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  1. Hi there, welcome to the forum of alamy
  2. John, I noticed you posted some images both in black and white and color. My understanding is that buyers of stock usually would rather buy color, so I dont care about sending b&w, exception for some very special photos where the b&w I really worked on a more "special" version of it. Are you being successfull with b&w sales? Do those images sell both in color and b&w? Thanks,
  3. Hi Chris, welcome from the other side of the southern world, Brazil
  4. Hi Diana, welcome to Alamy!
  5. Hi Oscar good luck with your first submissions
  6. Alamy requires news images to be captioned and headlined before upload. Sorry I didnt know that about news images
  7. Hi Mkarco, welcome to Alamy!
  8. One thing that triggers the robots of the search pages is to tweet the link of your photos. In my other agency you can check the views of each image and it increases a lot when you tweet, immediatelly, than the images show in google searches, almost immediately. There they have a tool that helps you automatically tweet any new image you upload, it is a neat idea I think, but a bit of spammy, though, for your tweeter followers. PS: am I allowed to talk about other agencies in Alamy forums?
  9. I don´t bother and keyword them here in Alamy, for me it was very time consuming keyword and caption in LR.
  10. I use Photoshop since forever so my decision for the subscription plan was obvious considering how expensive it used to be to upgrade. I rarely used LR, tried the keywords, but its much faster to do it directly in Alamy so I dont bother anymore.
  11. Deffinitelly not altered, is just a technique to increase DOF
  12. I find the web interface very slow, so I always use FTP, even for single uploads. Yes, sometimes I have some processing errors on the other side so you have to recheck everything that has an error after Alamy approves your uploads, but still, much faster than the web.
  13. On rainy weather, I use a protection plastic bag in my camera and go shooting normally. I wear a rain jaquet. Its just very complicated to switch lens, so I keep mine 24-105 that fits almost it all. I constantly clean the lenses because they tend to get wet of course. When walking in the street I look for reflections and moody images if you will. If the rain is too strong, I tend to look for details, things I can take close shots, because the rain make them not good from the distance. This one I took under heavy rain.
  14. Betty, my historical average is 117/month. I have 13634 images in Dreamstime that I uploaded since 2005. I found the keywording in Alamy easier because of the batch tool so I am being able to upload much more here. I always try to send something everyday, a bit in the morning and a bit at night, takes some discipline, but I have a huge backlog and I want to go through it. I process them in photoshop. I usually do a batch at a time, so some adjustments that are the same I select and do for all together, like remove chromatic aberration and lens distortion,. Than I go one by one and adjust
  15. I think misleading keywords are bad for everybody in Alamy and might send buyers to other agencies so by helping others you are not increasing competition, but bringing buyers to here which might become buyers of your own pictures.
  16. Jacob make your life easier If you use Nikon stick to Nikon or compatible lenses. My experience with adapted solutions is that you will spend money on something and the results wont be what you expected. in the past, I´ve heard that the focus system on Nikons is on the lenses and on Canons is in the body, therefore, Canon lenses are cheaper, but Nikon bodies are cheaper. Not sure if that´s true, but I am sure that Canon and Nikon lenses are not compatible.
  17. Santiago do Chile Bruges - Belgium Brasilia - Brazil
  18. Sorry to be blunt, but Alamy is not a photography club. But we're drifting away from the OP's original question. He didn't ask how to make better pictures. Cheers, Philippe You are right Philippe, sorry that I drifted from the original question. And, yes, this is a business, not a school, even though we are always learning a bit from each other. So, focusing on the original question, do we need to spend money on keywording companies to make money here and sell more? Jacob, I think, before spending on keywording, invest in your photography skills. Photography is half technical
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