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  1. Of course you should re-visit the subject not only for better light and conditions but also your abilities and equipment may have approved.
  2. Oops ! 🙄 Sorry I was so wrapped up in doom and gloom ~ positive results? Sorry none so far Though it was sunny at the weekend
  3. Two bulk discount distributor sales from China for less than a £ each Only problem I pulled out of distributor sales in April 2019 emailed Alamy for an explanation
  4. I see Imaging Edge is just the same as the old Sony Raw editor with a slightly nicer interface. To be honest I used to use the Sony raw editor before I discovered Lightroom and found Lightroom was a lot more flexible and had better controls for shadows, highlights, noise and so on. Imaging Edge is fine for very basic adjustments. As a free package its fine but for more involved work its very limited. As to Lightroom the big problem is the subscription payment system. I bought a copy of LR 6 standalone and found it to be perfectly fine at a fraction of the price.
  5. I'll not be sad to see it go ~ I dumped Flickr years ago the first time it was sold off The whole internet is full of free stuff attitude had to bite sooner or later
  6. I exceeded last years sales by 30% and my revenue is $68 less than last year the low value stuff is really getting to be a joke now :((
  7. After all that effort it would be a shame to close the account. Besides what has been mentioned above about exposure you should also look at your keywords, as on the sample I looked at they seemed to be lacking in descriptive keywords. For example your medical gloves latex exam gloves latex examination gloves latex gloves medical gloves sterile packaging there are a lot more keywords/tags you could add hygiene, surgery, health, sterile, protective, clinical, protection, glove, safety, surgical, rubber, pack and so on. Try using a keyword tool like this one to find lots of extra keywords which would help your sales. https://microstockgroup.com/tools/keyword.php Also add in locations and place names as well as country names to any photos taken out and about.
  8. After a rather unpleasant female police officer once got in my face screaming at me that taking photos of an air ambulance helicopter in a public space/park was "wrong" I took to downloading and carrying a printed copy of this advice from ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. https://www.theiac.org.uk/resourcesnew/filming-in-public/ACPO_Guidance_PhotographsPublicPlaces.pdf Next time I get confronted by the police I'll let them read it.
  9. In the copyright notice field "© David W. Pimborough all rights reserved 2019" of course the metadata has the shoot date and time, camera model and so on. The IPTC data has the address, phone, email and website too. That way no one can ever deny they didn't know where the image came from 🤣
  10. I have presets in Photoshop and Lightroom which fill in all the various data fields inlcuding contact, website copyright and so on. Sure the agencies strip it out but if I ever get in to an argument over copyright or what have you; then the original photo has all the info attached to the image file.
  11. " Keeping the “Don’t sell for personal use” the way it is now " Sorry but isn't it time you got rid of that? If we have “Don’t sell for personal use” the way it is now the "customer" just goes and buy it on the presentations licence at exactly the same price. RM images should just have personal use and get rid of the "presentations" licence. RF images should be sold by size/resolution with higher prices for higher resolution/sizes
  12. Seems to be a lot more of these coming through in 2019 ~ I only started getting them after I dropped distributor sales
  13. I'd already taken that step with a few exceptions they all have to be marked as none exclusive The exceptions are my father's and grandfather's photos which I scanned and they can be marked exclusive. Old photos (unless your ancestor took them and you can claim copyright) and the cabinet cards will have to be marked none exclusive. I wonder how the big archive image collections took the 20% cut 🤔
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