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  1. Used in both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar So they would be useful tags/keywords to add Plus any other keywords you can get from places like this] https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Keeper_of_Secrets
  2. Alamy (and most other agencies) state that if a photo is Royalty Free and shows brands, logos, grafitti, recognisable people and certain buildings (where the building is the primary focus) then the photo should be marked as editorial. Also certain designs i.e. Apple iPhone, Cocoa Cola bottles, car designs etc. Unless you have a property release from the owner of the design, brand, logo etc (and model release for identifiable people) Alamy ask this in the optional tab for the image marked "Is there any property in the image?" so the Sony lens would be marked as "yes" and as you don't have a property release from the Sony Corporation then you would select "No" Then as its a Royalty Free image you need to find the "Editorial" tick box in the optional tab its called "Sell for editorial only" Rights managed images on the whole can just be marked as no property release (if you don't have a property release) and you generally don't need to mark the editorial only tick box (stands to be corrected by other contributors)
  3. Makes you wonder what all these news outlets will do for news photos when they've driven every contribuotr out of the market Its a joke considering news readers are on 6 figure salaries
  4. The BBC would have to look elsewhere for images for sure maybe go back to Alamy and other agencies.
  5. Is also French for flag or the bell of a wind instrument
  6. Yes had one or two in the last couple of months and even though its 43.50% the sales prices are very small. I opted out of distributor sales because of the low amounts and poor payment record and I'd like an opt out of affiliate sales too.
  7. David Pimborough


    It would be nice that when we share our portfolios to a Facebook page that it actually showed an image instead of a blank grey box! It just looks very poor
  8. Property no just means the photographer does not have a property release. So it is correct in sofar as it goes. However he should have marked it editorial if he's selling it as Royalty Free.
  9. Actually he asked a different question "I am new here. I have recently passed QC test for alamy and uploaded some pics and submit. Can anyone tell me how many images should be there in the port to get the very first sale on alamy. How much we will get paid for one image here? Thanks in Advance," To answer the OP's question: you need a lot more photos of different subjects. Also clean up your keywords or tags as you have a lot of words that do not apply to the subject matter in the photo. Do not worry about " optimized discoverability. " it doesn't matter as long as your keywords are relevant to the subject matter.
  10. On the whole (apart from the penguins) what a wholly depressing collection including a large chunk of violence and misery Can't they ever shoot something cheerful like kittens
  11. I'm going to hazard a guess that the first is an olive tree
  12. My favourite of my daughter's ice cream on holiday in Cornwall ~ she liked it so much she had two
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