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  1. Isn't it really time that Alamy changed the overview page revenue graph to show NET earnings rather than Gross. It's of no interest to see anything but the actual amount earned by a contributor
  2. I see we are back to multiple traffic lights cross walks and half a dozen screens just to get in the forum
  3. Well I never had this before (on Alamy) ! An image that went up for sale yesterday recording a sale today inside 24hours! I almost didn't bother uploading it because I thought it wasn't the greatest, pretty glad I did now HSBC bank branch in Oswestry Shropshire
  4. I think you have an excellent editorial portfolio I really admire them; the kind of coverage I'd do if I wasn't so lazy and timid
  5. On the whole I think you have rather good documentary images. The snow scenes do need to be lifted by around 1 stop of exposure maybe 2 but nothing that couldn't be fixed in Lightroom/photoshop/RAW editor or similar. The coin shots do suffer with flash reflection are you using on camera flash? Perhaps diffuse the flash with sheets of tissue to shoot through to avoid the glare.
  6. Your images are very good 🙂 You do seem to be cutting and pasting Wikipedia articles in to the additional info area? Is that really just a lot of extra work as it's none searchable? Also you do seem to repeat keywords/tags in different phrase combinations i.e. indian animal indian animals indian boar indian mammal indian mammals indian nature indian wild boar male boar male boar india male wild boar etc. It seems like a lot of extra effort when you could just the word Indian as a tag then the other tags i.e. mammal, mammals, boar, pig etc.
  7. Image ID: P4Y0WF "Salvation Army Truck and Trailer"? You need to correct that description along with the keywords
  8. Debateable when I had an exclusive image rights managed which netted a grand amount of 98 cents (73 pence) No doubt that image was licensed multiple times and not for a single payment of a "few quid"
  9. 6 sales for a grand $33.90 two of which were distributor sales which I doubt I'll ever see the money for Judging by the constant reporting of high value sales above either I'm producing rubbish or Alamy just undersell certain stuff
  10. Congratulations ~ funny enough it took me around four years to 100 sales but then only 17 months to get the next 100
  11. Hi Gerry you have some really excellent shots in your portfolio. To answer your question I also have a good chunk in microstock which is also in Alamy and on the whole Alamy account for around 12% of my revenue. I also have rights managed exclusive images with Alamy. What I find is Alamy tend to sell certain types of image well such as editorial images and food images where as the microstock outfits sell more generic stuff. Some people do very well with Alamy but for regular frequent sales then microstock certainly do better however when you do get a sale with Alamy it usually for lot higher values. It often takes months to see a sale with Alamy in the beginning but once you start getting sales they often become very regular.
  12. There is no reason; Kay you are quite right and Alamy are in this matter entirely wrong.
  13. Actually the easiet thing for Alamy to do is just divide by two and any fractions of a cent would merely accumulate in the contributor's balance. Much like a number of Microstock agencies do such as FT/Ade and the numbers agency In order for these rounding errors to occur it would have to be written in to the software, as normal accounting packages round up or down to the nearest penny but never 2 pennies.
  14. I wouldn't care if it were 1 cent or not it's a breach of their contract terms and they should get the calculation right. If they do this across enough accounts those pennies add up. You should complain I certainly will when they eventually do this to me
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