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  1. Not one, solitary, single sale so far this month. Bum. 😥
  2. I'll throw my oar in about similars - on the first 2 pages of your port alone, how many pics of bubbling sourdough, runners, cows, starlings and a post box do you really need?! Cull your similars until you've 2 or 3 of the same subject and no more. Make sure the 2 or 3 are radically different. I'd suggest you could cull 60% of your similars - it's hurting your ranking. Good luck with it!
  3. I've already made sales with my little Sony - best purchase ever!
  4. Irish Sun online 2BMGF27 AG News 😁 Ballinascarthy, West Cork, Ireland. 9th May, 2020. A Garda checkpoint was in place on the N71 at Ballinascarthy today to ensure motorists were only making essential journeys in accordance with the government's Covid-19 regulations. Credit: AG News/Alamy Live News DPMTDG keith morris 😥 Welsh teenage GCSE school pupils sitting exams in a school hall, Wales UK G009MM Simon Dack Woman looking round a Wyevale Garden Centre looking at plants and trees to buy 2BMA60F Tracey Paddison Caerphilly, Wales, UK. 8th May, 2020. A children's painting of a rainbow in support of the NHS and other key workers hangs on the railings of a closed school during the seventh week of the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK. Credit: Tracey Paddison/Alamy Live News 2BMF8RX Carolyn Jenkins News Poole, Dorset UK. 9th May 2020. UK weather: hot and sunny at Poole - not even 10 o'clock and temperatures soaring with the air completely still on what is forecast to be the hottest day of the year. People head to the seaside with the council patrolling the beaches and speaking to people not there for exercise over the long bank holiday weekend. Most people are there to take their permitted exercise adhering to the Coronavirus guidelines. Credit: Carolyn Jenkins/Alamy Live News MMAT34 John Rodgers Cork University Hospital
  5. I emailed the contrib email addy and James got back to me within a week or so.
  6. Irish Sun online 2BAJWMT Doreen Kennedy Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland. 28th March 2020. Customers queue while practicing social distancing at Killiney Shopping Centre. A government mandatory order for everyone to stay at home is in place until 12 April, apart from certain exceptions, including food shopping, is in effect across Ireland amid the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. 2BJKP3D Independent Photo Agency Srl Italy. 30th Apr, 2020. Love in the time of the Coronavirus, two lovers with masks and gloves meets and kisses, lowering the masks and embracing each other. Despite the rules of social distancing, issued by the government to combat coronavirus contagion (COVID-19), lovers embrace and kiss on the street. Love in the time of the Coronavirus, a couple of engaged couples with masks and gloves meet and kiss, lowering the masks and embracing each other. Despite the rules of social distancing, enacted by the government to combat coronavirus contagion (COVID-19), the couple embrace and kiss each other WFE7ET batuhan toker Confused surprised young man using a pc laptop computer BCYX9K Radharc Images blue lamp above station door for the garda siochana na heireann the irish police force in dublin republic of ireland BCTNN9 Radharc Images the four courts building in dublin city centre republic of ireland
  7. Better month than March - 28 sales for $477 gross, including two $$$. Most images were C19 related, with repeats of two pics in particular. 😉
  8. You’ve some nice pics in your port. A couple of observations - there’s no need to try and get the discoverability bar into the green. This results in irrelevant tags, such as ‘Elizabeth Warren in Blue coat’. I doubt any buyer will be searching for that. Additionally, it could harm your ranking. Of my 4100 pics, only 53 are ‘in the green’. My second and final observation is, if you want more sales, shoot more ‘people doing things’ pics. I realise sales are secondary for you, but I find the more sales I get, the more I want to upload, which is a good thing, right?! Good luck with it!
  9. I did that yesterday - in the pocket, looking like a tourist. Love it! 😂
  10. I haven’t used it enough to discover its limitations yet and I won’t for the rest of the week as I’ll be using the big guns, but next week. 👍
  11. It was a nightmare - DPD wouldn't speak to me as I didn't send it, etc. At least I have it now! Mk III, Edo. Love it!
  12. The Sony finally arrived on Saturday. I like it very much! Now for some stealth pics... 😎
  13. A bunch of news sales dropped in on Friday including this one for $$$.
  14. I can see myself just shooting news going forward, although that will mean travelling, as where I live, there is no news!
  15. I don't do video, although maybe I should start... 🤔 BTW, you might want to take a look at the caption for your stationery against a white background pics 🤣😂🤐
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