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  1. There is a difference between posting and constant bragging, John. You know that as well as I do.
  2. If one brags, one tends to have a desperate need to do so to flatter one's own over-inflated ego.
  3. I'm not a fan of phone filing, I quite like to have a slightly larger screen to check for sharpness and do at least basic adjustments, I'd rather send off pics I'm happy with. I know I won't ever be able to compete with the wire agencies anyway as far as time is concerned, because some of their togs can rely on the back end doing some of the captioning/basic image adjustments for them. But I'm aware that's just my personal preference and yes, it slows me down and has disadvantages. C'est la vie. It's relative though, my laptop has slowed down considerably in the last 12 months and needs replac
  4. Lawrenson that sounds like a good idea re. IPTC field. I send separate frames, too (apart from the odd unintended one that slips through when photo mechanic plays up), but they can look very similar to the eye, so having it in the data may be the best way forward. Although it would mean one more thing to do in the workflow and rush to get them into ftp. But definitely preferable to having to go into AIM and checking that window, when you might well be on the go again as soon as the ftp has finished (or during if filing direct from camera/phone). Also, not sure if I'm th
  5. Completely agree. And sadly, I do not agree with the simplistic view to 'make great images and you call the shots'. If only. Boy are there a lot of e***ng crappy images coming up on the front page of many a search, often intentionally keyworded with unrelated stuff, and often from large dinosaur contributors/agencies. All hail to the few, who still earn a penny or two.
  6. Thanks for the response, that is all fair enough. And as I said, it isn't criticism of the news team. But it doesn't explain why there are now quite a few contributors joining directly into the news image route without previous other images, and when submitted images on the first upload do not appear to conform with QC standards for either news or stock. There are a good few other examples of contributors who have joined that way. So sadly, the response does little to to convince me that there isn't a drive from senior management to just procure any sort of images, no matter what.
  7. I rarely go into DS, too crowded for me, to hard to get a 'different' shot, and the wire agencies too fast. But I'll definitely say hello if I see you on the Green/elsewhere in Westminster. I'm the blonde chatty one, can't miss me, haha.
  8. One or two of their London togs sadly also display the same characteristics nowadays.
  9. Those of us who submit news images - we've all done it at some stage, accidentally filed an image into the news feed that wasn't meant to be filed. It happens, especially when you're sitting somewhere on a wet pavement in the dark, shivering, trying to get a 4g signal, or when the light is so harsh that you cannot see your screen, are tired from long hours with heavy gear on your back. Equally, mixing up captions, headings or accidentally deleting them does happen. I'm definitely an offender there. And I am sorry about that. However, I do my absolute best to try and limit these accidents.
  10. The directors remunerations are in the Companies House accounts for both (A and charity).
  11. The same. But it isn't. It never is. This sort of ratio is sadly very reflective of UK boards. Throw in the odd female HR director (a nice softie position for the ladies, innit), Legal Officer or Head of Sales and it'll be awwwright. But I know that is off topic, and I will stop now,.
  12. Bob - it is a corporate company board. Not a stock photographer's get together.
  13. Kevin - you haven't upset me. The gender split of Alamy's board does upset me.
  14. Darn, I had promised myself not to re-visit the 'about us', and now I have. Which inevitably led to a look at their board members. 11 men, 1 woman. Every time I get to that page, I hyperventilate.
  15. The office Christmas Party 2017/18? That would explain a few things. One item it definitely wasn't spent on were the Alamy pens they handed out at the Photography Show this year. Pen lasted exactly 5 words before it became extinct, pushed the daisies, went to see its maker. Although they did of course claim that it was simply resting, like any sensible Abington Blue would. I wasn't convinced, I know a dead pen when I see one.
  16. Senior management know fair and well that the threatened 'voting with our feet' simply will not happen, that the vast majority of contributors will swallow this and carry on. Either because moving their portfolios isn't feasible and would require more work on the part of the contributor than the outcome would justify (including self) , or because they desperately need even the reduced revenue (they exist and are the real victims here, hope James sleeps well knowing that he may well have reduced the already tiny livelihood of those who have faithfully contributed to his company for
  17. Generalist statements like 'there is no better glass than..' probably don't help much here with the original question. Perhaps we could agree that what glass you use hugely depends on on its use. I'd definitely steer clear of 'the pros use this or that'...what matters in the end is who gets the best shots, and they tend to be obtained with a surprisingly large variety of lenses and cameras. The 100-400 mkII is a lovely lens and I've worked with it quite a bit, but it is as useless in some situations (low light action, fast sports etc) as it is useful in others. The 400 2.8 is bloo
  18. I've been going to Cuba once or twice a year for a couple of weeks in the last few years. It's still a lovely country to travel around, and safer than many other Latin American destinations, with very friendly, warm people. In terms of stock photography, sadly it seems to be mostly the cliches that still sell in terms of travel photography, but don't let that put you off exploring the non cliches and off the beaten track areas, especially in Havana. The old town is very, very touristy (but much better off-season), and it's unsurprising that all those picture perfect cigar ladies are these days
  19. I've always been a bit wary of free services and have not used Flickr much. My smugmug home page etc. is on a paid package deal, so I'd expect nothing will be deleted there any time soon. (not using it for storage, though I assume some of my clients might use their client folders on my site as quasi storage until I tell them the that I'm eventually taking their folder offline I am generally rather put off by online storage options so am keeping 3 copies of everything and their granddaughter in a myriad of external drives in various countries. Talk about not trusting online services...)
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