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  1. I totally agree the current system just leaves everyone wide open for abuse. There's nothing to stop a buyer declaring "personal use" then using the image for whatever they like! Alamy don't appear to follow up and check on actual usage and I haven't come across any other agency that operates like this. Sell by image resolution is the only sensible course
  2. The quick answer would be no you can't mix licences most agencies don't allow that. However there is nothing to stop listing them as RM on Alamy and RM elsewhere. Likewise you can't put an image up for RF on another site and RM on Alamy.
  3. One of the oddest and smallest war memorials I ever came across "The Thunderbox room" in the Lost Gardens of Heligan a Living Memorial to the Gardeners of Heligan who served and died in WWI who had written their names on the walls in pencil" Poppy wreathes on a war memorial The Suez Canal Defence Monument at Gebel Maryam on the shore of Lake Timsah, Ismailia, Egypt one my grand father took in 1952 he'd served in 1939 to 1945 was at Dunkirk, fought in Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Italy then went back to Egypt during the 1950's
  4. How about scrapping it altogether and sell images based on image size/resolution like other agencies do.
  5. I'd try the vibrance slider as it makes colours pop you could also see about using the camera calibration selection in Lightroom if your camera is supported. Watch out for increased noise and shadow clipping in shadow and dark areas if you use too much clarity and contrast though
  6. It's odd but I don't see your images as over exposed as Ian reports they do seem underexposed and a little dull and lacking in contrast. What kind of post processing software are you using? While you improve your processing a quick fix might be to use the "landscape" option in camera (it will work for jpegs) and see if that adds more punch to your images and submit those jpegs.
  7. Not according to me Sheldon just according to the monthly "How was your April, May, June July etc" threads.
  8. It was never a silly question and to be honest the problem with certain contributors reporting $$$ sales is it always seems to be the same contributors getting $$$ sales. I've seen the gross amounts slide and its pretty obvious the 20% cut in royalties that took place earlier this year was to maintain Alamy's margins whilst ours take a hit The numbers of sub $5 sales I have had this year is depressing
  9. Beggars the question if they were all for personal use then surely the buyer would have bought them on personal debit/credit card in which case they should have been cleared already. Smells like some outfit with an account is taking the mick You should try having an uncleared distributor sale from March 2018 ~ I've written for the third time to Alamy politely asking when it will be cleared. I've withdrawn from distributor sales this April I'm tired of small amounts waiting for them to clear
  10. There's the start of your problems "moistened paper towel and a cotton bud stick." Paper towels and cotton buds just leave fibres all over objects I would avoid them. I use an air duster can and then a large make up/blusher brush or paint brush to dust off. If the object has still got dust particles then a damp lint free cloth cleans off the worst. Then spend 2 hours cloning
  11. Actually Michele is quite correct the Alamy FTP upload server has been offline and the web uploader has been crawling over today. It's jamming and just sitting there doing nothing for 5 minutes. Which is not the first time. And there isn't anything wrong with my internet as FTP to other sites and web uploaders are working just fine. So perhaps the OP is quite right and the problem is at Alamy's end.
  12. The OP is not complaining about contract terms but the slowness of uploading which they find problematic. Your comment was not really necessary
  13. I didn't say anything about exclusivity I commented on the matter that prices are all over the place and the pointlessness of even having prices on the sales site as they never seem to stick with them., As to exclusivity there is no where on the sales site for buyers to actually see if an image is exclusive or not so QED exclusivity is not a leveraging tool. Which is a failure on Alamy's part they should be highlighting it not keeping it a secret.
  14. I wonder if there is a correlation too but in terms of certain contributors getting pushed by Alamy and having favourable rates negotiated for sales (judging by the high values being posted here). In the meantime 8 sales $77 gross most of those were poor distributor sales/ Editorial Website, Bulk discount, flat rate per image. nett $33. This 40% royalty malarkey is really hurting. Prices are all over the place. I don't know why they even bother putting up prices on the sales site as it seems anything goes
  15. miniture figure should read miniature figures 🏌️‍♂️ But it is a sporting motif so I'd say yes it is sporting
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