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  1. I mentioned the “ftp window” in another thread. So yeah, the lag between upload and the chance to use AIM to tick the box exposes LN to a 20% penalty.
  2. How would you set an ftp upload to exclusive? I get that going into the AIM and ticking the box for the upload will do it. But then there’s a window when live news will be non-exclusive on the fresh upload and subject to a 20% penalty. This mostly would concern those that use Photo Mechanic to get a batch upstairs quickly. In all honesty, instant live news sales (from non-agencies at least) don’t seem to be a thing, but it could happen, and it made for the question.
  3. Didn’t say they were, but trailed off because no site is secure these days. The point was that Alamy using Flash is a disappointment. There are better options. (They also don’t use SFTP.) I was glad that Chrome does Flash without having to do a system install of it.
  4. I refuse to install Flash. Upon joining Alamy I was very disappointed. Luckily the Chrome browser handles Flash on web pages without it being installed on my Mac. I only use Chrome for Alamy, and never general web browsing. So as long as Alamy doesn't start serving malware... But if it does, we've got bigger problems!
  5. Here’s my caption template from my Photo Mechanic Live News stationery pad: Everything in brackets gets auto filled, and I just double click the words in caps to replace with name/identifier, verb, noun, location. The background is a sentence about why the photo was worth taking. (The “at” might get replaced with “during” sometimes depending how I phrase things.) Having it spelled out for what I need to replace stops the brain fart of looking at an empty caption box and starting from scratch each time. From what I can tell, the LN photos with long captions are usually Alamy partner images (Zuma, Reuters, and other high end agencies) that have probably had an editor work on them.
  6. Thanks Alexandre, I'm much better about backups now.
  7. As long as "username for url" stays separate from the photo credit line, cool. I guess.
  8. Another vote for Yougnuo. I need to move from the manuals to the Canon TTL version now.
  9. (I've been waiting for QC to pass my 4-pack before introducing myself.) I'm based in Phoenix area, and found Alamy after being locked out of Demotix (the Corbis buyout thing). Sadly due to various computer problems what was uploaded there was my only archive. I didn't sell hardly anything, so I guess it's no big loss. I was chasing low value stories not realizing I was spinning my wheels. It's also why my uploading had mostly tapered off in the last year or so. So, new year, new camera (and my first L lens), new eyes (lasik last week), new software, and a new stock site. It's been a busy few weeks. I guess if I'm going to start over, it might as well be all new. I started with film back in the 80s, doing sports & news for my junior college and stringing for a few throw-away local papers. But I moved on to "normal" jobs after an Army stint and university. I only picked a (non-phone) camera up again a few years ago. Other than speed, I'm not sure digital has improved things that much! Just a couple of quick questions, tho' Is anyone using a non-Adobe workflow? I'm culling with Photo Mechanic then using either Capture One for stock, or Canon's DPP for live news. Ugh. Keywords. I"m loading them into IPTC KW field then, putting the most relevant ones first then cut/paste in the Alamy interface to get them into the top two boxes. Does this sound about right? Also, my KWs are comma separated in the upload, but they all wind up in a space separated mishmash. For example: <rabbit, cottontail, desert cottontail> becomes <rabbit cottontail desert cottontail> So phrases don't seem to transfer. From reading some of posts here, it seems like more voodoo to get phrases to work. So far I'm just deleting the dupes, and thinking about giving up on phrases. Does anyone have any luck with uploading phrases via the IPTC keyword field? Take care, Jennifer PS I just checked, my last three uploads (2 LN + the QC 4) haven't gone live yet. The weather pics were to get started with LN. PPS Upon further reading, I did my QC exactly backwards! I submitted 4 handheld 200mm (non-IS even) wildlife shots. But shutter speed saved the day!
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