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  1. Wow! Congrats Paul! If I can crank out 3k a year I may be able to catch you in three more years! I better keep at it!
  2. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate you all contributing, I think I just needed to hear other people positions on the subject. I find myself weighing on one side the possibility of having my work stolen, or used by Facebook as part of the "Royalty-free, transferrable, use license" implicit in their terms of use VS the marketing potential of sharing my work in that channel. Having weighed everyones input here, and continued my research, I think I will be continuing to share. I have always watermarked the things I share, and I will be re-evaluating the size of my shared images (1200px @ 72ppi) to make them smaller and less useful. Thank you again, I am really glad that I have finally gotten my butt in gear and begun uploading here at Alamy, there is a really great community of folks here and I have a lot to learn! -Riley
  3. Most of my work is wildlife and nature stuff, I am enthusiastic about nature and share lots of my work on Facebook/Twitter. Is that a no-no? I am completely new to this business and sort of worried that sharing my photos will hurt me/the value of my work. Do any of you share your work on social media? Do you take any precautions or make any special considerations before you share? Thank you! -Riley
  4. Hey Betty, Other than CL, Adorama, KEH, and Ebay, I have bought and sold a handful of lenses/cameras on the Fred Miranda Buy and Sell forums. The majority of my extensive lens collection ( yes I need all of them ) was bought used, and the FM forums have always been easy to use, the community there are a bunch of reliable folks. Good luck with your sale. Riley EDITED- where did I get the name Maria from... ?
  5. @Davey Towers Thank you for the warm welcome I totally agree, I cant learn what works until I confirm what doesn't! You have a nice variety in your collection, I admire your breadth @Broad Norfolk Ah ha! Thanks you for clarifying, I think that is really good advice, I will definitely start shooting more varied subjects in the future. @Gurcharan Hello there! Thank you, I hope so too!
  6. @Alexandre Fagundes Thank you! @Broad Norfolk Thanks, I am trying to be realistic and steel myself for the long haul When you say mixup my subject matter more, do you you mean subjects outside wildlife/nature? Or subjects within that general category? Art is totally my hero, he runs a gallery here in Seattle and I try to stop in whenever I can and admire his work. I will have to keep an eye out for that book next time I visit and give it a look @Bhandol Thank you, I am a big fan of Ansel and his work, he really paved the way for nature lovers with his passion and his work, he is definitely a hero to me. Edited: I am a noob with this forums interface...
  7. Hello Alamy Forums! ​I'm just another aspiring photographer my primary interest is Nature, I want to be like Jim Brandenburg, Galen Rowell, and Art Wolfe. I believe humans were given the unique powers we have in order to bear witness to Earth’s marvels, appreciate them, and act as stewards. I find myself constantly in awe of the world we get to inhabit. I have a BS in Zoology, and a BA in Photography, but I am reminded daily of how little I know. I have been carrying my camera and practicing photography for the past 8 years and I’m just getting to the point where I feel I can start sharing my work publicly. I am so excited and awed by nature and I believe it is my purpose in life to spread that love and enthusiasm. I have put in lots of time working on my photography, I think I am finally passably competent with my technique and am ready to put my time into making it work. I am just starting out and mostly lost, figuring out how to sustain myself financially by doing photography seems like it’s going to take a lot of trial and error, and time. ​​The message I keep seeing is that it is impossible to make it nowadays as a nature photog, maybe that is true, but I have to make it someday somehow. So here I am J I am hoping I can learn a lot here at Alamy, and that I can finally start selling something, maybe in 10 more years I will have learned and sold enough of my work to quit my day job and shoot fulltime I am excited to meet all of my fellow photog comrades here at Alamy and hope that I can give as much help and guidance as I hope to receive J
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