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  1. It could be that the guide book has not been published yet. Often these things take a while to get through the planning stage before hitting the shops/internet
  2. Unless you see your image/clip in a program you haven't a hope of finding it. I had a TV sale last year and asked Alamy if they could at least let me know which channel bought it but they wouldn't due to confidentiality.
  3. Your keywords need to be more descriptive and you need a quite a few more than you are currently using. It appears to be a problem across most of your images. A lot of your images do look under exposed I'd try shooting +1 or half a stop I like aircraft but I have to say you should decide what kind of aircraft this is it can't be a Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-15 MIG-17, MIG-23 or a Sukhoi SU-22 accuracy is a good thing DDR Aircraft? German Democratic Republic, air force, plane, jet, fighter, airplane, Russian, and so on...
  4. OK I'll have a go This little girl had just won a first place at the local gymkhana
  5. I'd certainly agree I don't really care about Alamy's take/wedge I'm only interested in what I will be making
  6. Here's a handy keyword tool just put in a few words to describe your image Then select the "relevant" keywords. I stress relevant as the keywords are drawn from other contributors and a lot of them try and cheat the system or have no clue what keywords are really about https://microstockgroup.com/tools/keyword.php
  7. The thing I would work on is nothing to do with the subjects which look fine and interesting but your keywords. If you could put locations and countries in your keywords/tags i.e. Wandsworth, London, England,English, United Kingdom, UK for example Also try and find the latin names for birds animals plants and fungi? Whether this actually works in searches I've no idea but its often recommended You missed the obvious keyword for this shot "busker" and "busking" also "street" as in street entertainer also music, musician and so on .
  8. I just opted out of 100% of the territories on distribution because I am sick to death of waiting for $1 to $2 sales to clear. The oldest is over a year now and a couple from October. None of which I'll ever see the money for. I also dropped Novel use
  9. Sadly live news within an hour will rarely work where I live (in a rural area.) More to the point I don't recall Alamy going out of their way to explain what was going to happen or why? Is this a sign of how they'll proceed in future? I hope not especially after the royalty changes. Afterall they are not GTY
  10. I have a rough split of 60% RF 40% RM and as far as sales are concerned I get approximately the same split on sales every month. The sad thing is that often the RF items sell for higher prices. I decided the other week to convert all of my early images from RM to RF as they never sold here. I left them as exclusive to Alamy though.
  11. MR is "Model Released" i.e. Model Released ~ No = no model release available i.e. no people in the image or if there are people in the image you don't have model releases. Model Released ~ Yes means a model release is available for the people in the image So if it appears in an image search it means the client was looking for images with a valid model release for the people in the image.
  12. Don't forget to add in the more obvious keywords For example garbage, rubbish, polluting, waste, enviroment, environmental, habitat, destruction, middle east, middle eastern, Egyptian, and so on Remove irrelevant keywords For example Greenpeace? putting in irrelevant keywords can be detrimental to your portfolio when it comes to the click through rate and sales
  13. Considering all the BEEBs presenters are on minimum 6 figure salaries (and a lot on 7 figures) thats no surprise. Just like its no surprise they are constantly on Twitter wheedling for free image usage out of suckers
  14. When you see who supplies 90% of the images and gets constant promotion and an annual round up/plug from the BEEB you'll not be surprised why prices are so low.
  15. Also I'd take some of your more generic shots and change them to RF and stick them on microstock after removing logos or brands which opens up the commercial sales. But if you can't then just submit them as editorial You'll probably baulk at the low rates but frequency will tend to counter that. Some obvious candidates would be and or definitely this kind of thing
  16. The simplest thing to do whilst stuck at home is to start shooting table top, food is always popular and you can take the time to brush up on natural lighting or flash techniques. Buy some large A3 size white pieces of card or foamboard will help with lighting (use them as bounces it softens the the light and kills harsh shadows). The advantage with food is you don't need a huge space and you get to eat it when you are done As it's a popular subject it generally sells well and I would put it out in one or two of the better microstock agencies as you'll tend to get more earnings quickly. The subjects don't have to be too fancy either and props can be whatever you have around the house. You can also shoot stuff round the garden too. For example this sells pretty well; just natural light with a white foamboard bounce on the left with a window on the right. You can also shoot stuff in the garden if you have one
  17. Isn't it really time that Alamy changed the overview page revenue graph to show NET earnings rather than Gross. It's of no interest to see anything but the actual amount earned by a contributor
  18. I see we are back to multiple traffic lights cross walks and half a dozen screens just to get in the forum
  19. Well I never had this before (on Alamy) ! An image that went up for sale yesterday recording a sale today inside 24hours! I almost didn't bother uploading it because I thought it wasn't the greatest, pretty glad I did now HSBC bank branch in Oswestry Shropshire
  20. I think you have an excellent editorial portfolio I really admire them; the kind of coverage I'd do if I wasn't so lazy and timid
  21. On the whole I think you have rather good documentary images. The snow scenes do need to be lifted by around 1 stop of exposure maybe 2 but nothing that couldn't be fixed in Lightroom/photoshop/RAW editor or similar. The coin shots do suffer with flash reflection are you using on camera flash? Perhaps diffuse the flash with sheets of tissue to shoot through to avoid the glare.
  22. Your images are very good 🙂 You do seem to be cutting and pasting Wikipedia articles in to the additional info area? Is that really just a lot of extra work as it's none searchable? Also you do seem to repeat keywords/tags in different phrase combinations i.e. indian animal indian animals indian boar indian mammal indian mammals indian nature indian wild boar male boar male boar india male wild boar etc. It seems like a lot of extra effort when you could just the word Indian as a tag then the other tags i.e. mammal, mammals, boar, pig etc.
  23. Image ID: P4Y0WF "Salvation Army Truck and Trailer"? You need to correct that description along with the keywords
  24. Debateable when I had an exclusive image rights managed which netted a grand amount of 98 cents (73 pence) No doubt that image was licensed multiple times and not for a single payment of a "few quid"
  25. 6 sales for a grand $33.90 two of which were distributor sales which I doubt I'll ever see the money for Judging by the constant reporting of high value sales above either I'm producing rubbish or Alamy just undersell certain stuff
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