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  1. No I'm afraid not apart from buying them perhaps. I guess you lost the originals? Though you could send an email to Alamy and see if they could help.
  2. My thoughts exactly: I gave up emailing Alamy about a year ago after they came back and said they were having legal problems with said distributor. Which probably means the "distributor" went bust or just refused to pay. These payment terms they hand out are beyond belief sometimes
  3. Sale from 16 March 2018 ~ over two years still not cleared, thankfully only a distributor sale around $3.00
  4. Could have something to do with the Covid-19 pandemic and all the business furloughs/closures over the last couple of months
  5. https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs/payment/?section=8 I quote "We can pay you in USD, GBP or EUR via PayPal, Skrill or funds transfer." Perhaps you should email Alamy to get a full answer contributors@alamy.com
  6. OK do you a. have any sales? b. have those sales "cleared"? c. is your total sales cleared value over your minimum payout?
  7. No April fools day has been officially cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8172471/Brits-say-Aprils-Fools-day-cancelled-2020s-one-big-joke.html
  8. I checked out the so called assistance for self employed people and it is basically nothing except apply for Universal Tax Credit https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/mar/20/self-employed-coronavirus-crisis-sick-pay-redundancy-benefits
  9. GPS co-ordinates are not supported (AFAIK), the location field is for you to type in a place/country i.e. London, United Kingdom
  10. I wouldn't really call it [Luminar] subscription software you can pay once and continue using it forever, as opposed to Adobe products where if you cease paying the subscription you lose access.
  11. I use CS3 and Lightroom 6 plus Luminar 4. I'd say Luminar 4 is pretty good at what it does which sky replacements and some basic editing/sharpening/adding filter effects. However I'd say its not a total replacement for Lightroom or Photoshop as it is somewhat slow and does not appear to offer cataloging and keywording like Lightroom/PS and the flexibility of Photoshop. I'd say keep it as a useful additional tool either as a standalone or plugin
  12. Technically speaking most of the others forums specifically do not allow discussion of other agencies but people get round that. The contributors usually limit it to "which agency is best to submit to" type questions and how Ad*be is doing so much better than SS and how bad rates are at I.S. Alamy doesn't seem to figure a lot as they perceive it as a low seller, too regional/UK centric or Live news oriented. That is of course when they aren't tearing eachother to pieces 🤣
  13. Sold for loose change found down the back of the sofa 🤣 Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter. 35 MB 4272 x 2848 pixels 682KB compressed Start: 05 March 2020 End: 05 March 2025
  14. Of course its not compulsory I would never disagree with that.
  15. The problem is Geogphotos is that the micro was well and truly out of the bag in the early 2,000's there is no real going back unless they all go bust tomorrow. The old agencies which used to pay top dollar are pretty much long gone. I admire the fact you get lots of high value sales. Unfortunately not everyone can get those high value sales so each person must balance the need to make money as opposed to making nothing or little from a single agency. I would worry about the P*xab*y outfits which are giving away images for nothing now and there are plenty of people willing to go down that route.
  16. Again very true John, however $0.25 is the minimum from the Empire State agency, and you do (or did) get higher value sales from on demand downloads and the quantity of sales tends to outweigh the pittance. I'm not defending the rates paid as I think they are rubbish. Looking back on the previous few months on Alamy the sales are hardly any better than the micros at anything from $1 to $5 net with a smattering of higher value stuff. The 20% cut in none exclusive (from 50% to 40%) really wiped a chunk of change out too. For example for every $10,000 of sales I've probably made in the region of $1,200 on Alamy (its roughly 12%) and Alamy has all the royalty free stuff (3,675 images) plus another 2,026 exclusive RM/RF images.
  17. True John but zero sales and zero revenue over the years is a lot worse than the half decent returns over the last month since it went to the micros. Don't get me wrong I'd dearly love to leave everything on Alamy but unfortunately $1000 to $1100 per year over the last three years is not going to pay the rent, as I don't do this to buy camera equipment or pay for the next holiday being a full time carer
  18. I checked with DACs about a similar issue and they stated the work had to be published in the UK I quote " Payback is only applicable to UK published books and magazines. I’m afraid since this title was published abroad, even though it is in English language, and available in the UK, it won’t be eligible."
  19. All I could suggest having portfolios on Alamy and on the micros is that I divide images in to what I consider the micros deserve and the better or niche images I keep for the likes of Alamy. The sad thing is that Alamy doesn't really have the coverage of the big micros and so you wait with baited breath for those "larger" sales to come through and they rarely do and a lot of the Alamy sales these days are a few bucks and hardly any better than the micros. I've taken exclusive images that sat for years on Alamy and converted them to none exclusive and put them to micro agencies and they start selling. Can I afford not to put an image up for sale and get some money, or sit and wait and wait, maybe to never get a return. Its hard choice. Example: New Jersey Farmland Not a great landscape but it languished for 8 years on Alamy so I gave it to the the Photoshop agency and Empire State outfit. It now sells frequently on the Photoshop agency
  20. Most likely those who are still signed up for Alamy's distributor sales.
  21. Well some of the microstocks make a p**s poor attempt at automatic keywording and the results are dire. As for Google their AI is just creepy. I did an image search this morning for recent sales and the text tags where hopelessly wrong. Tried the same images this evening and they are all now spookily correct 👻
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