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  1. I have similar issues. My phrases used to be in brackets rather than commas or quotation marks. It was one of the suggested options for phrasing in the old IM, and worked just fine in the old IM. Unfortunately, I used those brackets consistently across several thousand images. Wish I'd used one of the other suggested methods instead, as these were preserved, whereas all my bracketed phrases were scattered in the new IM, leaving me with similar nonsensical random combinations, and lots of duplicates. Feels like I am being punished for it now, which isn't quite fair. So I'm having to re-keyword
  2. I get the same issues. Particularly when more than 50 images are selected. It seems to have a real dislike of any bulk changes. Especially when trying to check "editorial only".
  3. +1, Kumar +4500 (or whatever my current image count happens to be) Couldn't agree more, it's a pain to read and my eyes aren't even senior!
  4. Yep, the Tate. Oh well, then now have lost two members, you give some you take some. Network Rail also tried this at the end of last year with all the London Rail Stations. May just have been some law firm gone a bit over the top somewhere, who knows.They reversed it a few weeks later and went for a more sensible 'editorial pics only' approach (which all these pics would be, anyway since private property, unless released). Wonder why the Tate don't manage to get round to that way of thinking.
  5. Thanks Lisa, didn't realise that this was a separate image used to the one found by S Shep from the same day/publication. Neither of them have yet been reported.
  6. You can't bring up an image from search next to new images in order to duplicate tags unless you've tagged the new images and waited for an update. There's no equivalent to the old "select" bar at the bottom of the screen. That's definitely my main gripe so far. I've used the select option all the time with a rough copy and paste of keywords from similar images, then did the fine tune afterwards. Just from the first few attempts this morning, any of the various new ways of marrying old keywords with new images prove very, very time consuming and long winded. Gnaaa! *goes for a little cry.
  7. Thanks spacecadet, I shall brace myself for a bit of work on Friday!
  8. Still on old IM too. I'm having similar issues with seemingly random bits of the dashboard updating and others not, but am putting this down to alamy still working on a lot of areas. Some zooms are also showing in the 'your images' table, but do not appear in the zoom/sale counter, I am hoping these are all simply hiccups in the wider changes that are happening. News images do not seem to suffer delays in updating so that's fine as they're more urgent for me. On the old/new IM point though - does alamy give any notice as to when the switch happens for each contributor, or does the new IM j
  9. I've been a Calumet customer for the last 10 years (their rental department is knowledgeable and friendly with good 3-day/weekend rental deals), their open days usually come with decent offers. However lens/body pricing is often at the higher end and they don't seem to hold anywhere near as much in stock as they used to at Drummond Street. They offer free sensor cleaning on their Open Days. Recently also had a positive experience with Park Cameras (off Oxford Street) again (after a few years away) - friendly and they did hold a bigger variety of ie filters and accessories in stock. If it's the
  10. Geoff - what are the guidelines on square brackets now? Just curious as I am still using them occasionally, and wasn't aware that they should be removed (not looking forward to that job...). I was hoping that square bracketed words would be converted into phrases in the new input tool. Is anyone on the new input tool yet and can confirm/clarify? Many thanks.
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