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  1. To save missing the deadline for the next claim I would compile a list or spreadsheet of any and all uses you find during the year. I create a copy of my spreadsheet for each new annual claim and add all new publications as I find them. That way I don't have to waste time looking for usages just the most recent ones. Usually on google search I use my name or psuedonames and also use the Google Books search as this usually brings up a lot of book usages. I also find adding "ISBN" or "ISSN" along with my name usually turns up some items.
  2. Larry you also need to work on your descriptions and keywords both are sadly lacking. Failure to keyword and write proper descriptions results in images not being found by buyers and missed sales. As an example Image ID: 2EGFRA5 is described as "San Diego Harbor" which it is not and neither do the keywords apply to what is in the image.
  3. I'd say its for a couple of reasons. The photos you put up have a lot of similars and while they are probably suited to a microstock agency they probably don't sit well with Alamy's customer requirments. You might also want to check over your keywords to make sure you have all the relevant words.
  4. "Post a bad thing that happened in your life today"? I woke up 😒
  5. Alamy have offered Novel Use for years, my first sale in 2012 was NU for a $1
  6. I smell the scent of "exciting news" coming on the breeze 😕
  7. No it doesn't I'm afraid. You could try contacting Alamy and explaining the problem to them perhaps they can help. Assuming you've lost your images its really time to think of keeping back ups? Portable hard drives are dirt cheap and so is cloud storage.
  8. Some offerings in film (Kodak BW400) Diner in Hoboken NJ Abandoned house New Jersey Derelict chapel in North Wales
  9. I spent three months there on my way to New Zealand they lived in Cooloongup and while there I used to spend a lot of time on the beach and mooching around Rockingham, Fremantle and Perth . I took a bike with me and cycled up and down that beach often. Though spending Xmas there in 38 degree heat was novel 16 babies?! Well there was a tendency for large families back in the day my great grandmother (from Anglesey) had 13 😵
  10. That takes me back a bit I used to fish off that beach with my uncle and cousin 10:30 at night up to my knees in luke warm water
  11. OK I looked at your images and some things were painfully obvious. 1. You are spamming your keywords. Totally irrelevant keywords are really going to damage your ability to have your images found. So go through your portfolio and remove any irrelevant keywords. 2. You have a lot of decent concept type images but a lot of repeats/similars. 3. A lot of your "macro" shots of insects are not macros they are just close ups. 4. Try and think of more interesting ways of describing whats in your photos. Some of your descriptions just say things l
  12. I'd say its not a submersible but a lifeboat similar to https://survitecgroup.com/survitecproducts/15747/TwinFallDavitLaunchedLifeboat Its been painted grey and named U-591 probably as a joke or perhaps for kids to play around. It probably came off a commercial vessel or oil rig.
  13. " So you believe that boat is not property? The houses? The pier? " "How can you answer "No" to that question?" Quite simply "No" 😁
  14. I think its a shame to just dump old photos negatives or slides. But the best solution was "Nick Dymond gave permission for the slides to be donated to the Shetland Museum and Archives" So at least an important historical record has been saved.
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