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  1. Hi John, I'm just curious, is there any particular reason why you don't like to include the metadata when exporting from LR/uploading to alamy? It just tends to make the workflow so much easier, especially if you can already set metadata presets when importing into LR (makes a lot of sense for large batches with similar themes, ie. travel, events) and then just add more during the edit (add keywords, captions etc). I usually still fine tune and change/add keywords in the IM (except for news uploads, where I tend to do the added info in Photo Mechanic as it's the faster software and LR takes to
  2. Well that is exactly my point. If there was a human alamy-fairy, a re-toucher doing the job then absolutely fine, but I would also put my money on it being automated. And no, of course nothing stops the buyer from doing that afterwards, but I would rather it being outside the visible alamy interface, I'd not want my images to be viewable on alamy in "B&W filter" or "bleach effect" or "here's a lovely sepia" type automated stuff. Think I made that point elsewhere - I'd quite like to keep a tiny bit of creative integrity here, what they do with the image in their own four corporate walls is
  3. Oooh! I must try Norway! Never got any decent NL shots in Iceland, think will try my luck in Norway this winter. Such a lovely pic!!
  4. I thought I'd gone a bit gaga this morning, when I was suddenly able to edit the pasted phrase rather than it automatically becoming a keyword. Yay -so relieved that isn't just me. Thumbs up! And yeah, full captions would be so nice. And...umm...going back to those light grey buttons....ok,ok, one thing at a time...
  5. Agree completely! A good b&w image is a different beast from a good colour image. Doing it as a straight change from an already edited-for-colour jpg, rather than raw, will give dodgy results. If they absolutely want that, why not either do it themselves (a poor result can be achieved easily and quickly) or send a msg to the photog if they're prepared to upload a b&w version? Ditto on other effects - will this potentially open up all my images to be manipulated with cheap instagram style filters? I would really, really hate that. Nothing wrong with the buyer doing that afterwards, as
  6. And so it begins. The newly re-branded Calumet, now Wex, are closing rentals up in Euston and officially re-locating rentals to Fixation's address, in the bloody middle of bloody nowhere on the other side of town, every time I've gone to Fixation the traffic was horrendous and it's not really a great area for collecting expensive hire lenses or lights etc. on foot, plus Kennington/Vauxhall Stations are a good 10-15 Mintue walk away. Assuming that the Euston location will be up next, if rentals are no longer there, then footfall to the store will be much lower. Trying to find my
  7. Phew, yeah mine too - glad I saw this thread. Was getting worried because it was a pretty innocent little batch waiting to go through and couldn't think why that particular one would get me into the dog house.
  8. Probably not applicable as much as you say that you're going to move there permanently, but for trips to the tropics where I'm travelling around, I always take a couple of large waterproof dry-bags (sold in most outdoor shops, photography shops also sell them, for at least twice the cost) and put some small netted bags with rice in one of them. One bag to keep the gear dry from the outside whilst outdoors, and once I'm somewhere indoors, I use the other bag with the the rice to put my gear in there and the rice (I'll try silica next time, thanks for the tip) work in the same way as above, just
  9. Am just trying to picture that scene. Having a few nice cocktails with partner/friends/social circle and then...yay, let's go and comment on a, err, umm, stock photography forum. What wild fun!
  10. Well, since Diwali is the festival of lights, I am expecting measured fireworks on Thursday then.
  11. Yes, agree that Brexit is the bigger elephant. Regarding ethos and customer service - yes, again agree they built their business model on that. But don't forget that it was built on demand from the traditional photo retail demographic of 40+ men (anorak optional) who are hobbyists with disposable income and will buy on recommendation and service, and a smaller % of pros who will need "stuff" here and there but will go to whoever gives them the best price for large ticket gear, or go directly via distributors (because pro photography isn't exactly a high paying industry as we know, in any of th
  12. It's all that desert dust and apocalyptic red sun stuff, it's been messing with the algorithms over in Abington. (or Kerala?)
  13. MDM, I wish I could agree but having worked for PE for many years in a previous life, this is what a PE parent does. But I will shut up about it now, have already commented in similar vein on other threads, so let's just hope it won't go the way I think it will. I've bought a lot of equipment, both camera gear, lots of lenses and studio lights and accessories from all three over the last 10+ years,as well as internet/grey vendors. Calumet/Fixation/Wex and also Park Cameras etc. are beautifully old fashioned in their customer service approach in-store, I applaud it. But it won't su
  14. Telegraph online - The day the sky turned red - but what caused rare phenomenon? 16th Oct 2017 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/16/strange-red-sun-phenomenon-seen-across-england-caused-hurricane/ Alamy Live News credit only, but image is by Julia Gavin same article and images also on Yahoo News Online
  15. Interesting, will check my spam folders re. email. The store front hadn't been changed yet as of last week, will be there some time later this week again. I hope they'll at least have the decency and move all account privileges over to the new system, as and when that is merged with Wex's. But they cannot really become much less competitive, competition from internet sellers and the grey market is too strong. If PE is involved, it'll become more price driven, less service orientated, err, that is the way they tend to accelerate growth in the business plan going forward, once everything has bee
  16. I've not had any problems with HDEW cameras or lenses, but as I mentioned on another thread, it is a good idea to collect the equipment at their warehouse in person, and inspect+ try it there. That way -> grey import internet vendor price+option to check equipment thoroughly=a bit more reassurance. I remember the box on a camera I bought there was, on inspection, missing the correct manual, and they did not hesitate to supply one there on site, plus the correct UK plug. I'm likely to get another body from them in the next few weeks. But I guess faulty equipment does slip through QC with mos
  17. Yes, agree - domains are cheap and you might regret not getting the .co.uk at the same time as the .com for above reasons, so it's a good idea to get both in one go, and get the .co.uk to point to the .com
  18. Now there's a (stock) photo opp waiting to be happening...
  19. Duisburg would be great - lots of nice, rusty industrial sites in the Landschaftspark!
  20. Would you guys be ok if I'd join your informal DE meetup, if it happens? Am still based in London but often back home and will at some point in the future move back. Would be great to know some fellow photogs there! (Dortmund/deepest darkest Ruhrpott, can travel)
  21. Pic of Mr. Daley from the European swimming & diving championships last year. Editorial television use, 5X transmissions in the UK and worldwide online catchup. Would love to know where it's actually being used, hoping it's a sports programme rather than anything to do with the teeny swimming trunks he's wearing.
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