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  1. Don't forget Europe and European They are stunning photos Alberto
  2. I do a mix of RF and RM, much like the previous comments common subjects go RF less common RM. I also switched a number of old RM photos that had not sold to RF but it made no difference at all. It's roughly a 50/50 split on sales between RF and RM for me. Prices are pretty much the same for either category. The one thing I did change was to drop distributor sales as the nett values were very poor and likewise having to wait months and months for the money to be paid.
  3. Nope its fairly typical these days sorry to say. Stock agencies across the board don't put any value in the product they sell on our behalf, microstock put paid to high value sales where I've seen amounts as low as 14 cents and then even less with Gty at sub 1 cent. At least with Alamy it's swings and roundabouts one day a low value sale the next could be for larger amounts.
  4. I would say your subject matter is not the problem as you have a large and varied portfolio. I'd just watch the urge to add fluff in the keywords for example who really cares that a pine tree in a shot happens to be a maritime pine for example in this shot there are too many keywords describing the tree(s) but you missed the obvious ones Europe, European etc. Adding stuff like sailing holiday location? Perhaps? But would a buyer see it the same way? Just avoid the temptation to add keywords that don't really matter to the image as it can harm your search ranking
  5. Keeping on a food outlet theme where I spent my birthday in 2012 the Park West in Little Falls NJ Usage: Personal use (its time they got rid of that )
  6. Pennsylvania Nope nothing wrong with those photos I'd say. However I'd get in the habit of adding United States of America, US, as well as USA etc and whaatch those spolling errors I came a cross a few 🤔 Keyword on this one is "pennylvania" should it be Pennsylvania? Image ID: KEY9XX
  7. The long delay is due to Alamy providing generous credit terms to certain buyers like magazines, newspapers the BBC etc. They normally work on a quarterly payment cycle. If you don't see it cleared in 3 to 4 months then email Alamy contributors@alamy.com and ask them to chase it up. However certain distributors take the mick and and seem to pay whenever they feel like it hence I dropped distributor sales (I have one owed from March 2018 thankfully less than $2
  8. and are now avaialble https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03807789/filing-history
  9. I saw Keith had last logged in to the forum circa 6:30am on Thursday Oct. 3rd Dyfed Powys police are trying to find out what Keith was doing leading up to the event Perhaps you can let them know his log in time on the forum any other log in activity during that day? Officers are now appealing for any information which could help them piece together the events leading up to his disappearance. Anyone with information is asked to call Dyfed-Powys Police on 101, online or by email at contactcentre@dyfed-powys.pnn.police.uk.
  10. Got mine today (4/10/19) glad to see it increased this year rather than the usual gradual decrease
  11. Thank you I was going to say the same thing For personal use anything less than 700 pixels longest side 72 DPI with a watermark in a corner showing copyright and the contributor name. In fact get rid of the whole personal use thing and sell by pixel dimensions like your competitors do.... Just don't start selling largest resolution files for $1 or less or going down the one size for one price
  12. Humm ~ Alicante, Spain, August 20, 2019: Two women walk by the seashore all the keywords are wrong You also don't need the shutterstock style of editorial title (Location date year) you can ditch that in the Alamy Image Manager The African fish eagle trained by means of falconry, perched on a branch eating ~ no I'm afraid not likewise the keywords are wrong Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain, August 27, 2019: Man covered in curative mud at the beach ~ also wrong The African sea eagle or Haliaeetus vocifer perched on a branch about to fly and again no its not Get your keywords right and alter any incorrect titles that way your images will stand a chance of selling. Also you said "Ancient white castle located at the top of a mountain" then you said " 99% sure. It is not even a castle LOL. " Looks like a castle doesn't it? Or is it a hotel? Or stately home? If you don't identify the place how do you know buyers wouldn't have been looking for and image of this exact place? I've had plenty of local sales where buyers wanted an image of a specific castle, house or building Take titles and keywording seriously and sales will probably pick up.
  13. SNAP! Also personal use someone likes putting gates on greetings cards ~ I doubt Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use 69 MB 6000 x 4000 pixels 3 MB compressed Start: 05 September 2019 End: 05 September 2024
  14. Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Media: Website, app and social media Image Size: Any size Start: 03 September 2019 End: 03 September 2024 A couple of dollars $$
  15. Because newspapers, magazines and other publishers have credit accounts where they report usage to Alamy according to their contract with Alamy they then have extended credit terms which usually works out a paying quarterly. This is normal practice for Alamy, you'll need to check if the image shows as a sale over the next few months and if it doesn't then email contributor support with the image reference (ID) and the newspaper name and publication date.
  16. You have some nice images but I feel they are let down by poor key words (tags) from the few I looked at the titles are lacking too. You fail to mention where these photos were taken i.e. country or state or specific location. For example image WCCM4C petroglyphs in New Mexico? You need to add USA, United States of America as tags. You added the keywords volcano and volcanoes??? Are there any in New Mexico? Cones? Pecking? Chipping? Patina? What have they really to do with the image? What kind of petroglyphs who made them how old are they? You get the idea. Be concise with tags add locations and give some more detail in the descriptions. Drop the junk keywords as it only harms your image placement in the searches. You have to help buyers find your images.
  17. Quit distributor sales in April and got a distributor sale from Turkey four months later This month would have been ok were it not for 20% rate cut on none exclusive stuff. Selling more this year but making less money
  18. What you do is wait until it passes (assuming it doesn't fail) then email Alamy pointing out the technical error and ask them to remove the image they will normally do that in a few hours so you don't have to have it hanging round. If you want to replace it with a cleaned up image mention that too then just submit the revised image as normal. P.S. Don't feel embarassed it's not something to worry too much about. I've requested removal of a few images on with dust spots and a panoroma with incorrect stitching. It happens.
  19. I totally agree the current system just leaves everyone wide open for abuse. There's nothing to stop a buyer declaring "personal use" then using the image for whatever they like! Alamy don't appear to follow up and check on actual usage and I haven't come across any other agency that operates like this. Sell by image resolution is the only sensible course
  20. The quick answer would be no you can't mix licences most agencies don't allow that. However there is nothing to stop listing them as RM on Alamy and RM elsewhere. Likewise you can't put an image up for RF on another site and RM on Alamy.
  21. One of the oddest and smallest war memorials I ever came across "The Thunderbox room" in the Lost Gardens of Heligan a Living Memorial to the Gardeners of Heligan who served and died in WWI who had written their names on the walls in pencil" Poppy wreathes on a war memorial The Suez Canal Defence Monument at Gebel Maryam on the shore of Lake Timsah, Ismailia, Egypt one my grand father took in 1952 he'd served in 1939 to 1945 was at Dunkirk, fought in Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Italy then went back to Egypt during the 1950's
  22. How about scrapping it altogether and sell images based on image size/resolution like other agencies do.
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