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  1. Duisburg would be great - lots of nice, rusty industrial sites in the Landschaftspark!
  2. Would you guys be ok if I'd join your informal DE meetup, if it happens? Am still based in London but often back home and will at some point in the future move back. Would be great to know some fellow photogs there! (Dortmund/deepest darkest Ruhrpott, can travel)
  3. Pic of Mr. Daley from the European swimming & diving championships last year. Editorial television use, 5X transmissions in the UK and worldwide online catchup. Would love to know where it's actually being used, hoping it's a sports programme rather than anything to do with the teeny swimming trunks he's wearing.
  4. I'll happily recommend SmugMug. They're not cheap but they are hassle free. I've had my website with them for 5 or 6 years now. I'm on a pro account which is pricier than it should be, but they have a lot of different options available, and a simple portfolio site without e-commerce enabled is very reasonably priced, templates and custom options are pretty easy to use, you can further costomize by inserting your own coding if you want (I know zilch about coding so haven't). The advantage from my perspective was that I was able to give clients password protected folders and private
  5. Thanks for including my critter on a facial exploration climb!
  6. I'm using the same method as Ollie, tagging, but not supertagging nobody. I use to also tag 'no people' and sometimes 'no persons', but less so now, because - someone else mentioned this, but I can't remember the thread - the search engine will search engine will rip phrases apart and hence find 'people' and 'persons', which would defy the purpose of putting in that phrase in the first place. No idea if this works, really, but I figure it can't hurt because 'nobody' isn't a misleading phrase and shouldn't lead to the image popping up in a non-relevant search. I hope.
  7. I quite enjoy that sort of thing. Guess a bit similar to the Toronto Tower/Grand Canyon West Rim glass walkway, only moving. Whopeeee! (as long as it doesn't go into a free dive)
  8. And there are 5+ other people in that shot who, even if small, are clearly recognisable. Nice shot by the way! Wonder what it would be like to fly in a plane with a glass nose - must be an interesting point of view.
  9. Mine too. But I guess a lot of travel pic buyers are going for images that have the instagram OTT look (not just with HDR, but sun rays, bleached look, fake backlit shots etc). I have experimented (and uploaded, since Alamy have put out several tweets that they want the instagram look) but really don't like the images. But, if it's what buyers want, then that is fair enough, totally understand that they want pics that are in demand from buyers. My pet hate though is togs who are too lazy to brighten up selectively and just brighten up with a large brush around faces/people/elements
  10. Just wondering what sort of reaction I'd get sneaking into the men's to do stock photography. Perhaps someone should come along to take live news shots of the 'angry mob of middle-aged gents chasing female stalker down the road'. We'll split the proceeds....
  11. Do you shoot any news? For that, card speed does make a difference in terms of sending the images to a laptop/device you use to crop/headline images before sending them off. If not, it makes really not a huge difference, as hdh said, especially if the card reader and cabled connection used is then slowing it down a bit again. So for normal stock/other shooting I'd go for a good offer. I'ts worth pointing out that the reason why the Lexar cards are on sale is probably because the parent company has announced a while ago that they're stopping production. Sadly, Lexar will disappear.
  12. I'm sure they do for yours, and a handful of others, a lot of them ex press-staffers I gather(and please don't take this in the wrong way, I have enormous respect for yourself and those other togs in question), but as to the rest of us poor buggers....it's a very soul destroying exercise. Although I do agree on the twitter feed (but then it has preciously few followers, they should work on that)
  13. Just let it all out, flotsom! Trust me, you'll feel better afterwards. We've all been there with the new AIM. But for all its flaws it looks like it's here to stay. It does get better after a while, although my keywording and superduperextra tagging are probably much less thorough than they use to be (on the plus side, I am hopefully getting better at them, but that is due to hard work, and in no way a credit to the new AIM) Your images are far too beautiful to give up on tagging them properly. Just had a browse around your portfolio - felt like being on a lovely, relax
  14. They also love mice pies. Our back garden borders on a small nature reserve, with resident squirrel gang (kept in check by resident fox gang) They're up in the trees in summer, but tend to hang out more in the human-frequented back gardens in winter. Especially when our well-meaning neighbour feeds them his Christmas leftovers. Last December, I spotted two of them (already pretty full-figured, and not because of the winter fur) negotiating the top of a fence with a mince pie each in their mouths. Not sure if they were back for a helping of turkey and sprouts the next day.
  15. I shoot a lot of corporate conferences and seminars for clients. Boring stuff, but in the end it pays ok (which, sadly, stock and news don't for me). I'd find a 50mm too limiting for general conference use unless you're fixed to one spot (probably are at a party conference, but for corporates, it's usually possible to move around once in a while), plus you'll have to do a lot of cropping afterwards, which costs time. The 24-70 f2.8 is a great friend in these situations, or a 70-200 f2.8 if further away, f2.8 is fine if just one speaker and usually lets you get away with ISO 1600-2500 at somewh
  16. If we have to stay with the food analogies before breakfast, then I'd like to think that Alamy is more of a nice, good quality countryside pub, not a cheap chain, independent, with good variety and happy customers. Not Michelin starred and not trying to be, but definitely a hell of a lot more classy than the soggy choice of samey sandwiches you'd get from "Subway". Food vending machines are not even on the same planet. My 2 pence.
  17. London Zoo annual stock take. Keeper goes to great lengths to explain ZSL conservation efforts to assembled photogs. Mantis, bored, has other ideas and does an exploratory climb. 2. Woman and her not so holy cow, trotting across a bridge in unison.Lake Pichola, Udaipur, Rajastan, India. 3. Deadlock at Dawn. Shot this on a freezing December morning. By the time these two finally got going, my fingers were almost too stiff to press the shutter. Should have brought that flask of mulled wine.
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