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  1. You can not rename the file once its submitted and accepted. You can only delete images if they have been accepted but before you complete the licensing data. If the images are on sale you can email Alamy with the file names and a reason and they maybe willing to delete the images. If all else fails then select the delete option in the image manager and you'll have to wait for 6 months as per the contributor agreement.
  2. As mentioned above no watermarks, However you really need to add much better descriptions and better relevant keywords/tags. Submitting images with poor descriptions and inadequate keywords means your photos are not likely to be found by buyers
  3. My great great great grandfather's Masonic certificate earned me a pretty penny Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Television (editorial) Print run: Unlimited transmissions Placement: Use within body of show Start: 24 November 2020 Duration: In perpetuity All rights, all media, worldwide, in perpetuity. High $$ (net)
  4. It was pretty slack through out 2020 but November has seen a considerable increase in sales revenue which makes a nice change.
  5. Bristol Type 170 Superfreighter Mk 32 thats an old bird and such an unusual airline ~ transporting cars and vehicles and freight
  6. I keep a spreadsheet for all stock earnings month by month and just record the nett amount from Alamy. To be honest they really should just provide a chart showing nett earnings rather than the "gross" figure
  7. Quite right ~ it was merely a solution to the OP's problem. Personally I think Alamy really ought to use the upload date for "New" or use "Latest Uploads" like a lot of other agencies. They do use the upload date when viewing a portfolio but it seems in image searches its sorted by date taken
  8. Sadly some of the latest prices aren't so much different
  9. No problems here though often you find Alamy's site runs slow especially in the last few weeks. I'd try again the next day and see if it improves. As a piece of advice I would work on your descriptions and keywords/tags as you need better information to for buyers to find your images Example: building church chapel doors religious stone cross Where is the church? Locations should include country, town and name of the church. Is it methodist,presbyterian, anglican, roma catholic? Don't forget the obvious words like christi
  10. The simple solution is to change the image Date taken in the optional tab while in the Image Manager
  11. I had a similar problem for Essence magazine (Surrey livestyle mag) and DACS advised if no ISSN was available then they would take a URL link This was their detailed reply "The easiest way to get the ISSN, as they can be difficult to find, is converting the barcode from the magazine. If you have a copy to hand, you can use the first 13 numbers on the barcode (it will typically begin 977, and may have a couple of digits at the end which you can ignore), you will be able to enter them into your publication History list, and it will convert it to the 8 digit ISSN. Al
  12. Will all of my submitted images appear on the Portfolio page? ~ Yes they will though you can set up categories within the portfolio. Second, there are very intuitive buttons for the profile photo and title, but there is no "Edit Image" button to add a cover photo. Is that correct, or I'm overlooking it? ~ Yes you are On the contributor dashboard there is a list of boxes starting with "additional revenue options" "what should I shoot" and then "YOUR ALAMY PORTFOLIO PAGE" inside the drop down you will find a link "Go to your Alamy portfolio page" Which allows you to ed
  13. There a search box at the top of the Alamy page in both the contributor section and customer section just put the image ID in there it will find the image
  14. ISSN Portal https://portal.issn.org/resource/ISSN/ Though I tend to use Google a lot. There's also sites like Ink https://ink-global.com/search/ and ISBN https://isbndb.com/ and ISSU https://issuu.com/ Which are handy for looking up ISSN/ISBN codes for publications
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