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  1. DACS 2019

    I had the same problem with valid ISBNs not being accepted and being unable to save the submission so I and emailed DACS here's the reply "I apologise for the errors you are encountering. Please can I ask you to try again over the weekend, or alternatively email payback@dacs.org.uk with any new ISBNs and titles you wish to add, and we will ensure your Publication History claim is updated. Best Regards, Collective Licensing Manager" To be honest the whole process is a pig to go through and with diminishing returns its hardly worth the effort
  2. Hmmm, time to slash my image collection

    RF editorial if it contains identifiable people, buildings, and illustrative editorial for certain agencies if it is a brand shot. Otherwise they can just go in as standard RF.
  3. Images sold in January

    Technically sold in December 2018 only to be refunded and re-sold January for the same license for an extra 6 whole cents
  4. Hmmm, time to slash my image collection

    Rather than delete "crap" or old images I just change them to royalty free and dump them on microstock sites (if they never had a sale here) They often sell I also go and review keywords on old stuff to see if they can be improved

    It's been a nightmare recently with multiple captcha screens its the same on another stock site (FT)
  6. PC upgrade

    I added two RAM cards (8GB) and an extra 2 terabyte Toshiba hard drive to my 2013 PC all for £160 (parts from Amazon) Took 30 minutes to install and the PC can happily handle Lightroom and Photoshop plus other programs. As long as the processor is a good one just upgrade parts its cheaper and saves having to transfer programs and data files.
  7. How to set exclusive image for Alamy

    Anyway a reply from Alamy "We will be introducing a “Not exclusive to Alamy” filter soon, so once that is live you will be able to mark them as exclusive. " That will make things easier to find and correct
  8. How was your 2018

    2017 ~ 69 sales 2018 ~ 69 sales $100 difference
  9. Cleared sales

    March 2018 for a distributor sale. I think it is time that Alamy instead of reducing the royalty split started to seriously sort out their credit control system.
  10. Commission change - James West comments

    The trouble is that Alamy's listed prices are never used the actual sales revenues bare no relationship to these. They always discount and even if they don't a lot of "buyers" seem to opt for the lowest personal use price
  11. Commission changes to existing invoices.

    I've not read or heard anything but I had the same thoughts myself ~
  12. A Photographer Should Buy Alamy

    Nah they'll sell out to a bigger agency or most likely VCG then we'll all be toast
  13. Any Geologists please

    If its red/orange it's generally down to iron oxide
  14. Revenue graph on dashboard

    I agree To be honest Alamy are the only agency I have images with that show gross sales revenue. I am only interested in how much I get. Its irrelevant to show any other data and its long overdue for a change
  15. Everyday surrealism pics

    An old photo I never did anything with until recently but I always liked the sea serpent look