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  1. You're in the pseudonym summary report page. In here you can select a time span using the calendar symbols alongside the start and end dates or by clicking on the Yesterday radio button and using the drop down to select from the options - this month, last month etc. The default is the last 30 days of stats. You'll see your pseudonym(s) as a blue underlined link in the first column. Click on that and it gives a listing of search terms which have brought up your images on the buyer's screens. Click on any of the search terms and you'll see the actual images that have been viewed. Fabulous John, thanks very much - just what I was looking for!
  2. OK, I realise 88 images isn't a lot, but as I've only been uploading for around 3 weeks, I think I've done pretty well...
  3. So looking in My Alamy-Alamy Measures-Your Images, I can see I've had a mere '17 Total Views'. What does this mean - people have viewed 17 of my images? If so, is there a way of seeing what images have been viewed? Or does it mean something completely different? I'm still struggling on the metrics.
  4. I've just uploaded images and it's working fine, although it failed miserable last night. Perhaps a good night's rest was all it needed?!
  5. Don't get disheartened if you don't get a sale quickly after starting. I waited quite a while for mine. There's often a time lag between usage and it being reported on 'My Alamy'. Sales improve your Alamy Rank so when they start happening, it should push your images further up the search results thus helping future sales. I think ranking gets adjusted every hundred days. Thanks for the encouraging comments. I kind of thought it would take a while to get my first sale, but I was hoping I'd have sold something at this stage. No worries, I'll just keep to my target of 100 images per month and hopefully I'll sell something soon.
  6. Still on zero all time sales, but I'm only new so I'm guessing this will pick up..
  7. Just a quick question - my profile says I've 20 images uploaded but I have 70. How do I change this, or can't I?!
  8. Welcome Dinendra. Some nice images there, keep 'em coming!
  9. I'll tell anyone who asks everything I know. I teach (for money, obviously), but I've no problem giving free advice.
  10. QC doesn't work on weekends. They'll pass Monday. Cheers, Philippe Ah, makes sense. Thanks, Philippe.
  11. I uploaded some pics yesterday and I'm still waiting for them to be passed. I normally have to wait no longer than 24 hours.
  12. Thanks Betty, some good suggestions and very kind words.
  13. Thank you for your kind comments, love your work. If I, as a pro, can't upload 25 images a week, then there's a big problem!
  14. Hi Marianne and thanks for the contribution! Your words are very encouraging, I'll never give up! I am determined to upload 100 images per month, so far I'm on track. What's good is, it's forcing me to get out with my camera more often, rather than just shooting when a job comes up. My love for photography is back again, rather than just treating it as a job! Bring it on!
  15. I did acknowledge that 47 images is a pittance and I will keep uploading with a passion! Thanks for your input. Thanks very much, perseverance is my first, middle and last name!
  16. So I'm new to Alamy, have 47 pictures uploaded (which I know is a pittance), although I intend to upload a minimum of 100 per month ongoing. I've had no views on any of my images yet, I've been told my keywords are OK, so how do I make myself visible? Is it a case of the more I upload, the more I get seen? Am I doing anything wrong? Any comments or advice would be much appreciated.
  17. CTR - Alamy themselves define this as...: What is “CTR” ? CTR stands for “Click Through Rate” which is the number of zooms divided by the number of views, multiplied by 100. You can see this in the 'All of Alamy' under 'Alamy Measures' on your 'My Alamy' page. Thanks, Matt, I'll take a look now. I'm still learning about the whole Alamy thing, but it's very exciting!
  18. You cannot see how many images others have sold. Allan Thanks. I thought you could.
  19. Ah Matt, I've just looked at your images and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them! I'm shocked you've only made one sale so far with the amount and quality of images you have on Alamy. If I'm honest, the future's not looking very bright for me in terms of sales, but we'll keep shooting, uploading and praying! You're very kind! .. maybe I'm too critical of my own images but my plummeting CTR might suggest otherwise. But I'm OK with this. But I suspect Mark hits the nail on the head in the post above.. I think volume is a big issue for me. There have been some big threads previously on these forums about the importance of having a big enough volume of images if you want to make and significant number of sales. You just need to see how many images the likes of Mark and Kumar (both commented further up in this thread) have to see how many images are really needed! CTR? How do I see how many images people have sold? It's all new to me! In terms of volume, I suppose I should be aiming for over 1,000 images ASAP?
  20. Oh dear, was expecting more than that!
  21. Ah Matt, I've just looked at your images and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them! I'm shocked you've only made one sale so far with the amount and quality of images you have on Alamy. If I'm honest, the future's not looking very bright for me in terms of sales, but we'll keep shooting, uploading and praying!
  22. Thanks for your kind comments and advice, guys. I'll look at the RM/RF thing now. Another question, how long was it before you all made your first sale?
  23. So I'm a Professional Photographer based in West Cork, Ireland and I specialise in Commercial, Weddings, Portraits, Events and Tuition. I started with Alamy a couple of weeks ago after I spoke to a fellow professional photographer friend about the agency. My initial submission of 4 images was accepted so I've been slowly uploading pics to the site. My biggest problem is keywords, what on earth does one type?! Additionally, I'm a bit stuck with the licence bit - would someone please give me some pointers? If anyone needs any photography advice, please give me a shout - I love to help where I can!
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