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  1. Weird and un-stockimage-worthy they may be, but the first 10 or so image of the G***y lot are bloody well shot and lit! And I have to admit I find them fascinating, the image of the woman collapsed/fallen asleep over the ironing could happily be an exhibit at the Saatchi gallery and the tog would probably develop a cult following soon after. And carrot lady is a clear contender for the National Portrait Gallery. I'm only half joking....I have seen weirder things being applauded at the NPG before.
  2. Oh, glad I found this thread. Reading that it could take more than a few attempts is a relief of sorts! Had problems yesterday and last week trying to sign in from my mobile. I frequently switch between logging in on my home PC, the laptop and my mobile, that may or may not have something to do with it. I was logged in to upload some news images last night with the laptop, then packed up the laptop and tried to just briefly check if the images had gone into the news feed. Couldn't log in from the mobile phone (not changed any settings and previously no problems logging in). Same happened a few
  3. Perfect! Many thanks Southmind, very nice suggestions and I look forward to trying these. Eze and Esterel hikes were already planned, so definitely doing both.All the Best! (and please keep the good weather for a bit longer!!)
  4. PA=Press Association, a large news agency/wire, so news image standards apply, which means they can have imperfections. Agree it's not a great image and was probably grabbed by someone needing content in a hurry.
  5. Many thanks Southmind!! Please keep the warm weather there for a while. :-) The apartment will actually be right next to the flower market in the old town, so that'll be handy. The Christmas Market also sounds nice. I would love some advice on walks/treks in the vicinity, coastal or mountains, to shoot some panoramas. It's a shame that the old private message function is no longer available - I don't want to spam this thread too much before the others shout at me, but any tips on nice walking routes and things to do in winter are much appreciated!
  6. Ps. Regarding the fishy Vancouver pics, maybe Alamy are just checking we're all still awake? When is the new CEO starting again... test, test....
  7. Hi Kumar, Just my personal view, I actually find your images of the Indian film sets and rural scenes really interesting, they are a bit like watching a documentary, scenes of everyday life. I don't know how commercially viable they are and it's not for me to comment on, but I love looking through them, they give a nice glimpse of 'real life', some of the people shots are beautiful! One thing I noticed is that there are sometimes lots of similar images, i.e. images KF941F to KD93X3 seem very similar - might well be an uploading accident, but I'd think about maybe not having as many of th
  8. This is very tricky to generalise for different image categories. Batches with lots of similar elements (ie. same location, news images, cut outs) can be done pretty quicky. On travel images , I often spend longer than 3 minutes because there are fewer similars, they can vary hugely between each image. Bare in mind that some of those 50K+ contributors are likely to be either agencies or high volume news contributors. PS. Southmind - I'll be in your beautiful city for a few days next week. Haven't been for a good few years - any tips on interesting events happening that are worth
  9. The basketball images show two Turkish league clubs. They were most likely not shot in Vancouver, as stated in the image location.
  10. Agree completely with previous comments. The downside of a lens with such a huge range at such a low price is always going to be a strong loss of quality, especially if you're then adding converter. It's worth hiring one of the higher spec 300/400mm f2.8 prime lenses and shooting with those for a day or two, you'll notice the difference immediately, or one of the higher spec f4.0 zooms. Hiring pricey glass is a great option if not needed all the time. If buying, then personally, I'd much rather compromise on the zoom range in return for a sharp image with less vignetting etc. even if, as MDM s
  11. Correction, just checked - a whopper is currently $4.19. Darn, not quite enough. I got even luckier and scooped a full $ 5.23 for worldwide on a similar license last month. My share may stretch to...a piece of fruit. Oh well, I was going to try and lose some weight anyway. Rough times.
  12. If you're lucky and collect a few coupons, you may indeed be able to buy a whopper with that. Just about.
  13. geophotos, it actually really helps to read that even a very seasoned contributor with such a huge port of images can fail submissions. So thanks for being so honest and posting your comment! It really puts the whole thing into perspective much more. When I had a failure (think it's over a year ago) I wasn't aware of the forum, so had a whole lot of "why me, it's not fair" going on, was convinced this must surely only happen to newbies and wanted to give up. Wish I'd seen these sort of comments then, makes a big difference to read about everyone else's mishaps.
  14. I was going to ask the same...hoping the first didn't result in the second. Anyway, time for lunch!
  15. Just to add to the confusion - in Austria and Tyrolia, the "Berliner" is called "Krapfen". My granny (not Austrian) used to call them Kräbbelchen. And if Wiki is to be believed, Kräppel or Kreppel is what they call them in Hesse. But they're all equally yummy! This is the sort of stuff where the automated translation thingy will probably struggle...
  16. Well I'm off on hols soon, so perhaps I'll need to adjust my stock image strategy. No more sweeping landscapes, castles, monuments or sleepy village sunsets. I'll just go for the Pina Coladas and upload selfies of my wobbly bits instead.
  17. Cheers! Ps. "bikini girl" and "yoga woman" topping the views list on customer search activity for "all of alamy" - that at least seems entirely normal.
  18. Yes, probably. Seems to be a weekend thing where they may have less staff as well. Still, quite frustrating!
  19. Some iconic river views: 1. The London Eye and County Hall from the River Thames St Paul's and the Millennium Bridge from the River Thames 3.The Taj from the other side of the Yamuna river. Getting the shot may or may not have involved barbed wire, being chased by security guards and a lot of mud (it's a good few years ago)
  20. Probably someone pressing a button too quickly by mistake. Happened to me, too, a few weeks ago. They said I could re-upload into news, but I didn't. I remember I saw a few "German carnival season opening" uploads on the news feed that day. Maybe too many of the QC team were working on the remembrance type images, and someone accidentally pushed one of the German carnival uploads into QC? Did they respond to your query? It's a shame really, the German papers used to love silly season pics!
  21. Bill Brooks' "Scarborough Town Centre" "Canada" is a great example actually, because using just "Scarborough Town Centre" or even the American version, "Scarborough Town Center" will also bring up a lot of images of the town of Scarborough in Yorkshire, and its town centre. Add "Canada" and it obviously eliminates the British images (with both "centre" and "center" spellings). The Yorkshire town images also have a few images of shop fronts, so a North American buyer in a hurry who forgets to add Canada...may well find himself giving a publicity boost to a sleepy town up'Norff. Does the search
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