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  1. I've had the same one. There doesn't seem to be an option of reporting or blocking.
  2. I have tried taking the same shot in both raw and jpeg, but didn't really notice a lot of difference so I stuck with jpeg. I am happy with my 18-55mm lens as it seems to get good results, it's just for certain shots I've wondered if a more powerful one would be better. A lot of good advice on here, which is appreciated. There is a lot of general photography information on the Internet, but it's helpful to hear the experiences of Alamy members.
  3. Thanks, I have seen a lot of praise for Lightroom so that might be something I look into.
  4. Thanks, this looks really useful. I have taken a photography course a couple of years ago which helped me to learn more about the different functions of my camera, but learning more about Photoshop would certainly be useful.
  5. Hi I understand what you're saying, but I certainly never expected to just be able to upload any old photo and make a fortune. I have been working on improving my photography for a while now so I hope I have mastered the basics. I do have lots of images, but it was only on zooming in to check the quality for my test submission that I noticed the technical issues on some of them. I have sold photos before, but smaller prints so a lot of the possible quality issues wouldn't have been apparent. Stock photography is new to me though, so I'm still learning. I realise that even after passing the test submission there is no guarantee of sales. I have looked at the photos on the site and there are obviously a lot of excellent photographers on there. I perfectly get the point you are making though, I'm sure some people do think it would be an easy way to earn money, but I'm not one of them.
  6. Hi Thanks for all the replies. As each image listed had a fail next to it I assumed they had all failed individually, but maybe this isn't the case. I think I was probably a bit too keen to submit my images so selected from ones I already had, rather than working on new ones with the technical specifications in mind. I did check them first at 100% as advised, but there were obviously some areas where there were quality issues. I agree it's probably a good idea to just concentrate on the technical requirements for now rather than the subject. I'll try to get my QC pass first, then work on interesting subjects! Is there a limit to the number of times you can do your test submission?
  7. Sorry, that should say I use an 18-55mm lens.
  8. Hi I have submitted my first images and failed QC (which isn't a great surprise as I'm quite new to this!). The reason given for 2 of them was that they are soft or lacking in definition, but no reasons given for the others. I have been shooting in JPEG format as this seems to give acceptable results, but I'm wondering if I need to switch to RAW to pass QC. I thought I had a lot of good photographs, but on closer inspection I can see problems on a lot of them! Would shooting in RAW help a lot with the image quality? I use a 18-55mm lens, but I'm wondering if I should invest in a more powerful one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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