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  1. Just a sugestion. In the smartphone era, it would be great to have an app to track your sales and submissions. If that´s too complicated to do, just a simpler interface to track your sales and submissions designed for the smartphone screens, both Android and IoS. Thats my 50 cents... Cheers,
  2. Hi Folks, I came from another agency where they have a tool might be interesting to have here. When you are editing description, keywords, etc, you may copy them from another image of yours you have already edited. I understand we have a batch editing tool which is very helpful by the way, but the possibility to copy those atributes from another image make it quite easy, you could even copy them to a batch of images. So, I will leave the sugestion if you guys think its interesting. It made my life much easier in the other agency. And I have more than 13.000 images there so you can imagin
  3. Hi folks, This is my first post here. I am coming from a microstock agency where I have been selling my pictures as RF since 2005 where I have more than 13.000 picutres. I am not a pro, but an engineer (electrical) who loves photography and find this as a way to help pay my bills and give more focus on photographic work. I love to travel, I define myself as a travel photographer if you will, so that´s mostly what you will find in my portfolio. I still have tons of images to process, and am always learning new things, I am open minded. I also know more or less what I don´t like much, stud
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