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  1. OK, Thanks a lot. Ill try and work on my captions and keywording. I put the pics on there like 2 years ago, and finally made two sales in a week. The long timwe before my first sale sort of made me lose enthusaism, but if I get the chance, Ill work on it. Ill make sure my bank details are correct, and sometime this winter, Ill get a $125!
  2. I finally made two sales. It says I have $125 ( $250 minus the $125 commission) But I dont see how I have it transfered to my paypal account.
  3. Yep, thats what I was sort of thinking. Nepal...Alaska...its sort of been done. I read the posts, and it is true there are a few dark ones, but there are many correctly exposed as well. There may be some problems with keywording, but there have been many views and so buyers have seen them. If there was an interest, someone would have bought, or at least zoomed on a few. Im afraid that I was right in the first place: There is just not too much interest in the subject, and there is far too much material available already
  4. OK, Ill work on the keywording when I get home 2 days from now. I didnt ask the question until I was headed home, where I can work on it. Also I wanted to give it some time and see if I made sales before I asked. The suggestions of keywording have been what I was looking for.
  5. OK, cool. Ill work on it when I get home in 2 days. I think I have more to learn about keywording and descriptions, and have to put some hours into it. I also have many more pics to scan. Yes, the girl is a Kalashi in Pakistan. I did the Karakoram Highway trip in 1991 when it just opened to tourism. I see many of your pics are here in Ko San Road, where I am right now.
  6. OK, Ill look more into keywording and description. On the other hand, I have only had three zooms, and all of them were from digital. Yes, she is indeed a Kalaski girl, photo taken in 1991.
  7. I have not made a sale yet in Alamy, and I have had two thousand pics on there for 6 months. I put more than 2000 pictures in the Archive section last September. They are scanned from slides on a Nikon V ED dedicated slide scanner. I have two ideas: Do buyers 'block' the archive section and prefer digital? Or perhaps there is really not much call for my subject matter? I have mostly portraits of people in Nepal, although there is some Nepal and Alaska wildlife mixed in there as well. I have had 3 zooms, and so it is hooked up right. People are seeing them when they click in my keywords. I j
  8. Yes, I have too many duplicates. I will try to figure out how to delete some. I just got too excited at the 'Alamy Experience' and wanted to get some on line. I wanted to see a big number there. Ill delete quite a few. It was kind of a mistake--maybe Ill just put it under the "Part of the learning experience", delete them, and continue foreward. I just loaded up a 1000 different images. They dont contain similars. It has been a big job organizing them and loading them. I havnt keyworded or captioned them, and will do a slow careful job of doing that work.
  9. A variety of answers. I just loaded a lot of pictures because I will be traveling and no time for loading, but will be able to take a leisurely time keywording and caption. I really notice that when I am in a rush to get as many pics loaded as possible, I do as hurried a job on kwording as possible. So Ill get a chance to try kwrding after, at a leisurely pace, and see if I like that better. That is why I asked.
  10. Do you do your keywording after they have passed QC? I saw where one member does that. I keyword before I submit them to Alamy, so it is permanently imbedded with the picture in case I use it somewhere else. Is there a reason why I would want to keyword after they pass QC?
  11. I am only a recent convert to Digital. I am scanning slides still and Submitting to Alamy, but I am selling all my film gear on ebay. It is selling briskly and I am quickley clearing the shelf. I would still shoot film, but it is way too expensive. Im enjoying the freedom of digital.
  12. I dont seem to take a long time or put an hour into it like some. Most of my stock seems to be pretty obvious, and only a few keywords seem to apply.
  13. Dont you do your keywording when you edit?
  14. I had 700 Digital images go through Alamy QC; No problems at all. Now I am practicing with my Nikon VED scanner. I am only practicing with my sharpest ASA 100 Fujichromes (Tripod, Mirror lock up, etc. good technique). I scan at 4000dpi. They come out 50+MB. No ICE, No sharpening, adobe RGB 1998. I scan at 14 Bit TIFF, but when I open them in PS Elements, it converts them to 8 bit TIFF before it is able to do any editing.(PSE does this automatically)..Then I clean up with the healing tool and set the levels. I will convert to JPG before I send my selects. But the thing is the slide scans are
  15. I see a lot of images with (more) on Alamy. I have similars, and would like to stack them this way. Does it happen automatically at Alamy, or is there something I have to do?
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