captcha thing is very annoying. I never used to get it, and suddenly this week, it started with several rounds of blurry bits of 'street' and fuzzy 'street signs' to be identified and constantly asking me to 'please also look at the new pictures'. Chrome, moi.
  6. Default pseudo still missing. Hope it's just having a fab time somewhere on a beach, with a Pina Colada and a good book and will eventually return home refreshed and full of exciting images. If not, I'm in trouble.
  7. Everyone and their uncle with a working camera will go. It'll be more of a challenge to find interesting angles that aren't just the obvious.
  8. I'd have to agree on that re. Saturday - I'll probably go and will take a decision there and then, on the last one I binned most of my shots, because I felt myself so much resenting what was happening that my 'documenting' became very one sided. Plus images going to the wrong outlets might be used to support the cause I so much resented. Being freelance means you can walk away/not file if it just doesn't feel right as per personal choice (I wasn't worried about safety). The big agency staffers will have those rushed shots out much faster anyway, I'm aware of my total insignificance in the bigg
  9. Thanks for that comment, Chuck! And a lot of powerful images on your site, fantastic work to look through. I wish more of the togs out there would still take the 'it's not about sales, it's about how the image fits into history' approach, although to be fair, the sales focus is now often one forced by the sheer need to survice in an era where print journalism and image pay peanuts. I very much admire those who still shoot and, more importantly, select to publish their images of choice, rather than just their images of lowest common commercial denominator. Those are the PJs I grew up admiring,
  10. I had the opposite problem yesterday, although this may well have been a local/regional issue. Two sets of news images didn't go through when filed via ftp (afternoon and eve, similar sized sets went through to another news pic agency shortly before the alamy upload). They then did go through on the old-fashioned web uploader. Shit happens I guess, hope all well again now, not tried today.
  11. Agree, on both points. Random. I had several removed that had 50+% context and were of graffiti long since over-painted. Some may have been the only pics available of those particular graffitis. Others are still up, without the dreaded 'm' word. Won't upload more, upset me too much.
  12. Cheers Iain. Lapsed live news. The Times are getting rather good at getting news pics at bargain prices...
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, Bill. I quite like that camera (even though I am a 15+ yr Canon girl with 3 Canon bodies and Canon only lenses ). The only thing that worries me is that the kit lens is 3.5-5.6, which may be tricky for any under water use without additional lights.
  14. Hi Geoff, I realise this thread is a year old, but I was just wondering if you managed to find an Alamy approved waterproof compact in the end? I need to get a compact anyway, and would love it to be either waterproof up to 5-10 metres, or for a housing to be available that isn't costing more than the actual camera. I want to use the camera itself in situations where getting out a 5D IV isn't feasible/advisable, but I still want to shoot to meet QC standards. (some news situations, street photography, harsh environments etc). I wouldn't necessarily want to test the waterproof
  15. ....I'm on the phone to the entire population of owners of cute dogs, sausage dogs, pip the cockapoodles, shitzus, terriers, monkeys, llamas, iguanas, cats in dresses, cats not in dresses, talking parrots, laughing cows and performing lions right now....trying to find a way to cram them all into Trafalgar Square/The Mall/that wobbly bridge by the Tate Modern as we speak. Anyone got a spare hot air balloon to add?
  16. I'm doing the same. Lots of wedding related stuff happening in London that may - with everyone and their granny off to Windsor - actually allow for some nice shots. And on the plus side, you can enjoy a glass of Pimms in a more relaxed atmosphere. My pics tend to be better if I enjoy taking them. Would hate being stuck in some Windsor side-street unable to get anywhere or shoot anything that hasn't already been done to death after potentially trying to secure a spot all night, for the miniscule chance of getting a sale, add the cost of overnight stay, transport, potential damage to equipment..
  17. A few places recently seem to have put some form of ftp blockers in place. No idea how that works on a technical level, but I wasn't the only one experiencing it, in two different venues. Strange as it may be, when once would assume that fast ftp'ing out of images would actually benefit the organisers. There have also been tales of photogaphers using signal blockers to prevent others from filing. To say it in the words of that orange man across the pond - SAD!
  18. Cheers Bryan! The Times seems to have a habit of using pics just as the news period has expired...
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