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  1. Hello All, I've been away from the stock scene for quite a while and I'm a bit uncertain about some procedures. Last July I only had $9.00 worth of sales - not enough to transfer to my PayPal account. I've never made enough money to have transferred to my PayPal account until now. I just deposited about $57.00 into my bank account (not a lot, I know, but it's the first time I can say I got money from Alamy). Anyway, when I look at my Dashboard it states I have "4 sales to date: $141.00" and "1(one) sales in 2019: $119.00". The $119.00 sale was on Sept 20, 2019, refunded on the 24t
  2. But you have to keep the same license type, correct? Meaning, if it's Rights Managed or Royalty Free on Alamy, it has to maintain same license type with other stock agencies, I'm I right on that?
  3. Hi Mark, You can try MyKeyworder.com. It can be helpful but keep in mind that it, like so many computer-assisted features, can let you easily slip into auto-pilot mode where you let the site do all the "thinking" for you and you may leave out some keywords that are more appropriate. Similar to using a GPS - you don't pay as much attention to where you're going and just let the device hold your hand all the way to the final destination. What I usually do is try and keyword as much as I can on my own and when I run out of ideas I plug in a description into MyKeyworder and hope it fills i
  4. Howdy All, I'm assuming RF is the right choice because I'd like the POD sites to sell as many as possible in any form they can (prints, t-shirts, etc...), I'm I right? Thanks very much.
  5. Fine art is anything with a frame around it.
  6. I have only sold 2 images but the positive high from it lingers on and on.
  7. Hi Jill, I think fotoDogue is right. In Image Manager you can select/deselect a box that states: Don't sell for personal use including single copy, non-retail wall art prints. I'm assuming that means no sale through Art.com. At any rate, depending on prices of various sizes of prints it may be worth it.
  8. A few days ago I stumbled upon following page that gives a brief description about selling Alamy prints through Art.com : http://www.alamy.com/customer/help/alamy-photo-prints-art-com.aspx Description states : "Prices start from $14.99... Photographers will be paid 50% of Alamy's share of the sale. When you make a sale it will show on your account as an Art.com sale." Doesn't give much info beyond that. I know $14.99 is the starting price but I'd like to know what size is that for? And how much for all the other available sizes? I'd like to know if it'
  9. Spacecadet, It was set to RF, But even if it was set to RM (as it is now) I still would like to decide on some of the other choices such as consumer goods, wall art, maybe add or remove certain keywords, etc... you know the routine. Anyway, seems like everything's ok now. I'm still gonna call tomorrow just to make sure everything's cool. Thanks everybody for all your help.
  10. Something going on - I can still see the photos displayed but now the number of images says 9 less photos than before 243 - 9 = 234. I guess it's fixing itself.
  11. These are the numbers under each image (pretty much the top two rows on opening page). But now this is something new, if you select any of these images you get a page that states: "We can't find what you're looking for." I guess that's a good thing for me but there's definitely some kind of bug in the system. Anyway, thanks for any help you can give. M47H7X (RF) M47H82 (RF) M47H92 (RF) M47H8R (RF) M47H89 (RF) M47H88 (RF) M47H7N (RF) M47H7M (RF)
  12. Hey Brian, Just want to make sure - Is image number the number under image displayed?
  13. Hi Guys, When I called I spoke to someone in England and she told me they would not be back until monday. She told me to email them and they would get back to me on monday. I think she was just an operator/answering service. Anyway, I sent an email explaining the problem to contributors@alamy.com. That's about all I could do, other than talk to the forum, unless you guys have another suggestion. By the way, what is "CR"? Brian, I looked again just a minute ago and I still don't see them in Image Manager, but I do see them up for sale. If I scroll down through Image Manager I c
  14. Hi Betty, Yes they did pass QC, and I have also deleted images before and they also appear in my AIM portfolio marked "deleted". But these photos were deleted and they do not appear in my AIM at all. They're on display for everyone to see and (maybe) purchase also. When I select the images on public display to edit them they appear in AIM like any other image would appear but with greyed out tags. If it stays that way until I can speak to someone that's fine but I'm not sure it will. You can select it, hit download and then you get: One or more items are either no longer for sale
  15. Hi John, That's part of the problem - I can't. When I try to edit an image that I DID submit it pops up in image manager and I can edit any information I want. But when I try and edit one of these images that I deleted, they show up in the image manager but all the fields are "grey out" - meaning I can't change anything. I deleted them before I ever entered info such as category, RF or RM, editorial or commercial, etc... There's something wrong with the system which, hopefully, makes it impossible for someone to purchase these images. I actually hit the "download' button on some of t
  16. Hi Paulette, I did speak to someone on phone but they said to call back Monday. I guess they're closed for the weekend. I was hoping someone here knew a way around this problem. It's strange because the images don't show up in the image manager when I try to edit and they don't show up as deleted either, but they are up for sale. Every photo I've ever submitted shows up in image manager, even the photos that I have deleted previous to this incident. Strange...
  17. Hello all, I have a problem with images I deleted in the "Alamy Image Manager" and are now up for sale as RF images. The reason I had deleted them while I was editing was because I wasn't sure if I wanted them up at all or sell them as RM - but definitely NOT RF. How did they get in the system and yet they are not in the "Image Manager"? Does anyone know how I can take them down? When I select the images to edit them they don't show up. I called and emailed but that didn't help. Any suggestions? Thanks
  18. Hi Niels, I called and emailed but that didn't help any. They don't even show up in my "Alamy Image Manager" page so I could'n even edit them.
  19. I deleted photos before they were put on sale because I was debating whether to sell them as RM or not sell at all. Now they are up for sale as ROYALTY FREE! Please remove these photos immediately! I may put them up later but definitely NOT as RF. I don't want to wait 180 days! Please take them down. Enrique Mendez
  20. Hi Michael, As a newbie I would love to see the images everyone sells, (I've only sold 2) but seems like most people don't show them. Is that by choice or are there some "Forum Ground Rules" that prevent that? Or maybe there's some button or link or whatever... that I have to double click or something. Just curious.
  21. Hi Mark, I just re-read your reply. When you say " Contributors have the option to offer licences for their Images on there too. " does that mean that the licensing has to be same as licensed imaged on Alamy? In other words, does an RF/RM image on a POD have to have the same RF/RM license on Alamy? If an image is RM on Alamy then that image has certain restrictions on how it's used, correct? So another POD, Fine Art,... site cannot just crank out the same image on coffee mugs, shower curtains, throw pillows, etc... in an unlimited manner. Do I have that right? I hate to seem like I'
  22. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone here who sells on "Fine Art" sites runs into any type of conflicts on Alamy as far as licensing is concerned. Would an image sold on both Alamy and any Fine Art site have to be a royalty free image on Alamy? Or rights managed? Or does it even matter? P.S. I don't know what to call these "Fine Art" sites, I'm sure there's some blanket description for them, like stock, libraries, etc... but I think everyone knows what I mean - thanks everyone.
  23. Hello Fellow Stockers, When photographers talk about their influences they often mention the Greats, the Masters such as Irving Penn, Ansel Adams, Paul Strand, (I'm sure there are more contemporary names among the greats but I can't think of any at the moment) etc... These are names that are not known as shooting for stock agencies. Stock is often looked down upon as far as creativity is concerned. There is a lot of crap to be found but there is also a lot of original creativity. So I was wondering who were some of the people that influenced you guys & gals here at Alamy as
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