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  1. Very nice - well done! I had my 3rd sale on Monday, for a mere $17, but it's a sale and it came only 11 days after my 2nd sale. Things are starting to happen, which makes me happy!
  2. But Alamy is your full time job, right? I couldn't keyword 100 images in a day, would drive me mad!
  3. I received my message from the lovely Rosine overnight. Instant delete, of course.
  4. It's not just about the number of pixels, amount of detail captured, ability to crop etc. It's also about dynamic range and the higher MP Nikon cameras have significantly better dynamic range than the D3/D700 (see dxo for numbers). This is important for capturing shadow and highlight detail (relevant to wedding photography given the high contrast situations) as well as recovering under or overexposed images. I wondered when DXO would rear its ugly head!!! I've had no problems with dynamic range, detail etc, and I've had an image printed on the side of a truck. I'll stick with what I have as me and my clients are very happy, as is Alamy, it would seem...
  5. The real and definitely visible difference is between the D800 and the D800E/D810 - deactivating or removing the anti-aliasing filter makes a distinctly noticeable difference in sharpness. To put this in perspective, the D800 is an incredible camera and the images with the right lens ((not necessarily an expensive lens - the Nikkor 50mm 1.4D for example) are amazingly sharp and full of detail but the D800E/D810 are even sharper again - astoundingly sharp. However this is really only noticeable on screen viewed at high mag (100% or so) so in practice probably makes little difference. Having said that, the lack of the AA filter is becoming a lot more common even in the entry level Nikons. Fears of moiré appear totally unfounded. The upgrade is best considered as D800E to D810 and there are a few differences but nothing really major. The shutter is a lot quieter on the D810 - it's a little snick rather than a clunk. The D810 goes to ISO 64. I can't remember the other differences offhand so they are probably not very important to me. There no noticeable difference in image quality between the D800E and the D810 that I can detect, even in mad pixel-peeping mode. Whether a D810 would be better for your photography than a D800 really depends on what you do with the camera although in practice there is little difference. I like to photograph landscapes with as much detail as possible. I also do wild flower close-ups and do some significant cropping with those so maximum sharpness in-camera is very useful. For portraiture except less detail might be more advantageous but I go by the philosophy that I can always soften excess detail but I can't add in what's not there. I'm probably becoming a bit obsessed about sharpness but Alamy QC tends to drive you to it. It may also be said that I'm trying to compensate for lack of technique with the purchase of better equipment, or maybe I just have an unquenchable thirst for a new toy to play with, but I really do fancy an 810. Can I help it? lol The only thing putting me off is 36.3 MP files swallowing up my hard drive space. Thanks for your review. No need to buy a camera with a gajillion MP - I do quite alright with my 12 MP D3s and D3, thanks very much!
  6. Congratulations Colblimp! That is good going Kumar Thanks Doc, I'm pleased because I have so few images in my port.
  7. Congratulations! Thanks Matt. I wasn't expecting anything like that until I had a gajillion pics in my port. I have to say as well, the pic that sold is just a snapshot that I took off the cuff! It just goes to show...
  8. My second sale dropped in this morning for $200 - can't believe it!!!
  9. When I right click, 'Google this image' doesn't show. It's me - computers hate me!
  10. Is that true? How do they know where they're going?!
  11. RAW only here. Why anyone would shoot in JPEG is beyond me, especially for the stock industry.
  12. A pic of Oxford University a little down the page. Still don't know how to just post the pic. Apologies for my lack of brain power... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3577917/So-Oxford-kick-black-racist-white-waitress-cry.html?ito=social-facebook
  13. My first sale in April for $10.68... It's a piffling amount but it's my first sale, so I don't care! Onwards and upwards!
  14. Overall, they're spot on, Matt. A couple are a 1/3rd stop under, but whatever, like!
  15. Nice images, although some are very similar. In the pics of Chatsworth House, you've spelt Duchess wrong. Might be worth a quick correction.
  16. Yes, "Bolshie" is short for "Bolshevik". Awkward, obstinate, obtuse, obstructive, etc. Apologies to our Russian colleagues. Chris Obtuse is such a beautiful word!
  17. Thanks everyone for your very helpful comments, I've been in contact with the person responsible and it's all in hand. She played dumb, claiming she thought it was OK to use watermarked images on the web, but not to print. She was shocked when I told her what I'll be invoicing her for, but she's assured me she will pay and lesson learned. Thanks again, guys.
  18. Might be worth seeing if they also have a website separate to Facebook and if they do, if they are using the image there too. I've searched the website and it's not on there.
  19. Alamy has come back to me and said it doesn't chase usage on social media pages. Do I now contact Facebook, or go straight to the image thief?
  20. Thanks for your reply. A film festival has taken it, I can't believe how blatant the festival has been. I'll contact Alamy straight away.
  21. On the day I made my first sale, I've found one of my images used on Facebook, with all the Alamy watermarks proudly on view. What do I do next - contact Alamy? ANy advice would be great. Thanks in anticipation.
  22. Congratulations! Hopefully your second sale will come faster than my second sale (I'm still waiting... ) Thanks Matt. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed! Hope you have at least one image of each of the three . . . concepts really do sell. dd :D
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