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  1. it´s important to me that this is adressed quickly.. not in another 3 years. yes. alamy is the reason some people (who don´t want flash) still must have the flash plugin on their systems. there is no alternative when you want to use alamy. ok there is chrome but that is not always an alternative and we don´t know for how much longer.. and i doubt users who have been attacked by flash malware write in this forum about it. the security issue is the flash plugin you have installed on your system, not so much the alamy website (it could be any other website that uses flash).
  2. https://www.fireeye.com/blog/threat-research/2016/06/angler_exploit_kite.html you see flash is an open door in any system. protect your users alamy!! many exploit kits like ANGLER use FLASH or SILVERLIGHT to do their dirty jobs. that means every script kid can write malware that even circumvents EMET, DEP.
  3. time to act.... "Google's Chrome web browser could be disabling all Flash content by default before the year's out. El Reg has learned that developers with the Chromium Project are working on a new feature known as 'HTML5 by Default'. The move could help to keep users safe by locking off a favorite target for web-based malware exploits." http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/05/13/kill_flash_now_chrome_may_be_about_to_do_just_that/
  4. i read pure dingos are endangered. you could start your own personal dingo preservation project.
  5. +1 and it needs to be HTML5 not adobe flash. i am just doing this as a hobby and to get some money for my personal bee preservation projects. but i have to say from all agencys i use alamy has the worst keywording tool. i don´t want to imagine how it is to use this all day. it´s really cumbersome.
  6. for now im using a portable google chrome with alamy but it would be nice to have a HTML5 version. chrome has flash included so i don´t need to install flash on my system. but chrome is not my prefered browser and so i have to use two browsers.
  7. i had no problem with the functionality of flash either.. it works. but it´s an open door for all kind of malware. it´s a security risk. only thing that´s worse is java... many ransomware trojans use flash exploits.
  8. well let´s hope it will not take another 2 years. ;-)
  9. alamy should get rid of flash. it is a security nightmare. alamy should use HTML5 instead.
  10. well the topic says it all. please get rid of adobe flash. i recently had enough with all the security problems flash introduces and removed flash from all my systems. alamy is one of 4 websites i use that still NEED flash. please think about using HTML5 it´s better than flash anyway and more browser support it.
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